Happy to share new tutorial on `ggstatsplot` package! https://t.co/QwgL1w5bvi Attempts to explain (~ < 10 min.) - why this package exists - current functionality - benefits - limitations Big thanks to @xieyihui for #xaringan & @grrrck for CSS template! #rstats #dataviz #ggplot https://t.co/2cqJIkIie5



nick michalak (@nmmichalak; 318): After I squashed most of the blogdown website demons, I decided to finish a post I had started awhile back: > Using Principal Components or Common Factor Analysis in Social Psychology https://t.co/yNPdTBXE1k > I borrowed the MDS introduction from my favorite statistics mentor :) https://t.co/kFwy2NLpzX

Mara Averick (@dataandme; 186): 💪 Up your blogdown game w/ @apreshill’s “spoonful” series! 🥄 “A Spoonful of Hugo: The netlify.toml File” https://t.co/sPKjd9WQup #blogdown /* PS Already put this one into my own site! */ https://t.co/7gJnLGenvi

Lisa DeBruine 🏳️‍🌈 (@LisaDeBruine; 182): @hertzpodcast @dalejbarr @UofGPsychology #psyTeachR has a new blogdown website where we’ll add open materials as we complete them (there should be a big update by the time @improvingpsych 2019 starts) > https://t.co/FTajzu4LNb

antuki (@antuki13; 137): Today is the only day to tweet my only (and useless) blog post in 1 year and a half. #HappyValentinesDay2019 #ggplot2 #emojifont #blogdown #rstats https://t.co/zbxiijKTeU https://t.co/Rj1fkHq43M

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 131): 🥄 sharing some of my #rstats #blogdown best advice in bite sized chunks on my blog (https://t.co/kw74jP8eQQ) > so far: > - use archetypes (➕ see great post by @fellgernon on this) > - use a netlify.toml > - later today: use page bundles 🎁 > ( thanks @dataandme - a+ student 😉) https://t.co/CQw6x5rdmx

Deemah 🇺🇦 🇳🇴 (@dmi3k; 113): 🎉New meetup announced🎉: “Building websites in R: step-by-step introduction to {blogdown}” with Andrea Chi Zhang. https://t.co/ePglVMOFq8 #rstats #oslo #useR! https://t.co/t1GZqWwhmo

Chris Engelhardt (@EngelhardtCR; 110): My 5-year-old son now knows that ctrl + s performs a live reload of a #blogdown site. He loves mashing on the keyboard and seeing the result of his work render in a browser. I don’t know what I’d do without version control. #rstats

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 105): @tladeras @kierisi @ChelseaParlett + networking! Go to local meetups, #RLadies, and DS conferences depending on your preferred coding community (if #rstats, try @UseR2019_Conf and @rstudio conf). A snazzy #blogdown site and active @github account can help people get to know you before they meet you in person.

nick michalak (@nmmichalak; 83): I think some people read my blog? I’ve been converting my website to blogdown, so I’m sorry it has been up and down lately. But it works now! (https://t.co/Y9oYOWAtye) Please let me know if anything looks weird (e.g., can’t access .csv files, see pictures).

Kirsten Smith (@kirst_nicole; 30): blogdown on my lunch break.

Kirsten Smith (@kirst_nicole; 30): @EricNeudorf Lots of one off google searches, but this is what finally did it for me. https://t.co/wMge8j98y6

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 20): @felipe_mattioni @dataandme Nope https://t.co/5t6t50C9yD

Kirsten Smith (@kirst_nicole; 20): Making progress with github, netlify, and blogdown today, but wow was a lot of that counter-intuitive. Documentation could use further clarity – not sure it’s super helpful when you’re googling part of the documentation for further explanations.

James Day, PhD (@jamesday87; 10): @roberto_boberto @AFLLab +1 for blogdown if you are already using R

Harvey (@roberto_boberto; 10): @AFLLab whats wrong with your current set up? > depending on what programs you use, I really like blogdown

Rika Gorn (@RikaGorn; 10): I’m a copy, paste, change learner. So very happy to have found this minimal example website for blogdown! #rstats https://t.co/tXfw1dvaSE

Roman Valls (@braincode; 0/1): Has someone implemented automatic image resizing with #hugo #blogdown static site engine and #AWS #CloudFront?: https://t.co/SvhMhnK5X0 … bonus points if you ditched all that and are running something similar 100% for free somewhere else :)

Thomas Lumley (@tslumley; 0/0): @GretchenAMcC One special case: If you’re a statistics grad student (so you’re already using R markdown and github) use blogdown for your website.

Peter Verweij (@Peter_Verweij; 0/0): Export code from esquisse for ggplot on a static website based on Hugo. writing in R blogdown. https://t.co/wa0xGhMfuk

Felipe Mattioni, MSc (@felipe_mattioni; 0/0): Is it me or #blogdown really doesn’t support toc_float? @apreshill @dataandme

Tobias Dienlin (@tdienlin; 0/0): @MattEagle09 @OrbenAmy @cruwelli @mitchoharawild @robjhyndman Well, in fact have often been thinking of switching to pagedown/blogdown – mb it’s about time ;)


Shravan Vasishth (@shravanvasishth; 142): @xmjandrews I am preparing them for release, in time the Physalia course in late March. They will be on github, in bookdown format. > https://t.co/yqxiLg0VSW

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 122): 2 out of 3 powered by #rstats #bookdown 🚀 https://t.co/kGw6hH49Sw

Omni Analytics Group (@OmniAnalytics; 75): What do you get when you combine #bookdown, the #tidyverse, the @TwitterAPI, and the latest #rstats technologies? Our new Tweet Book Service! Here’s a preview of the @OmniAnalytics tweet book! Ability to generate your own #comingsoon … https://t.co/ECM1h5WxCU

Dirk Schumacher🚲 (@dirk_sch; 72): A simple, but often useful internal package is to bundle common markdown templates. Ideally with sample code for standard stuff. https://t.co/9g5UE7BzRN #rstats

Lisa DeBruine 🏳️‍🌈 (@LisaDeBruine; 50): @rogers_k8 We’ll have an updated bookdown version of our MSc data skills course available by summer, but here are the current materials (focussing on tidyverse, data wrangling, visualisation, simulation, and reporducible reports). > https://t.co/80zDGOiTa1

Marta Sestelo (@MartaSestelo; 40): @fandradechavez Sí, en la sección 1.1.1 del libro tienes los links a la base de datos y a un diccionario explicando las variables. Un saludo! https://t.co/5bUtZ5yTv8

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 20): @tjmahr @adriennerwood @strengejacke Since this is based off Hayes’s (2018) text, it’s all single-level. But hopefully the #brms code will give you a place to start: https://t.co/SSZViepkrd

Deemah 🇺🇦 🇳🇴 (@dmi3k; 20): @nacnudus @rlmcelreath Really fun read. Please keep doing it. Did you see https://t.co/lwkG6ZeStB ?

Mike Love (@mikelove; 10): @RArgelaguet I guess, if they are already mostly vignettes then you may not want to have various versions floating around, and dealing with keeping them up to date. But bookdown looks so cool :-) > I’ll have to check out your new preprint!

Lisa DeBruine 🏳️‍🌈 (@LisaDeBruine; 10): @rogers_k8 And @djnavarro’s materials are fab (I think the intro to R is really accessible) > https://t.co/SPk5slyS97

Jimmy xu (@MKTJimmyxu; 0/1): Why R is so great?- From Yihui: R bookdown is an R package that allows you to write books and long-form reports with multiple Rmd files. After this package was published, a large number of books have emerged. You can find a subset of them at https://t.co/FfnyY37mHk #rstats

Lily Bentley (@lilybentley; 0/0): @Marj_Lundgren I really like https://t.co/onhGjf83hv for readability/accessibility/memes, especially for undergrads who haven’t used R before. Not a course but pretty easy to follow along w the book if motivated. (+ of course https://t.co/nAW3jRifDR for more sophisticated stuff.)

R StackOverflow (@r_stackoverflow; 0/0): Add Table Caption Number R-Markdown [Votes: 2] #r #rmarkdown #bookdown https://t.co/eelkllXywy

Mark Andrews (@xmjandrews; 0/0): @shravanvasishth Looks excellent. Thanks for making them available. Especially in bookdown.

Mhztar Sammy (@Offical_sammy; 0/0): @showyousarah If you wish I can help bookdown for you….

Jimmy xu (@MKTJimmyxu; 0/0): From Bookdown”Yep, R will become both your best friend and your worst nightmare. The bad times will make the good times oh so much sweeter. > There is nothing more frustrating than when your code does not work > There is nothing more satisfying than when your code does work!” https://t.co/dN6AcxwEHj

Thea Knowles (@theaknowles; 0/0): TIL There is a way to compare diffs between 2 .docx files > Implications for Rmd workflows with collaborators/supervisors using Word: Use the revised .docx version to guide changes in your .Rmd, then compare new output with the original to dbl check > 👍 https://t.co/A2EtEpFxbm https://t.co/dnWDjCXLxn

Jessica Burnett (@TrashBirdEcol; 0/0): is there a quick way to auto-add package citations to document in bookdown? e.g., Packages Used section, or just adding citations to the .bib? @xieyihui @rstatstweet @rstudiotips


Johannes Bracher (@johannesbracher; 226): Preparing the name tags for tonights @ZurichRUsers event at @nzzvisuals. Check out how it’s done using #knitr and the ticket package for LaTeX: https://t.co/SNoUmpGWkk 🤓 #rstats https://t.co/nQZcpQ2rU2

Karl Broman (@kwbroman; 142): knitr::purl() is my favorite #rstats function name.

Desi Quintans (@eco_desi; 50): @_erikaroper I use knitr::kable() and kableExtra to format it further. https://t.co/YjVvooje8Z https://t.co/5cSybIo4fo

Adam Palayew (@AdamPalayew; 43): Just used @brentthorne18 posterdown package to make a poster and it was awesome! So much #rstats fun with the magic of knitr and rmarkdown! https://t.co/3tKqDUQx5B

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 40): @adamhsparks @S_Owla Thanks, it’s really interesting to learn how other people work! :) > Have you heard of knitr::spin()? I’ve never used it, but judging from @daattali’s post https://t.co/z1U1UxuEJT, it might fit your workflow pretty well! (if you’ve never tried it)

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 40): @frod_san @tjmahr @apreshill This has been a TODO item since day one of knitr::write_bib(). I didn’t include other entries in CITATION only because I didn’t have an idea about how to generate citation keys automatically, i.e. @ article{???, If you have an idea, I’d implement it right now.

Daniel Anderson (@datalorax_; 31): Also… I was having a hard time getting the plots to render with R Markdown, but the answer is here: https://t.co/dx2HqPWcE3 > Just add knitr::opts_chunk$set(dev="CairoPNG")

Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 21): @cantabile @JennyBryan Thanks for your enthusiasm! Reveal is not officially part of the Xaringan package… maybe someday! :-) You might find @statsgen’s post interesting: https://t.co/Zo0DUE6d1W

Andreas Gutweniger (@AGutweniger; 20): @johannesbracher @ZurichRUsers @nzzvisuals In addition to knitr, maybe also use glue the next time (to make the tags more sticky) 😀 Thanks for organising this great event!

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 11): @JennyBryan @S_Owla @rstudio Thanks! Would you advise using rmarkdown::render over knitr::spin mainly because it works for both file types? > I’d like to share this when I tweet about Rmd, but don’t have any experience..

Michael Chirico (@michael_chirico; 11): #rstats TIL ANSI encoding in html-vignettes doesn’t just not display, it completely hangs pandoc compilation… > I guess a UTF-8 conversion issue like that here: > https://t.co/kSWPSi0Zsf

Sanne Menning (@sannemenning; 11): Any #rstats users know why knitr::opts_knit$set(root.dir =“) in rmarkdown doesn’t change my working directory anymore? It used to work, didnt change anything in my code…

Emily Ricotta, PhD (@Iplaywithgerms; 10): I’m trying to be better about making my code more readable and sharable… I’m going to have to look into rendering and knitr::spin it seems. https://t.co/7xC1cRMnh7

noora said (@mdnoor78; 10): knitr هي حزمة توليد تقارير ديناميكية أنيقة ومرنة وسريعة تجمع بين R مع TeX أو Markdown أو HTML. https://t.co/V0HKVYJWdj

\mathfrak{Michael Betancourt} (@betanalpha; 10): @joelwatsonfish Rmarkdown rendered with knitr. The corresponding entry at https://t.co/nBEj9ph5r5 includes a link to the repository with the raw Rmd, images, and license information.

Mburu (@mmburu_w; 0/1): @Shel_Kariuki Hello you can try model %>% broom::tidy() %>% knitr::kable(format = “pandoc). In your case format is in html.

tidyverse tweets (@tidyversetweets; 0/0): Display animated plot using gganimate in knitr Markdown for ioslides presentation #tidyverse #rstats https://t.co/ozyXWmwpoQ

Craig Duncan (@CraigDuncanAU; 0/0): @svheeringen 22 Local path? Diagnose by testing these alternatives before knitting: 1. HTML <img src=“./pages/mydoc/files/myplot.png”/> 2. Markdown Image Title 3. knitr {r} knitr::include_graphics("path/to/image.png")

James Goldie (@rensa_co; 0/0): @OppenheimerEvan They’re the supplementary materials from my first PhD paper! Straight out of the dlnm package 🙂 Having some problems with knitr and subfigures in the week before I submit my thesis though 😅

Kristian Kleinke (@kristiankleinke; 0/0): @simongrund89 I use RStudio most of the time (for simulations / data analysis, but also for writing up results => Sweave, knitr,…) I find vim & Emacs a little bit too cumbersome to learn and I currently use vim only for fine tuning LaTeX tables (I like the block selection feature…)

D:/avid/Quartey 🎅 🎓 👨🏾‍💻 🇬🇭 (@DaveQuartey; 0/0): @xieyihui @juliewfarmer @sorenlind Hi Yihui, the tweet above has a link about installing MacTex on Mac. Wondering if TinyTex condition also neccesry for Windows10. Link to Windows version of the article: https://t.co/8ekrX1PX5B . Realize MiKTex is more lightweight (179.77MB) than Mac version (3GB). Thanks

Kazuki Yoshida (@kaz_yos; 0/0): Create Awesome HTML Table with knitr::kable and kableExtra https://t.co/qfCQ3QVfp0

John Blischak (@jdblischak; 0/0): @timtrice wrote a vignette a sharing code across analyses using knit_expand() and other advanced knitr features

John Muschelli (@StrictlyStat; 0/0): @conjugateprior So read_csv, dplyr::recode, haven reading stata, never touch raw data, tools::showNonAscii, knitr::kable, and rmarkdown to word for a start?

\mathfrak{Michael Betancourt} (@betanalpha; 0/0): @PogrebnyakE @brickinedifice @rlmcelreath The case studies are html output from knitr. The rest of my website is Jekyll rendered in GitHub pages.


Indrajeet Patil (@patilindrajeets; 6728): Happy to share new tutorial on ggstatsplot package! https://t.co/QwgL1w5bvi > Attempts to explain (~ < 10 min.) - why this package exists - current functionality - benefits - limitations > Big thanks to @xieyihui for #xaringan & @grrrck for CSS template! > #rstats #dataviz #ggplot https://t.co/2cqJIkIie5

Alejandro Correa (@sci_phonetics; 90): Finalmente ha resultado bastante divertido y rápido hacer transparencias con #RStudio y el paquete #Xaringan #GoodbyeJupyter https://t.co/NuwePqKcNm

David Schoch (@schochastics; 60): preparing my first set of slides with xaringan in #rstats. Remarkably straightforward. I am seriously thinking of finally ditching latex beamer. And gifs are so much easier to include https://t.co/1uZe8Q9Ksk

devin. (@ks_devina; 40): @radenrauf Xaringan

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 20): @rstudio: Is it possible to add to the autocomplete dictionary, either for personal use or in an #rstats package? > Specifically, I have in mind #css classes for when I’m writing #xaringan or #pagedown documents (or when someone else is writing them using my package).

Charles T. Gray (@cantabile; 20): @JennyBryan 😮 xaringan::reveal!

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 20): @chrismainey Now you can use the devel version of xaringan to generate the slides and skip incremental slides when printing to PDF in Chrome: https://t.co/pICXFRqV6s

Karl Ho (@karlho; 10): exemplary of ggplot2, xaringan and reveal https://t.co/StAksFwynk

Danilo Freire (@danilofreire; 10): @BrianCAlbrecht Really cool presentation! I’ve also been using Xaringan in my classes, students like that they access the slides on their iPads, phones, etc. No more “Overfull \hbox” :)

박찬엽 (@mrchypark_; 0/0): anyone have set code img build from carbonate to xaringan page? #rstates #xaringan #carbonate

Charles T. Gray (@cantabile; 0/0): @RoelandtN42 So many! Haven’t managed to install xaringan:: yet either 😢

Garnet 🌟 (@Th4yxx007; 0/0): Mangake xaringan


Mara Averick (@dataandme; 20): @skyetetra @sharlagelfand Totally missed this until now! In my “umms” and SEO badness” defense (ouch), [hashtag] repeatTweet has been my attempt to replace “ICYMI” after @xieyihui pointed out that the world already has enough FOMO in it in this post https://t.co/M4CZ98qIFf

Lucas A. Meyer (@lucas_a_meyer; 10): PSA: your .Rprofile needs to end with a new line https://t.co/RJQLyC4fXi

Matt Brook O’Donnell (@mdbod; 0/0): https://t.co/VTorpmkWFc