The tidyeval bookdown is 🔥🔥🔥. If one of your 2019 #rstats goals was to learn tidyeval, check it out! #Tidyverse



Stephanie Hicks (@stephaniehicks; 10414): I know I’m super late to the party on this, but just wanted to announce that I finally overhauled my website using #blogdown! 🎉 Shiny new website for a shiny new year #rstats

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 364): 🙏🏾 to @georgecushen for the Hugo academic theme. I used his project kickstart-R ( to build the Advanced R Markdown #blogdown website for #rstudioconf and I 💙 it! > > (also see in use here: > #MadeWithAcademic

Aoife_Stats_O’Neill (@stats_o; 212): Better late then never- my #rstats goals for 2019 1) Start my own blog using blogdown 2) Learn to use Purr 3) Do more collaborative coding 💫🌟💫🌟💫🌟💫🌟💫🌟💫

𝐆𝐈𝐎 𝐑𝐀𝐏𝐀𝐂𝐂𝐈𝐔𝐎𝐋𝐎 (@giorapac; 184): Check out my #new #website - built using #Hugo and #blogdown, all content easily managed and expanded using @rstudio and #rstats markdown! >

Kim Ky (@KimmyKy2; 152): My 2019 #rstats goals: 1. Learn #tidyverse 2. Read Statistical Rethinking by @rlmcelreath from beginning to end 3. Update my #blogdown once a month 4. Do more talks on #rstats 5. Go to #rstats meetup’s more often

Matt.0 (@MattOldach; 111): Reflecting back on 2018 I accomplished many of my goals. Proud of completing 25 courses (+110 hours) on @DataCamp + using those skills for personal projects with #blogdown, @kaggle, and learning #selenium for #rstats. 2019 goals are building an #htmlwidget 📦 and learning #shiny

Eugene Joh (@eugejoh; 92): Late to the 2019 #rstats goals party but mine are… > 1. Revive my blog using blogdown and hugo > 2. Create a shiny web app (EVD data @guacamolebio ) > 4. Incorporate git into my workflow > 5. Become proficient with spatial data processing using sf

Stephanie Hicks (@stephaniehicks; 90): 👒 tip and 🙌 to @Shannon_E_Ellis’s awesome #blogdown template at 🤩, which I borrowed for my own website 😅 (Shannon’s GitHub repo with source files available here:

ThinkR (@thinkR_fr; 83): #Blogdown Hugo themes to share scripts via @statnmap #Reporting #Rstats

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 82): A tip if you use this for a workshop/course/etc: use .Rmarkdown (not .Rmd) files so that the Table of Contents renders to the right in the docs (see:;

Jay Achar (@dr_jay_a; 82): Here are my #rstats goals for 2019: 1. Use more purrr 2. Learn data.table…..again 3. Start developing content for my blogdown website ( - it’s currently empty 4. #Kaggle my way into ML > Anything I’m missing?

llrs (@Lluis_Rev; 71): My share of 2019 #rstats goals: > 1⃣Attend a related conference (probably EuroBioc2019 or #useR2019) 2⃣Improve handling and analysis of sets 3⃣Blog more (possibly by moving to #blogdown) 4⃣Use #gganimate to communicate better > And keep learning & improving existing analysis!!

Aoife_Stats_O’Neill (@stats_o; 70): Blogdown is making me realise how little I understand the internet 🙈 a new learning area for me!

Davis Vaughan (@dvaughan32; 70): @romain_francois @apreshill 🎉

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 51): Also see @georgecushen’s @earlconf talk slides about project-kickstart-r! #rstats #blogdown

Katie Jolly (@katiejolly6; 40): Attn #RLadies in the Twin Cities! Come to the @RLadiesTC event 131, 6:30pm @ St. Thomas: “Monthly R Ladies Meeting: Writing websites in #rstats with blogdown!”

JPiaskowski (@SeedsAndBreeds; 40): My #rstats goals: 1. Master rcpp 2. Post codebase of R code for Ag stats on website 3. Contribute to at least 2 packages 4. Use version control regularly 5. Migrate website with blogdown and blog at least 8 times

Dr Jenny Richmond (@JenRichmondPhD; 31): Diving into infinite moon reader tonight, chatting with the ever lovely @cantabile (my go to Rlady for blog advice) and I came to the conclusion that it is cool, but if you are a blogdown user, you might wonder what’s the big deal. An explainer… #rstats

Phoebe Wong (@phoebewong2012; 30): One of my 2019 resolutions is to be comfortable with the idea of #beta. I’m very excited to share my in-progress website built with #blogdown! > Publicly announcing some #WIP work of mine is a big step for me, but I’m glad that I’m learning to embrace it!

Philipp Gärtner (@gartn001; 30): #rstats #blogdown tip of the day > 👉 improve google search results for your blog > 1⃣ register your blog in the @Google Search Console (no-charge) 2⃣ add generated “sitemap.xml” for crawling 3⃣ check which search queries users use to access your blog

fonzie (@OilGains; 21): #blogdown #hugo tip. If u have a #rstats blogdown site & want two ways to address it, such as: and, then set relativeurls=true and baseurl=“/blog”. Assumes blog folder is under public_html/ & subdomain is

Timothy Ballard (@timothyjballard; 20): @AdamOsth I’m in the process of making mine in R with blogdown. It’s pretty easy to use if you’re just looking for a static site.

Thomas Schmidt (@somtom91; 20): @SamStiyer I found blogdown package really helpful for creating a blog. Used it for mine, too ( Blogs area very nice for tracking personal projects and progress. Also.looking forward to seeing docker stuff :)

Eric R. Scott (@LeafyEricScott; 20): I sure would love to fix the typo in the blog post title, but I can’t because government shutdown. No, really. My website contains a blogpost with code that scrapes NIST and #blogdown won’t build my site because NIST is down and the code throws an error.😠 #shutdown2018

Shannon Ellis (@Shannon_E_Ellis; 20): @stephaniehicks oh man - making me 😊! Glad it was helpful! And, I, of course, owe so very much to #blogdown and the sites of many others I borrowed from while generating mine! (Your makeover looks great - you’re crushing 2019!)

Tobias @ Real Scientists DE (@realsci_DE; 10): Website: Wordpress. > Finde ich eigentlich prima. Kann viel, sehr nutzerfreundlich. Liebäugel’ allerdings damit, auf #blogdown umzusteigen – würde es ermöglichen, in der R Umgebung zu bleiben!

Tiago Ventura (@_Tiagoventura; 10): @LilyMasonPhD Professor Mason, I did mine using the Blogdown package in R and Hugo academic template. We can organize a workshop in the dpt about using R to generate websites! Or, let me know, And I can show you how to do it! Quite easy if you are familiar to R.

Tiago Ventura (@_Tiagoventura; 10): @LilyMasonPhD Check here for academic template > And here for blogdown:

José Pereira (@jafcpereira; 10): @andre_peralta Have a quick look at the book by the creator of Blogdown: Its code was a helpful base for creating my personal site :)

A_maninaworld (@TomorrowsIcons; 10): What’s the coolest R package that you are currently using and what are you using it for? My favorite at the moment is #blogdown. Any suggestions @rstudio @Rbloggers @RLangTip @trashystats @kaggle ? #rstats

A_maninaworld (@TomorrowsIcons; 10): @apreshill Hi Alison, I really love your work and I’ve successfully created a site using #blogdown . I was wondering if you could help me figure out how to embed videos onto my site. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks. #Rstats

A_maninaworld (@TomorrowsIcons; 10): @apreshill I’m glad to know I was on the right path. I had the code in correctly but I thought something was wrong because the blogdown preview doesn’t show the video. Anyways, thanks again.

Stephanie Hicks (@stephaniehicks; 10): @fellgernon I know…. it’s so hard! but I’m excited to try the #blogdown blogging approach. :)

Juvenal (@JuvenalCamposF; 10): En mi búsqueda de recursos para aprender #blogdown , este Thread es una joya…

David Solito (@dsolito; 10): @stephaniehicks Blogdown is fantastic, you will see ! I started my blog too for 2019 !

R_is_Great (@R_is_Great; 10): Blogdown has been one of the top things on the #rstats goal list.

Jason Baik (@jsonbaik; 0/1): Hello #blogdown users! How do you center your images on blog posts? I use the “Insert Image” Add-in and adjust the width in an effort to move the image around..but that just messes with the resolution of the image! #rstats

Maëlle Salmon 🐟 (@ma_salmon; 0/0): @espinielli @rOpenSci Well I started working for rOpenSci after the transition, that was mainly managed by @_inundata. Also note that is Hugo but not blogdown. For my own blog I used a standard theme with minimal tweaks, and recommend reading

espinielli (@espinielli; 0/0): @rOpenSci @ma_salmon Nice! I am transitioning from Jekyll to blogdown: how did you manage the transition in your case (production as a moving target, theme development…)? Any suggestions are super welcome!

CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 0/0): CRAN updates: blogdown #rstats

Michael David Wilson (@humanfactorsio; 0/0): @AdamOsth 100% Hugo. Free hosting with GitHub. Heaps of good themes. Can manage in any editor easily with Markdown. R blogdown package if that’s your thing.

Christina Van Heer (@msvanarmy; 0/0): @timothyjballard @AdamOsth Dani has a good post on this

Edward A. Meinert (@edwardmeinert; 0/0): Blogdown – shortcode for radix-like Bibtex #datascience

A_maninaworld (@TomorrowsIcons; 0/0): I’m new to #blogdown and #hugo and I’ve created a site. I’m having issues seeing png images on my #netlify website; however, when looking at the preview of my site using the serve site function the logo is indeed showing. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? #Rstats #bookdown

A_maninaworld (@TomorrowsIcons; 0/0): Check out my first site I’ve created through Netlify at It definitely needs work but it has been a fun ride learning this so far and I’d love feedback and ideas on what I could add. #blogdown #rstats #netlify #hugo

Uri (@Lurinut; 0/0): blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown -

Coder (@scanlibs; 0/0): blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown

Mine CetinkayaRundel (@minebocek; 0/0): @ace_prof @jholderieath Thank you! It’s built with blogdown!

mcc (@oaxacamatt1; 0/0): @dataandme @xieyihui @RLesur I am using Bookdown now for my grad. project. @xieyhui is prolific. I want start using Blogdown, too.


Thomas Mock 👨🏼‍💻 (@thomas_mock; 430110): The tidyeval bookdown is 🔥🔥🔥. > If one of your 2019 #rstats goals was to learn tidyeval, check it out! > > #Tidyverse

Kamal Romero (@kamromero; 12242): Libro online de introducción a la econometría empleando R, que complementa cualquier texto actual de econometría convencional. El libro está hecho en Bookdown (si, puedes escribir libros con R) #Rstats #Econometrics

Michael C. Frank (@mcxfrank; 243): Finally, all this work is done in bookdown and should be fully reproducible, with code at It’s also work in progress, so we’d love any and all comments. Feel free to email or DM me, or file a github issue:

TommyStats (@StatsTommy; 193): #rstats goals for 2019 > 1. Work on a Geochemistry processing package for R. 2. Write an introduction to R for geologists bookdown. 3. Contribute to another package that I regularly use. 4. Become more involved in the Melbourne R community. > Best of luck, mate.

Christopher Maronga (@krissianyo; 163): My #rstats 2019 goals: 1. Be a super-master of data visualization(read at least 4 ggplot2 books) & geospatial vizs > 2. Sharpen shiny dashboard skills– build more shiny apps > 3. CARET package and apply the ML algorithms in my analysis. > 4. Bookdown for my upcoming thesis..,🙏

Lisa DeBruine 🏳️‍🌈 (@LisaDeBruine; 70): I am so pleased to have finally learned the difference between | or & (operate over each element in a vector) versus || or && (only look at the first element of vectors) in #rstats (nb: it is not the same as bitwise & versus logical && in javascript) >

Lisa DeBruine 🏳️‍🌈 (@LisaDeBruine; 50): The intro to R chapter is a fantastically thorough introduction to both general coding terminology and the specifics of R and the RStudio interface. I wish I’d had a guide like this when I started (I coded for years before I even knew the term “argument”) >

Uryu Shinya (@u_ribo; 50): bookdownのおかげでR本がバンバン出てきて良いね、というのを再認識

jebyrnes (@jebyrnes; 50): @DanielBolnick @rlmcelreath I’ve become a big fan of using brms from @paulbuerkner - there’s even a translation of rethinking into brms with the tidyverse

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 21): @marcbeldata @ma_salmon R Markdown does support Python as well as many other languages:

Sanjeev Bishnoi (@sanjeevmoga; 20): @maartenzam @NadiehBremer Just felt these links can be helpful for you guys as you are doing amazing and this

John Blischak (@jdblischak; 20): @umairdurrani87 @Lauren_E_Blake Sadly not currently. bookdown and workflowr both use custom rmarkdown output formats. I’ve been exploring how to integrate the reproducibility features into other output formats, but it’s non-trivial

Aminael Sanchez (@aminaelsanchez; 20): Excepcional! Aquí otra gran obra: #TheArtofDataScience

Randy Ridenour (@randyridenour; 20): @AllenDowney Thanks for the list of book options. I tried them all and settled on one not on your list: Bookdown with R Markdown:

Dr. GP Pulipaka (@gp_pulipaka; 14): Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown. #BigData #Analytics #MachineLearning #DataScience #AI #NLProc #IoT #IIoT #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #VueJS #GoLang #CloudComputing #Serverless #DataScientist #Linux

Andrea Sergiacomi (@Andrea_ilsergio; 14): 10 #DataScience Tools by @bgweber @zynga > BookDown R @GCPcloud DataFlow #Python @AWS lambda library #Keras #Flask #PySpark #Pandas User-Defined Function UDF Open dataset from @Kaggle #BigQuery etc

Yohan J. Rodríguez (@hasdid; 11): #R #AutoTweet | An R course for marketing students

Evgeny Pogrebnyak (@PogrebnyakE; 10): @mattrickard @jeremyphoward @ProjectJupyter You manage code and text in one place, same idea as behind bookdown in R. Notebooks becomr the book. )

Richard Dinga (@dinga92; 10): @t_awkr Are you talking about the table of contents? Then ‘toc: true’ is what you are looking for. i.e.

John Blischak (@jdblischak; 10): @umairdurrani87 @Lauren_E_Blake For a thesis, I’d recommend you continue using bookdown. It has lots of nice authoring features like cross-referencing. workflowr is designed for the data analysis aspect of a project, and less so for the final writeup

Angela Li (@CivicAngela; 10): @jsonbaik No problem! If I had to redo it, I’d probably use bookdown to generate my thesis now (for automatic online publishing) - you should try it out and let me know what you think 👍

🌍 Phil (@philmikejones; 0/0): .@rstudio feature request: Find and replace that only looks/replaces in knitr/bookdown code chunks @rstudiosupport

Open Trade Statistics (@opentradestats; 0/0): Our 100% #rstats based API is working!! You can read about how to use it with our bookdown documentation

Market Variance (@marketvariance; 0/0): Si quieres aprender R, hay de tres a cinco libros que son absolutamente indispensables; y es literal. Sugiero leerlos en este orden, digo si apenas estás empezando: 1. Mastering RStudio -Develop, Communicate, and Collaborate with R…

Chris Holdgraf (@choldgraf; 0/0): @electricarchaeo I would love to hear your thoughts as someone who has used bookdown in the past… I’m still trying to figure out if jupyter books would have been better piggybacking off of bookdown or if it’s better as a jekyll project

Shawn Graham (@electricarchaeo; 0/0): @choldgraf I didn’t know about jupyter books! We used bookdown, built notebooks by hand (as it were)

Aedin Culhane (@AedinCulhane; 0/0): @jdieramon @Bioconductor @Meetup The material for the first part of the two-part meetup in available on github When we add the second part, we’ll create a bookdown for the @Bioconductor community.

Umair Durrani (@umairdurrani87; 0/0): @Lauren_E_Blake @jdblischak I hope it works seamlessly with bookdown as I am writing my thesis with it.

Vitor B Lanzetta (@vitorlanzetta; 0/0): @MCM_XCI @rstudio @plotlygraphs I have to use Tableau sometimes but only because a costumer uses it. R is great. If you R new to the topic I highly recommend googling “bookdown R pirate guide”. I would be glad to assist/talk if u have any questions/feedback. > (Ps: I am an economist)

Øystein Sørensen (@SorensenOystein; 0/0): @DrMowinckels @TojYouSo For example, markdown or xaringan are at top level with a standard directory structure, and the same with bookdown. After installing the package, I include library(mypkg) in the markdown scripts, and they have access to all the functions.


Ming Tang (@tangming2005; 113): include a png in your Rmarkdown , instead of using []!(path/to/file.png) use :

knitr::include_graphics("temp.png") #rstats

baptiste (@baptiste_auguie; 111): #rstats resolutions for 2019: > ❶ explore julia::Compose for a re-implementation of grid ❷ play w/ r2d3 ➌ knitr alternative w/ pandoc+filters ➍ update cda, publish user guide ➎ rayshader maps of NZ hikes ➏ generative art with axidraw

Jozef Hajnala (@jozefhajnala; 84): 🧙‍♂️Pretty html/pdf reports directly from R scripts! > ICYMI, with knitr::spin or rmarkdown::render you can make reports directly from #rstats scripts without creating an #RMarkdown file, just by adding simple comment tags! Example from @xieyihui himself:

Ayanthi G. (@HoneyBadger88; 81): Thanks to @RLadiesNYC I’ve been using knitr at work to make some awesome reports! #rstats #rladies

Jonathan Eyer (@jonathaneyer; 61): My #rstats goals for 2019: 1. Develop curriculum to incorporate R and visualization into risk analysis curriculum 2. Build a package for the class 3. Submit full knitr files to journals for reproducibility 4. 700 nested for loops

Dr Jenny Richmond (@JenRichmondPhD; 60): @MilesMcBain @StephdeSilva great tip, thanks @MilesMcBain. spin gives you .md and .html from a .R file, but if you speciify precious = TRUE, it will leave the .Rmd file behind too > knitr::spin(here(“scripts”, “vizwhiz.R”), precious = TRUE)

John Ormerod (@john_t_ormerod; 30): @StephdeSilva @JenRichmondPhD knitr::stitch_rmd(“") > Gets very close to what I imagine you want.

Jiena Gu McLellan (@JoannaMelon; 21): @CyrusHerder @haozhu233 @apreshill @rstudio @xieyihui @jent103 @CyrusHerder , you might need to put output: word_document in YAML meta (within date/title box), then put knitr::kable(iris, format="pandoc" ) in any R chunk you want, then you can get the word output with editable table. If your table is in HTML, you can use webshot().

Martin John Hadley (@martinjhnhadley; 21): Oh… knitr::raw_html() is probably more sensible 😒

Tobias @ Real Scientists DE (@realsci_DE; 10): @stmtweet Ich war auch überrascht, dass das so viele Schwierigkeiten verursacht. Zusammen mit knitr wird’s dann aber auch tatsächlich kompliziert, da beim knitten standardmäßig das Arbeitsverzeichnis auf die rmd – und nicht die rproj – Datei gesetzt wird

Thomas Lin Pedersen (@thomasp85; 10): @gdbassett It could, but I’ve never opened a jupyter notebook myself so I wouldn’t know — if Jupiter is using knitr callbacks it should work out of the box so try it out

Elio Campitelli (@d_olivaw; 10): Add one of these to your setup chunk for extra strictness. #rstats #knitr

tunggul mubowo (@mubowo; 0/0): knitr chunk options and package options

Kester (@kestert; 0/0): @BecomingDataSci Great use of Knitr!

Mark Ravina (@MarkRavina; 0/0): Part of this project is best done with Endnote and MS Word, but the data analysis should clearly be R Markdown to knitr to pdf. Someone should fix this for me. Anytime this week is fine. You can @ me

Ashley Lane (@alane0101; 0/0): IT FINALLY SUCCEEDED!! 🎉 Now if only Knitr could get past unnamed code chunk 4. 😂 But seriously, this assignment should maybe come with a warning about compute time.


Mara Averick (@dataandme; 399122): 🎉 guess what’s on CRAN? “pagedown: Paginate the HTML Output of R Markdown w/ CSS for Print” by @xieyihui & @RLesur #rstats see it in action:

fred blnch (@frdblnch; 103): Attention, projet génial ! #pagedjs + #pagedown vont changer les habitudes de production de documents paginés (du moins… les miennes). Merci aux concepteurs. + #web #page #js #rstats

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 41): @ibddoctor @brentthorne18 @benmarwick @xieyihui @ProQuesAsker I believe pagedown has posters too:

Jose Manuel Vera (@verajosemanuel; 20): pagedown: Create Paged HTML Documents for Printing from R Markdown #rstats

Mara Averick (@dataandme; 20): @ScottLarge_ @xieyihui @RLesur Markdown is actually quite good for semantic markup. If you do “inspect element” on the page here, you can see it’s pretty good: — not perfect, but you can run it through and see where it’s failing

Romain Lesur (@RLesur; 10): @MDubins @dataandme @xieyihui Of course! If you’re familiar with CSS, see If you need further explanation, please open an issue on GitHub

Carlos (@coforfe; 0/0):

Carlos (@coforfe; 0/0): Paginate the HTML Output of R Markdown with CSS for Print

Romain Lesur (@RLesur; 0/0): @marvin_dpr @dataandme @xieyihui @rstudio What about page numbering when you open with Chrome?


Miles McBain (@MilesMcBain; 10): @certifiedwaif Have you checked out the tinytex package?


Jozef Hajnala (@jozefhajnala; 299): 🧙‍♂️Live preview for R Markdown! > TIL that you can have a live preview of your #rstats Markdown docs! Just use the infinite_moon_reader function from the xaringan package. It works for all single-HTML-file outputs and even comes with a pre-made RStudio Addin!

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 90): @lobrowR Biased but I love xaringan, no other markdown based slide tool worked as well for me, for exporting to pdf see:

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 40): @dataandme @xieyihui @RLesur I literally just showed my team and my boss a full-featured, company-branded #xaringan theme w/ accompanying #rmarkdown template that I’d created over break. The 1st question was whether we could extend it to other formats. ❤️

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 21): First @StackOverflow post in nearly 7 years! I can tell it’s going to be a good 2019. #rstats #rmarkdown #xaringan >

Joseph Casillas (@jvcasill; 20): @lobrowR @statsgen @xieyihui @theRcast Following @statsgen, the easiest way is probably to use markdown (and js). There is an example for resizing images here:

Emi Tanaka 🌾 (@statsgen; 20): @lobrowR In terms of documentation, I thought @xieyihui ’s slides and template does well ( but I’d be curious to know if there’s any other documentation you’d like? cc @theRcast @jvcasill

Robert M Flight (@rmflight; 20): @lobrowR It can be done, definitely. I’ve previously done it for other remark.js, so it should be possible. I would make a minimal example and then test it to make sure it will work. > My impressions of xaringan is that it has the best default behaviors for remark.js presentations

Robert M Flight (@rmflight; 20): @lobrowR Xaringan is personally my favorite, but it is essentially an extension of some other HTML frameworks. HTML just works so nicely …, until people want a PDF or PPT of your slides.

Nathan Brouwer (@lobrowR; 10): what are the different pros and cons of #rstats integrated ways of writing presentations? #xaringan seems popular but not much documentation. can do powerpoint, beamer, and others. thoughts?

Charles T. Gray (@cantabile; 10): @JenRichmondPhD @miss_his_story I have my blog open right now - last command in the console: xaringan::inf_mr()

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 0/0): @marcdotson Illustrator for hex stickers. ggplot for econ illustrations (supply, demand, indifference curves, etc). PowerPoint for slides bc I’m not brave enough to switch to xaringan yet

Michal z Michle (@michalovamichle; 10): @loar @tckscz A co tohle (předpokládám, že jde o R): >