2019 #rstats goals: 1. Create more packages about time series tools 2. Explore more about #ts #forecast hybrid and forecast combinations 3. Create my own #ggplot theme 4. Refine my presentation using #xaringan 5. Create my blog and book using #blogdown and #bookdown



Dan Carpenter (@drdcarpenter; 204): My 2019 #rstats goals are: #1 get my website set up with blogdown #2 finish up my demo shiny app #3 set up shiny server to host said app

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 201): I 🕵️‍♀️ 🔎 lots of #rstats #blogdown goals! 🎉 nice analysis of New Years learning resolutions by @jsonbaik https://t.co/7YSHLJ7362

Denise Colombano (@starryflo; 172): Upcoming #rstats goals of 2019: > GAMs - Learn mgcv - Apply it to brms > Git - Use it for everything > Bookdown - Write my dissertation in it - Use @riverpeek thesis template ‘Aggiedown’ > Blogdown - Create a personal website > 🥳🥳🥳

Lance Harris (@lancer_harris; 112): I’ve started one of my #RStats 2019 goals today: build a website with #blogdown. The site is https://t.co/J0DeTsFvPK and is nearly empty. I hope to fill it with @DataCamp course reflections and #RStats posts.

José Pereira (@jafcpereira; 102): My #rstats goals for 2019: -Finally creating my blog with blogdown on medicine and statistics -Finishing up Advanced R by HW -Reading Stat Rethinking 2nd ed by @rlmcelreath -Deepen my knowledge in Shiny -Reading @kjhealy Data Visualization and @winston_chang 2nd Graphic cookbook

Mareviv (@maureviv; 51): what #rstats meant for me these years 2012 was the year I discovered #ggplot2 & #knitr! 2013, the year of #shiny! 2014, fiddling with R’s innards.. 2015, writing PhD/#ioslides with R 2016, the #tidyverse! 2017, year of #blogdown and #sparklyr! 2018 has been the year of #purrr! 🏁

Maëlle Salmon 🐟 (@ma_salmon; 50): @marcbeldata I’d really recommend #blogdown instead of WordPress for R-related stuff. Happy New Year!

David Pich (@davidpich; 41): Create Blogs and Websites with R Markdown: An #opensource (GPL-3) R package to generate static websites based on R #Markdown and #Hugo. #blogdown https://t.co/dxDxKisJp2

Ming Tang (@tangming2005; 31): Just finished a lesson on purrr on datacamp. Rethinking is on my to read for a long time. I will try to blog monthly using Blogdown. https://t.co/D5psXk1ZAn

Patrick Durkee (@durkeepk; 20): Starting off the new year by making a twitter and a new website/blog because I want 2019 to be filled with more self-inflicted stress and less free time. #blogdown #academic #NewYearNewMe

Michael Johnson (@data_mike_j; 10): @malco_barrett @drob @juliasilge I’ve found blogdown + netlify works really nicely for blogging. Just started mine: https://t.co/uKckafzhDw Got a couple of posts on NLP coming soon!

Jason Baik (@jsonbaik; 10): @marcbeldata Yep #blogdown 👍

Jonathan Kitt (@bidulomique; 10): @committedtotape Great work ! I’m also working on a blog (in french for a start), using blogdown, github and creative portfolio ! Hope to upload it on Monday. Will be following your blog for sure !

Michael Johnson (@data_mike_j; 0/0): 2019 #rstats and #DeepLearning goals: 1. Implement nlp transfer learning models in production. 2. Do lstm based Time series anomaly detection. 3. Contribute to an open source package (maybe blogdown). 4. Show 3 people the magic of #rstats.

Michael Johnson (@data_mike_j; 0/0): @drdcarpenter Love blogdown. Got my blog started. A few things to figure out but the documentation is great.

Jason Baik (@jsonbaik; 0/0): Hey #rstats community! I’m working on my first goal. What’s a good resource that you used to help you change your existing #blogdown theme? https://t.co/7DTz3t9H1U

Marc Belzunces (@marcbeldata; 0/0): @ma_salmon Thanks, Maëlle! Yes, in the following days I’ll give a try to both blogdown and WordPress. My concern with blogdown is that I want to use also Python, and show some GIS work (with QGIS). But any idea/comment will be welcome. Happy New (#rstasts) Year!

The Part Time Analyst (@parttimeanalyst; 0/0): @committedtotape wow thats really good - does blogdown mean you have full control over customisation?


Juvenal (@JuvenalCamposF; 142): My #rstats goals for 2019: 1. Learn how to use Sentiment Analysis 2. Learn how to deal with Twitter Data 3. Improve my #RMarkdown skills and learn how to use #Blogdown & #Bookdown 4. Find mates to work in new exciting projects!

Derek Sollberger (@DerekSollberger; 91): 2019 #rstats goals: —Participate in a #Kaggle competition each month —Write a blog post each month —Compose a tweet each week —Get my code package to “version 1.0” —Give a talk/workshop outside of my university —Assemble a course’s notes in #Bookdown

飲茶Wiz🍵 (@yumcyawiz; 31): #R #Bookdown Photorealismの執筆でBookdownというRの組版パッケージを利用して便利だったので、具体的な執筆方法について紹介する記事を書きました。 > teastat: Bookdownによる技術系同人誌執筆 https://t.co/mekgm1QfOv

James Pitt 🌹 (@Sahelanth; 10): 2019 #rstats goals: 1. Make a personal site with Bookdown. 2. Deploy interactives to that site. https://t.co/VijcmDu52Z 3. Post my neural net projects for critique and stop beating myself up about not being SOTA.


STUART L BEATTIE (@SPGPoetry; 0/0): Why the positive contributions to reproducible research are the iPython Notebook, knitr, and Galaxy


Mitchell O’Hara-Wild (@mitchoharawild; 0/0): @ClaytonTLamb My best guess is that you need to install LaTeX. https://t.co/kBwZ4suaOV @xieyihui’s tinytex package makes setting this up easy (https://t.co/q8Q2bWwM7z)


Chen Xing (@chenxingus; 363): 2019 #rstats goals: 1. Create more packages about time series tools 2. Explore more about #ts #forecast hybrid and forecast combinations 3. Create my own #ggplot theme 4. Refine my presentation using #xaringan 5. Create my blog and book using #blogdown and #bookdown