@chrissuthy @djhocking @mcmc_stan Occupancy: https://t.co/vT5MiE2dd0.



Eric A. Suess (@esuess; 0/0): Converting to blogdown https://t.co/vO1lM4kcUU via @Rbloggers

Suriya Subramanian (@SuriyaSubraman; 0/0): blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown https://t.co/WaeYX0swcH #datascience


David Robinson (@drob; 30): @kwuchu Bookdown and RStudio, to write/build in Markdown; excellent even if you never use R https://t.co/6hfRR3jmPb

Albert Y. Kim (@rudeboybert; 10): @old_man_chester & me @ #USCOTS “ModernDive: A Customizable Intro Stat/Data Science Textbook” via @rstudio… https://t.co/3wOOdAUDH8


Michael Betancourt (@betanalpha; 31): @chrissuthy @djhocking @mcmc_stan Occupancy: https://t.co/vT5MiE2dd0.

Freeman S. Wang (@wangtulao; 11): @dataandme @rdrrHQ Opencpu + knitr can do similar thing: https://t.co/xRnofUQvT3 modified based on yihui’s example

(((Jody Aberdein))) (@jodyaberdein; 10): @ZackKorman Is there a similar setup to knitr in python so you can have reproducible work?

さんごりら (@sangorira; 0/0): 日々の売上をチャネルごとに分けてグラフィカルに見やすくレポート化するってやつがknitrによって実現できそう

(((Jody Aberdein))) (@jodyaberdein; 0/0): @ZackKorman Knitr takes your code & it’s output and can make it into html, pdf, word etc etc

Zachary Korman (@ZackKorman; 0/0): @jodyaberdein I don’t know what knitr does exactly, but I think ipython notebooks do roughly the same thing?