#Rstats I like @hadleywickham 's r-pkgs book, and I would love it even more if it's in @xieyihui's bookdown format. So I took a couple hours tonight to covert it to bookdown version https://t.co/9ANYP8hqoR



Mara Averick (@dataandme; 8526): 🌈 super fun slides and great #blogdown guide by @statsgen: 📽 “Getting down and up with blogging in R” https://t.co/3x6OFy20Er #rstats https://t.co/sSwV7LY17e

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 541): ah yes time for my biannual “i don’t remember how blogdown works and i hate my theme let’s burn it all down and start over” ceremony

Alice Sweeting (@alicesweeting; 4511): Recently migrated my blog across to a shiny new location, using #blogdown. New home is https://t.co/k1KXTTqFm3 🤓I will (sporadically) be adding this address with new & old content. The wordpress site will no longer be updated. Happy coding! #RStats

Katie Jolly (@katiejolly6; 327): My friend @hen_ree learned #rstats last semester and made a website 👨‍💻 using #blogdown to showcase his #GIS 🗺️, data science 📊, and design 🎨 projects. Check it out! https://t.co/yUB0zG7HWj https://t.co/7BMoXpuD08

Dr Jenny Richmond (@JenRichmondPhD; 2914): Making a list of awesome #RMarkdown related #rstats packages, so far I’ve got blogdown, bookdown, pagedown, posterdown, xaringan, vitae, papaja… what am I missing?? https://t.co/ZnkxxslCld

Thomas Mock 👨🏼‍💻 (@thomas_mock; 265): Totally didn’t know about this awesome #blogdown addin/life hack! > Painlessly add an image from somewhere on your computer to your blogpost! https://t.co/1C3oyRtuZB

Katherine S. (@kitkatbar429; 260): @WeAreRLadies rmarkdown, bookdown, blogdown

Ming Tang (@tangming2005; 196): first blogdown post using reticulate: How to make a transcript to gene mapping file https://t.co/SVtIKRD6GW #bioinformatics

Connor Gilroy (@ccgilroy; 120): Finally threw together my own little website! Lots more work to do on content, but it’s a start. Built using blogdown and the kiss theme, with a bunch of silly layout tweaks. https://t.co/prwzaCtSQP

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 100): help i did the illegal thing of going back and editing old blogdown posts and some of the code is broken so serve_site() won’t run ha ha oops

R-Ladies Sydney (@RLadiesSydney; 94): PRESENTERS WANTED! Know a thing or two about blogdown radix pagedown bookdown thesisdown rticles vitae papaja flexdashboard learnr tufte remedy namer posterdown xarigan or another #RMarkdown 📦? > Come present at RMarkdown Throwdown! Form: https://t.co/2T4cyvE1hg > R/T & tag! https://t.co/g09soBfhNg

Rebecca Janis (@rbjanis5; 90): In preparation for blogging, @sharlagelfand & @apreshill inspired me to clean up my blogdown site. TURNS OUT clueless me had not only committed the public directory to GitHub ⛔️ but had also edited the CSS in public ⛔️ Website is now unborked! 🎉 Now to actually start blogging 🤔

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 70): @dan_p_simpson this post by @apreshill is very good!! and she links to other resources where you may need them > https://t.co/ExlLPBLxBc

Ryan Wesslen (@ryanwesslen; 50): Big thanks first goes out to @andrewheiss whose awesome MPA635 class is the inspiration for the course design, including a ton of materials, website design (#blogdown), and many #dataviz blog/website references. https://t.co/szOq2cTyk4 https://t.co/28ta9joGKY

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 41): @martinjhnhadley @jent103 @andrewheiss @apreshill Unfortunately this won’t work. As I said, I can’t control the behavior of the Knit button in blogdown at the moment. RStudio IDE will call rmarkdown::render() anyway. The only unfriendly way is to add knit: function(...) stop() to new posts. I have control there.

Katie Jolly (@katiejolly6; 40): He used https://t.co/OIi8pkhygF … and https://t.co/5Is9ZAuphn to learn how to do it!

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 40): @skyetetra @JennyBryan @robinson_es @drob i just opened my blogdown project and there was an untitled file i started on at least 6 months ago ksjghkjgh

Dr Jenny Richmond (@JenRichmondPhD; 31): @Caroline_Bartma you could start a blog? https://t.co/9LUWUt4Ei4 that way you can find your notes and they might be useful to someone else. the blogdown package in R makes it pretty easy, see alison hill’s walk through here https://t.co/ra3VQCthsR

Blake Shaffer 📊 (@bcshaffer; 31): Q for #rstats #blogdown experts. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make a post with .tabset and code-folding work within hugo-academic/blogdown. So I compiled separately and linked to the functioning html which I housed in /static folder. > Any tips??? @xieyihui ?

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 30): @apreshill i think i was an ~early adopter~ of blogdown and started using it when a lot of users were figuring it out + writing it up as they went along. having explicit best practices now is so helpful!!

Nicholas Vasile (@nicholas_v; 22): Am I the only person that found it counter-intuitive that you have to “build” RMarkdown content to produce the .html when using a “standard” RStudio+Blogdown+netlify+Hugo setup? #rstats

Jacquie Tran (@jacquietran; 21): @alicesweeting Nice work Alice, #blogdown is great to work with. Thanks @xieyihui!!

Serdar Balcı (@serdarbalci; 21): by @dsquintanaIf you’re an academic you need a website so that people can easily find info about your research and publications. Here’s how to make your own website for free in an under an hour using the blogdown package in #Rstats https://t.co/e0I0RlHZqa https://t.co/wCqQ9IWtLS

Chris Engelhardt (@EngelhardtCR; 20): @allimoberger FWIW, another option is to use blogdown and host on netlify. You could also redirect to an https://t.co/QqCJVw056A sub domain such as https://t.co/l8LULZcVob. If the code for your site is on GitHub, you can push to master and have your site re-build automatically. No cost.

Hao Ye (@Hao_and_Y; 20): @VickySteeves @choldgraf Hmmmmm, it would be really convenient to sync academic info across a blogdown site, a CV, and ORCID.

JP Ruiz Nicolini (@TuQmano; 20): @enanomoral @Crst_C @Martianz @avdata99 jajajaj lo más seguro q estás en lo cierto igual. > Pero para el caso particular de deploy de blogdown (q es lo q estoy haciendo) me parece q es mi salida más sencilla. Ya lo lograré! > Y más q cerveza era jugo desgacificado de malta, pero si.

Mark Sellors (@sellorm; 20): @apreshill @sharlagelfand Videos?!?! Sounds fantastic! Is this something internal to blogdown? I’ve just been using YouTube and shortcodes up to now.

Jennifer Thompson (@jent103; 20): @stephhazlitt @big_bad_sam You can customize your Netlify domain directly (ie mine is https://t.co/JoObXwEgwi), but you can also buy a domain from somewhere like Namecheap & have Netlify redirect there (ie I bought https://t.co/jYXcsjig0E). blogdown book covers this a bit now but Brooke’s post is also 💯!

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 20): @dan_p_simpson @sharlagelfand Also see: https://t.co/bR0MVtvPWW from #rstudioconf (also I feel this original tweet sharla 😞)

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 20): @sharlagelfand Also Hugo keeps changing 😩 but also one thing I got excited about after conf was finally doing VIDEOS, like relatively short ones with blogdown are on my list, feel free to send me requests https://t.co/dGAQ6TvV7i

Jose Luis Cañadas (@joscani; 11): Empezando con blogdown. ¿alguien sabe cómo se hace para que se actualice la página principal con el texto de un nuevo post? @_SevillaR seguro que sabe

Chris Engelhardt (@EngelhardtCR; 10): @allimoberger @johncassil I used the resources here to start: https://t.co/16m24FdsCm. Also, the slides from @apreshill from #rstudioconf: https://t.co/lPRpk4Kzrn. The config.toml will differ across themes, so maybe pick one and stick with it. Not sure about syntax highlighting, but maybe #rstats does?

Matt Craddock (@Matt_Craddock; 10): @M_Kosilo blogdown’s great, that’s what I use for my blog :)

Alice Sweeting (@alicesweeting; 10): @jacquietran @xieyihui Thanks, Jacq! Hope all is tracking well in NZ. I loved using the #blogdown package and the neat resource by @apreshill also made it super straightforward!

Allison Moberger 🍔 (@allimoberger; 10): @johncassil @EngelhardtCR Update: spent this evening trying to set up a basic website/blog with #blogdown. I’m having a really hard time just getting any theme to work, since the config.toml has totally different formatting & arguments every time?? And syntax highlighting hasn’t worked on any of them. 😫

Allison Moberger 🍔 (@allimoberger; 10): @johncassil @EngelhardtCR I… totally know some of these words. > I do think #blogdown would be better for the format of posts I want to do (paragraphs with code interspersed), but it takes more initial setup work which I think requires that I have some idea of what I’m doing? So yes, eventually, I hope?

Mike K Smith (@MikeKSmith; 10): @nic_crane Blog post in the near future? Using blogdown? ;-)

Peter Sobolewski (@psobolewskiPhD; 10): So making a website last year using #blogdown by @xieyihui and #hugoacademic by @georgecushen using @rstudio was really easy. Updating things, including #hugoacademic to get some new features has been a bear though! Not confident enough to push it live yet. Maybe next weekend!

Ashwin Malshé अश्विन (@ashwinmalshe; 10): @apreshill is it easy to update academic theme in #blogdown? I am worried about breaking the website. Thanks

Chester Ismay (@old_manchester; 10): @JenRichmondPhD @datalorax @apreshill Should work with @apreshill to put these into a cool blogdown page too…

fonzie (@OilGains; 10): @tz33cu @xieyihui @evernote If it works like in Hugo and #blogdown (web browser based), then notes would be visible everywhere, right? But adding notes in mobile devices would require native programming.

Dani Crain (@DCrainium; 10): @kyrietree @knreisenauer Welp, I’m obsessed with R blogdown so that’s what I use, the templates are pretty nice and there are many available! If you want I can show you around the templates a bit! #rblogdown

Jozef Hajnala (@jozefhajnala; 0/1): #blogdown help? Hey #rstats Twitter, did anyone else ever got funky diffs when doing blogdown::build_site() with no changes made at all? <div class=“section …”> changing into <section>, etc. ? Would post on SO, but no idea how to reproduce 🙁 https://t.co/6zyvhSsLph

Ferrantatachan (@ferrantatachan; 0/0): @joscani @_SevillaR Yo he empezado hace poco.. tengo unos post de esto .. cuesta un poco al principio, pero mola https://t.co/guZpaLLd55

Ben Moretti (@BenMoretti; 0/0): @smiffy @techoglot @WeRWorld I need to do something with blogdown

Alice Sweeting (@alicesweeting; 0/0): @DocLachJames @jacquietran @xieyihui Thanks, Lach! The #blogdown package is very user friendly. Let me know if you are considering ever creating one and I can email through the resources I used.

gepuro task views (@g_rpkg; 0/0): add {AQLT/rjdemetra_test_blogdown} ( https://t.co/KSXUorOHUp ) on https://t.co/n3aAGMOglH

Dr. Fahad Alahmadi (@Fahad_S_Alahmad; 0/0): https://t.co/6BRBxI8RAI عرض مكون 43 شريحة حول كيفية إنشاء مدونة شحصية من خلال لغة البرمجة R

Gonçalo Veiga (@goncalo_veiga; 0/0): Great article! And what a nice Hugo/Blogdown site! I’m inspired to create one myself! https://t.co/0uN7xPSyOR

Stephanie Hazlitt (@stephhazlitt; 0/0): @jent103 @big_bad_sam Alrighty then! Lesson today, read the #blogdown book. Another total noob question, is the custom domain/URL a separate step from Netifly?

fonzie (@OilGains; 0/0): @xieyihui I didn’t know that! Maybe that’s why everything I write in Typora so easily integrates with what I publish in my #blogdown site: https://t.co/CnhBpmDvOm > BTW, thank you so much for such great packages!

fonzie (@OilGains; 0/0): So, blogdown == blogup; bookdown == bookup; pkgdown == pkgup; pagedown == pageup? > 😄 https://t.co/ua3gdCdYRH

Simon Coulombe (@CoulSim; 0/0): @vb_jens Hi Jens, I am curious about your workflow for blogdown. Doing blogdown::build_site() takes me forever because it re-runs every single.Rmd file in /content/posts.I notice you also have identically named .markdown files in the directory and kinda hope that’s a solution :)

Sharon Machlis (@sharon000; 0/0): @mikusmatt Thanks for buying the book! :) On p. 18 I show the saveWidget() command that saves output to an HTML file. Depending on your blog system, you might be able to use an HTML iframe to display that page in a post. Unless you run a blog from the blogdown pkg :) https://t.co/97rSRsDSYr


Xiaosong Zhang (@zorroxinxsindi; 949): #Rstats I like @hadleywickham ’s r-pkgs book, and I would love it even more if it’s in @xieyihui’s bookdown format. So I took a couple hours tonight to covert it to bookdown version https://t.co/9ANYP8hqoR

Nathan Stephens (@nwstephens; 597): Bookdown is the easiest way to publish online. Even a kid can do it. Here is Beckett’s 5th book, Kitty’s Story. Enjoy. https://t.co/fXp7xUAvbk

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 242): Friday status: the joy of deploying 🤣 > starring: #rstats #bookdown @github @Netlify @travisci + changing stuff to see what I can break 🤕 https://t.co/UDR8FbPFS1

Jillian (@jdunic; 92): Catching myself up on the latest mapping pkgs in #rstats. https://t.co/dgbaK2glAQ. The whole book is an amazing resource! @statsbeerz @E2ocean

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 80): @JenRichmondPhD Well basically all of these! https://t.co/fkkE7XVEcE

かつどん (@nozma; 76): “Bookdownによる技術系同人誌執筆” https://t.co/Oh6khNQnOJ

Aliakbar Akbaritabar (Ali) (@Akbaritabar; 70): @vtraag @alexhanna @WoutLamers I personally prefer using Tufte handout style (https://t.co/LhRI7wbGSs) which puts the references, footnotes, graphs and small figures (if they are not needed to be full-width on page) on the margin of each page (look at page 3: https://t.co/9HNAxiVQpm )

Dan Simpson (@dan_p_simpson; 60): Very quiet voice I am completely unable to understand bookdown/rmaarkdown etc. cries

David John Baker (@DavidJohnBaker; 52): I’ve never met @xieyihui in person, but he’s going to be getting a special shout out in my dissertation for building such an awesome tool for writing. RMarkdown and bookdown is the future. #rstats

Matthew Lincoln (@matthewdlincoln; 40): @dan_p_simpson bookdown almost had it until I wanted to have formatting in figure captions (god forbid we italicize the title of this painting) and the workaround is a combo of escape characters I can never remember

JP Ruiz Nicolini (@TuQmano; 31): @Crst_C @d_olivaw @alesitoide @CarlosBelottiLM Bookdwon -> rtf https://t.co/CJjFL50LFJ Outopu formats -> Rmd https://t.co/a7G7Pr5clZ

Matthew Leonawicz (@leonawicz; 30): @ma_salmon @cimentadaj Are you just looking to turn the plaintext into a .mobi file for Kindle? I think you can just dump that into a bookdown project and render (plus Calibre or kindlegen) https://t.co/EnvlnLGFer That looks like a great read by the way.

Rachael Lappan (@RachaelLappan; 30): @rladiesperth Neat! We should do one too - Sydney’s a bit far to go =) I’d love to talk a bit of bookdown/thesisdown

Timothée Poisot (@tpoi; 21): @TrashBirdEcol There’s a pandoc-crossref package for all link related things. I would avoid bookdown et al.

Xiaosong Zhang (@zorroxinxsindi; 20): @hadleywickham @xieyihui Just finished some touch up for the metadata, now pointed to your repo hadley/r-pkgs. I put the bookdown version files under the root or a sub_dir “bookdown”. The PR now live on your repo.

Tom Stafford (@tomstafford; 20): Chapter 3 of @djnavarro’s Learning Statistics with R, “Getting started with R” https://t.co/X3qBm9wO4K

David John Baker (@DavidJohnBaker; 12): OMG I can just copy the html from my #rstats bookdown into a Google Doc and it retains its formatting. God this is nice.

Itamar Caspi (@itamarcaspi; 11): Brilliant! THE R packages textbook, now in #bookdown format. How can you not love the #rstats community?? Thanks @zorroxinxsindi ! https://t.co/NaeJDC15Gv

Loré Roberto (@pues__que; 10): @mathprofcarrie @callin_bull @DataCamp This would be sweet if you compiled lecture notes in a nice online format like Bookdown via R

Hao Ye (@Hao_and_Y; 10): @TrashBirdEcol The cross-referencing seems to work across multiple .Rmd files for me, but only with the default “merge and knit” setting - https://t.co/s5ra0Rp7W4

R w Polsce (@rstatspl; 10): Wiecie, że jest książka napisana przez Polaka o geostatystyce w R? Polska wersja tu https://t.co/fKhj0wbFZu, a angielska tu https://t.co/qPcIdTq2Bc #rstatspl > Więcej na FB/DaneAnalizy: https://t.co/Me6dpR7XxA

Chester Ismay (@old_man_chester; 10): @BenjaminWolfe @xieyihui @rstudio Seems doable. Check out the examples folder in the bookdown package for a way to add in lots of different file types: https://t.co/NZoJyPFxpV

Matthew Lincoln (@matthewdlincoln; 10): @dan_p_simpson also bookdown reproducibility fantasy led me on a disastrous thought train that ended up with the drag name “Kori Book-her” and now I want to die / have another Manhattan

Dan Simpson (@dan_p_simpson; 10): @matthewdlincoln And LaTeX is only trying to do one thing. Bookdown is also trying to live it’s best reproducibility fantasy. It all gets a little Microsoft Word Master Document View after a while.

Deirdre Toher (@dtoher; 10): @dan_p_simpson Bookdown was a bit faffy for me, but eventually got it working (especially when wanting to keep the .tex files).

Gabriel A. Devenyi (@gadevenyi; 10): @g_kiar @ErinWDickie Well, since I can’t use stackoverflow without “reputation” here’s whats missing to properly include CSS https://t.co/aMRLH99Kfu

Jeffrey Arnold (@jrnld; 0/1): See https://t.co/UTg5hPi80t and https://t.co/XG0XhXOWpa

Lisa DeBruine 🏳️‍🌈 (@LisaDeBruine; 0/1): Is there an easy way to specify straight quotes instead of curly quotes in one particular place in a #bookdown document without setting smart: false globally? Quoted strings inside of backticks that are inside a ```{block} are rendering with curly quotes.

Jessica Burnett (@TrashBirdEcol; 0/0): @tpoi to be clear – you are suggesting foregoing bookdown etc. all together, yes? i am not even sure how to run my makefile!

Jessica Burnett (@TrashBirdEcol; 0/0): @Hao_and_Y I’m using bookdown

Hao Ye (@Hao_and_Y; 0/0): @TrashBirdEcol I don’t know about multi-chapter things, but I’d start looking at bookdown and thesisdown, which support cross-referencing.

やがてたかしになる (@oshie; 0/0): Bookdown! そういうのもあるのか

Xiaosong Zhang (@zorroxinxsindi; 0/0): Just finished some touch up for the metadata, now pointed to your repo hadley/r-pkgs. I will put the bookdown version files under the root or a sub_dir “bookdown” https://t.co/j1joBRzu2O

FRANCISCO PARRA (@francisco_parra; 0/0): Estadística Básica Edulcorada https://t.co/NpbZQz8bYk

Luana santos (@Luana_Santoz; 0/0): New statistics for the design researcher https://t.co/U8fYoXqDVT

Jason Winget (@iplusfour; 0/0): Making presentations with xaringan is fun and the output is fantastic. Thanks for your work, @xieyihui https://t.co/lmghEOZHgZ

Michael Chow (@chowthedog; 0/0): @sharlagelfand @hadleywickham @gshotwell If using Rmarkdown, cache option might help? > > If caching is enabled, the same code chunk will not be evaluated the next time the document is compiled > https://t.co/RucBpyWfiI

tj mahr 🍕🍍 (@tjmahr; 0/0): @alexpghayes @sharlagelfand Ha good thing bookdown uses chunk names for cross references. You’ll come around


One R Package a Day (@RLangPackage; 177): ezknitr - An extension of ‘knitr’ that adds flexibility in several ways. One common source of frustration with ‘knitr’ is that it assumes the directory where the source file lives should be the working directory, which is often not true. ‘ezknit… #rstats https://t.co/4TvChSGUaa

Cyrus Samii (@cdsamii; 140): B/c in my corner of the socsci universe I have to work in Stata sometimes, I’m trying WEAVER for generating dynamic reports (a la knitr or jupyter notebooks): https://t.co/VsbEzcdeTT I’ll let you know how it goes.

LOGa(N) (@NagolGnissol; 120): @WeAreRLadies Knitr and rmarkdown…I just want everyone to feel like a wizard when making beautiful everythings!

Alastair Harry (@alharry; 95): Part of the motivation for publishing this was to see whether it was feasible to make it 100% reproducible using #rstats. All components were written up in dynamic #Rmarkdown documents with #pandoc and #knitr and LaTeX.

Julie Farmer (@juliewfarmer; 62): Finally figured out how to knit to PDF in #rmarkdown #rstats . Thank you @sorenlind for writing this article: https://t.co/DrZLvgn2t7

Stephen Turner (@strnr; 43): To always separate large numbers with commas in knitr kable outputs, but this in your RMarkdown setup chunk: > kable <- function(…) knitr::kable(…, format.args=list(big.mark = ‘,’))

Jayan Sri Wijesingha (@jayan_sri; 23): I can create beamer slides in @overleaf and @sharelatex. But today I tried to use #rmarkdown #knitr to create #beamer presentation in @rstudio. First it was chaotic, later it was easy. #rstats #rstudio #PhdLife #PhDChat

Margarita M. Rincón (@Margarita_RH; 21): Our new paper is out 😍and it is totally reproducible due to the #knitr 📦 of #Rstats . The .Rnw file is here: https://t.co/p5qEUlZ4hT and instructions to reproduce it are 👇. Also the preprint is now open access https://t.co/IfbMtfSWpQ in the @MarXivPapers platform 😃 https://t.co/myKMGiasYx

iiiaui (@iiiaui; 12): Rmarkdown使い、必見! > xaringan::infinite_moon_reader()が圧倒的。上記関数をコンソールに打ち込むとRStudioプレビュータブでrender結果表示、のみならず、rmdファイルをセーブする度にプレビューしてくれてknitr::renderより断然早く結果確認できる!捗る! > #rstats #rmarkdown #rstudio #naruto https://t.co/ZkObwFBrg5

Margarita M. Rincón (@Margarita_RH; 10): 1.Install the package #knitr in #R https://t.co/hrMItaewpQ @xieyihui. 2. Install LaTeX https://t.co/2P3H0Bc3Me @TeXgallery 3.Unzip the file and open the Rnw file (‘Rincon_et_al_MS_rep.Rnw’) with @rstudio and click on the ‘Compile PDF’ button

Dr Emily Kothe (@emilyandthelime; 10): @Dale_Masch @cantabile @romain_francois Something saved in the profile or workspace? I was having a startup issue with knitr and rlang for a while. Also, in rlang’s defense it was loaded yesterday

Erwin (@erwinlherrera; 10): @Bal_stica Miraba un ppt de como hacer ‘reporting with Latex and Rmarkdown’ y me acorde de la conversación. Y pues con una librería de R, knitr, se pueden crear reportes dinámicos insertando código R. Luego, los reportes se actualizan corriendo el código.

Gabi Huiber (@ghuiber; 10): @EpiEllie Well, there’s no perfect solution that I know of. I keep function definitions in helper R scripts, grouped inside named blocks that will be read and evaluated at the right places in the notebook with knitr::read_chunk. These functions might end up in a package later.

Ming Tang (@tangming2005; 0/1): one gotcha is that when you run the python chunk, the working dir is the same as .proj file, but when you knit with knitr, every file path is relative to the .Rmd itself. #rstats #rmarkdown

Soichi Matsuura (拘泥中) (@matsuura_rits; 0/0): knitrのパクリです。色は立命館公式カラー

Fredrick M. Mobegi, Ph.D. (@mobeginomics; 0/0): R for statistical programming has tremendous capabilities, some of which I’m slowly exploring. For example, by processing R-Markdown documents with knitr, code text, code output, and user notes can be neatly sewn together into a publishing-ready supplementary file. Happy geeking https://t.co/42kNLTZ16g

John Muschelli (@StrictlyStat; 0/0): @JenRichmondPhD knitr and rmarkdown?

Humberto Cuevas (@Humberto_2020; 0/0): @DrKariLJordan @hadleywickham Hi. Knitr

Ed_0110100001101001 💡⚙️🛠☕️ (@ed19741; 0/0): How to prevent opening /tmp files with knitr using nvim-r and rstan https://t.co/es8Gb04KvS


Diane BELDAME (@DianeBELDAME; 134): Oh snap ! 👌The videos from the rstudio::conf 2019 are online ! https://t.co/haBRnxPdLr 1⃣▶️pgdwn: https://t.co/mrI0eMIket 2⃣▶️r in prod: https://t.co/dp1LIwnRnb 3⃣▶️dependencies: https://t.co/MqWyeMWm8G and https://t.co/EpHvuRwfhI https://t.co/8qoWDq7UGi

Jozef Hajnala (@jozefhajnala; 64): Watching @xieyihui’s talk on pagedown during #rstudioconf and he mentions he was working on it with “the best collaborator he has ever met in his life”. For some reason, the way he said it really got me thinking. What makes a great #rstats collaborator ? https://t.co/jwlIKAiH8H

Achmad Syahrul Choir (@madsyair; 0/0): https://t.co/iWnQHHVljJ

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 0/0): @Rick_Scavetta @Mitzkahdrinnen Actually if you follow the link on that quote in my slides https://t.co/Wre6PwX4xN (page 35) you’ll discover this :)


かつどん (@nozma; 63): 落ち着いて調べたら何とかなったので追記した > TinyTeXを使って10分で(R向けの)LaTeX環境を整える - Qiita - https://t.co/Vxdy683cGG

Mikatas (@Mikatas7; 0/0): Rにtinytexをインストールし、RMarkdownでPDFを作れるようにした。 日本語フォントが見つからんと怒られていて、直し方がわからない。。。 日本語取ればPDFファイルは作れるっぽいので、日本語化諦めよ。


Daniel Anderson (@datalorax_; 70): @JenRichmondPhD I’ve not had time to develop this basically since I released it to GH, but slidex helps you move PPTX to #xaringan. https://t.co/jck4z0eTMU

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 70): @malco_barrett @zhiiiyang WAT. We had xaringan stickers at #rstudioconf? I didn’t know that, so I didn’t get one myself 😭

Joshua Goldberg (@GoldbergData; 60): Super basic assignment I did for a Big Data class. Decided to make it a use-case for xaringan. Maybe I will eventually submit a U Chicago theme. Workshop gave me confidence to tackle. Thanks to you two 😄 @xieyihui @apreshill https://t.co/cv2rPcAF89

Jennifer Thompson (@jent103; 40): @GoldbergData @apreshill Yeah, I’d definitely start there - my personal goal is to avoid latex whenever possible :) Not sure if any of this will actually solve the problem, but definitely some discussion on mathjax + xaringan in the issues: https://t.co/9qesHN6SAI

Joshua Goldberg (@GoldbergData; 30): .@jent103 Your xaringan slides look great in PDF. For some reason when I export to PDF manually (in Chrome) and with webhot my slides do not fill up the entire frame. Curious if you ran into this problem?

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 22): @xieyihui Brainstorming: What if I made an #rstats package, and the package had an #rmarkdown template for @rstudio? (Learned how to do that from @old_man_chester.) What if it were a #xaringan template instead of vanilla #rmarkdown. Could I somehow include CSS + JS files in the package? 🤷

clark rushing (@clarkrushing; 20): @reinaamariee @gamebirddoc @KevinRingelman The Xaringan package in R makes nice slides, with some good built in templates. Still a bit of a learning curve but not as steep as latex, especially if you know some markdown. Slides can be viewed as html on the web or saved as pdf https://t.co/4Rlv061rtN

Ryan Wesslen (@ryanwesslen; 11): Intro/Why use #rstats/Rstudio for visualizations #xaringan slides for #dsba5122 https://t.co/GtxVXt2N9T https://t.co/pLjTcu4CUH

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 11): @old_man_chester @xieyihui @rstudio I was hoping for a similar trick so that, when I make a new #xaringan presentation from my own template, it’ll let me use my_styles as an alias for my_package/rmarkdown/templates/my_templates/resources/my_styles.css. 2/n

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 11): @old_man_chester @xieyihui @rstudio Specifically in #xaringan, you can specify in the YAML a JS file + 1 or more CSS files to apply to your slides. You can specify relative paths or, for CSS, just use filename as an alias for xaringan/rmarkdown/templates/xaringan/resources/filename.css. 1/n

Yohan J. Rodríguez (@hasdid; 11): #R #AutoTweet | Sydney xaringan theme https://t.co/FyX0b4p25D

Erness (@DinoCoquito; 10): @desgraciadooo caiste en mi trampa donko kung, activo mis ojos ocultos de la aldea oculta de los ocultos xaringan. ahora tu onda vital no hará efecto en mi. entregate a las autoridades antes de que liberé mi forma verdadera.

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 10): @GoldbergData @jent103 It’s a xaringan function :)

Charles T. Gray (@cantabile; 10): Trying to troubleshoot a xaringan install (Mutex error?) and started to find some fruitful information here. It’s hard to trawl through all the ranting, though. Shudders. > https://t.co/F0mtoKHUXn

Jennifer Thompson (@jent103; 0/0): @GoldbergData I haven’t - I haven’t gotten very fancy with it though. There’s some discussion on GH about using decktape; I haven’t tried it but maybe worth a shot? (And thanks!) > https://t.co/KJRrCdchxh https://t.co/QLTxOsdrEj

Charles T. Gray (@cantabile; 0/0): @matthras I had an rstudio instance up and running pretty quickly. But enough fun, I had to go back to getting xaringan:: to install.

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 0/0): @old_man_chester @xieyihui @rstudio Heh I may not be doing threads right. 🤣 In any case here’s the @StackOverflow question. My first one in seven years! And my first good one ever. 😄 > https://t.co/VtAy66vBUL > n/n

フレデリコ (@FredZampier; 0/0): fredao do xaringan


R Weekly Live (@rweekly_live; 32): Back from rstudio::conf 2019 @xieyihui #rstats #datascience https://t.co/RAih0mCR1x

Ben Charoenwong (@BenCharoenwong; 20): @paulgp @causalinf formatR before sharing;) > https://t.co/T4ZCvlwSVs

Sam Albers (@big_bad_sam; 20): @stephhazlitt Reminds me of this post: https://t.co/XhcW7z6DQr

Yohan J. Rodríguez (@hasdid; 11): #R #AutoTweet | Back from rstudio::conf 2019 https://t.co/C7qtDdbyHB

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 10): @EngelhardtCR @xieyihui hmm maybe try https://t.co/31JghVpny7? They may have good ideas and could respond quicker than me today, here was @xieyihui’s blog post on Netlify redirects but I don’t know more than that: https://t.co/BDMnXLLryF

Chris Engelhardt (@EngelhardtCR; 0/0): @johncassil @allimoberger One option might be to redirect http requests to https requests: https://t.co/PoQFdsHO9a.