👉 #rstats and knitr tip! You can apply custom CSS to source and output code using the `class.source` and `class.output` chunk opts. 🎉 And with knitr 1.22 (on GitHub now), you can apply custom styles to messages, warnings and errors! 🙏 @xieyihui! https://t.co/p1EzVBOCOE



Alison Hill (@apreshill; 6810): If you are currently using #rstats #blogdown and want to better understand @GoHugoIO, this blog post (author not on twitter) is 💯: > Make a Hugo blog from scratch > https://t.co/PXGYfimk7i > I’m trying to get better at this Hugo DIY stuff :) 🔨 https://t.co/nHdWB4sQhR

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 6118): A new blog post- my attempt to help you troubleshoot your Hugo #blogdown builds. Any #rstats users have other tried-and-true advice for troubleshooting? > https://t.co/ycj7DXnZX6 https://t.co/0qDofRXi7K

Amber Thomas (@ProQuesAsker; 587): I’m currently working on making a new #rstats blogdown theme & my partner (@parkerwyoung) is tackling the design aspect of my personal version 💕. When he asked what I want it to feel like, I said “I want it to clearly be a tech resource but one that’s unabashedly feminine” 114

Mara Averick (@dataandme; 407): 🧰 Hugo/blogdown expert, @apreshill, continues w/ tricks of the trade… 🥄 “A Spoonful of Hugo: Troubleshooting Your Build” https://t.co/jfzbsSZmdy #blogdown #hugo https://t.co/VRdBOUVHjc

Alexandra Michel (@alexandra_em; 172): @HeatherUrry I just learned the magic of Markdown in a class from @apreshill who has written a very cool book on publishing online using Markdown https://t.co/XOcSIxsSVd

Frank Harrell (@f2harrell; 71): @robjhyndman @DanielPanyard @dgkeyes @hadleywickham Writing little bash scripts (e.g. to run knitr with various options) goes a long, long way. Next I want to learn how to write a script that creates .md files from .Rmarkdown files for blogdown without running RStudio.

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 61): @sharlagelfand Yes place the Rmd file in static then add this build.R script: https://t.co/PVdRlXFn7K

Ahmet Ozisik (@_aozisik; 53): Blogdown v2: > This package gives you a markdown blog in #laravel. No database migrations. Just create posts in markdown and profit 💸💸💸 > https://t.co/UKPkvAmXFq > Currently using it for https://t.co/zI6dNZ8lKV :)

Rob J Hyndman (@robjhyndman; 51): @f2harrell @DanielPanyard @dgkeyes @hadleywickham Rscript -e “blogdown::hugo_build()” will build the site including generating all .md from .Rmd files. Rscript -e “blogdown::serve_site()” will serve the site to a local browser. I have these in a Makefile.

Jonathan Carroll (@carroll_jono; 41): Another win for #blogdown + #netlify over WP (at least by ease of use)… A/B (/C/D/…) testing via branches > https://t.co/gABLhRMljL > Go on, make a yolo option in a new branch and only let 10% of users see it, I dare ya! https://t.co/QxUsxpriVr

Aly Baumgartner (@kyrietree; 40): It’s 8 pm and I’m watching Planet Earth and downloading R blogdown because @DCrainium told me to. The life of a grad student is super glamorous.

farid anvari (@farid_anvari; 30): @lingtax @fmrwhy @dsquintana @MelbOpenRes alright, seems like blogdown has quite a bit of support from my contacts. definitely will try it out.

Owen Churches (@OwenChurches; 30): @farid_anvari If you’re keen to have a super website while polishing up your #rstats skills then check out #blogdown (https://t.co/oPaPnki6Rg) the academic theme is delightful. Give me a shout if your interested and want pointers/tips/emotional support!

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 21): @apreshill is there a specific kind of magic that you used to host your xaringan slides on blogdown? 🙈 like these: https://t.co/m9gtgPX9C0

Guy Prochilo 🏳️‍🌈 (@GuyProchilo; 21): #Rstats: Hugo-academic blogdown theme is a beautiful template recommended for academics who want a professional-looking website. I’ve recently switched to it for my personal profile. > Instructions on GitHub: https://t.co/0EG3rlwVEV > My website: https://t.co/eTVWEtFOaX > #phdchat https://t.co/5kSF2hvNAP

Ahmet Ozisik (@_aozisik; 20): Blogdown 2 is in the works 💻… Stay tuned if you’re looking to quickly add a markdown based flat file blog to your #laravel project!

Mathew ‘Night Science’ Ling (@lingtax; 20): @fmrwhy @farid_anvari @dsquintana Strongly recommend. All of our lab’s websites are using blogdown. As are the @MelbOpenRes etc. Super convenient and fast

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 20): @fredericksolt @ShreyasRagavan @rstudio That is too bad! Compared to many (MANY) other Hugo themes I have tried, that one works mostly “out of the box”. For future reference, there are some changes to blogdown, so my new advice is for initializing a new site is here: https://t.co/ifmEdjRcae https://t.co/mIZvDttZlh

Jonathan Carroll (@carroll_jono; 20): @_johnmackintosh Reads well to me. Double thanks for the intro to group_split! I want to do some of these shorter posts. I’m probably just going to start with the estimate of a couple of hours. > FYI, my new blogdown site (yet to be announced) uses the same theme with similar modifications 🤜

Guy Prochilo 🏳️‍🌈 (@GuyProchilo; 20): @madmscientist @AcademicChatter I built my website using R Blogdown in R Studio, and host it for free on GitHub pages. The source code is version controlled on my GitHub page.

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 20): @i_steves @visnut Yes, please feel free to edit this page: https://t.co/GDv8vNqqaQ Thank you! BTW, I can’t recommend browser DevTools enough: https://t.co/hzA3eHRBiC Fundamentally people need to understand CSS specificity hierarchy: https://t.co/achA6Nxgyn

Maxwel C. Oliveira (@maxwelco; 10): @Camila_ohofman @Dr_Joe_Roberts @leoNitrogen Markdown, Tidyverse, Blogdown, Bookdown, multiple R stat packages.

Ariel Muldoon (@aosmith16; 10): @apreshill I finally had a chance to try some of these ideas out on my own #blogdown blog. It felt a little kludgier in my theme compared to the academic theme 😸, but it’s up and running! Thanks for the inspiration.

Dr. Ryan Straight (@RyanStraight; 10): I’ve always found it both amazing and finicky: I’d repeat exact setups and one site would work well while another crashes and burns. Still, its amazingness overrides its finickiness. Great resource, here. #blogdown #rstats https://t.co/4ePZ7wfDKk

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 10): @jtrnyc You can always simplify a complex one- but adding complexity to a simple one is much harder! Here are my slides using future imperfect for a workshop: https://t.co/PxDpxfQbJt

Frederick Solt (@fredericksolt; 10): @ShreyasRagavan @apreshill @rstudio Neither I nor my students could get the academic theme up and running—easier to build my own (simple) theme based on my website than to find fixes. Really disappointing. Anyway, here’s what i ended up telling them: > https://t.co/p9eV36erpC > 12

Fatih Kansoy (@kansoy; 10): @dsquintana Thank you very much. Let me correct a tiny thing. It should be –> “ not –> ” in command. so the correct installation command is install.packages(“blogdown”)

Karandeep Singh (@kdpsinghlab; 10): @f2harrell @rstats4ds @robjhyndman @DanielPanyard @dgkeyes @hadleywickham Not sure if that will work for blogdown but works for regular .Rmd files.

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 10): @JonAskonas But this is now getting super unwieldy, so I’m looking for a solution that lets me simultaneously (1) use the notebook system / Rmd website / maybe blogdown, and (2) build nice PDF/HTML/docx manuscripts

Youngbin Lee (@Youngbin__Lee; 10): An animation of #PremierLeague table by round so far. white color teams are colored as gray color. This animation is made by #gganimate and the result is also in my blog created by #blogdown > post: https://t.co/8z9Idg6Dcb프리미어리그-순위표-애니메이션-작성/ https://t.co/OrWNaPPf26

Gordon (@gorafle; 10): Apparently the key to deploying a working blogdown blog is incremental changes and having “git reset –hard” nearby.

Duncan Garmonsway (@nacnudus; 10): @RobinLinacre @stats_o @mattdray +500 bounty from the author! Very nice explanation. I got stuck in the weeds of how customisations are passed down the chain (or not) https://t.co/LkTQHS7xqL

Nicholas Vasile (@nicholas_v; 0/0): @xieyihui OK, just submitted the PR. Appreciate any feedback…I did duplicate the info because I think people may not review both sections and this will improve the odds they are made aware of the requirement. https://t.co/8AQTSwDuMT

Matt.0 (@MattOldach; 0/0): @kbradnam I’ve certainly read the ACGT and Rescued by Code and knew of the assemblathon initiative, and papers, but maybe not the blog. What’s the impetus for so many different ones, content? As more junior blogger I’m using blogdown for everything but cross-post medium for exposure FWIW

gsartorik (@gsartorikk; 0/0): @ClausEkstrom hello can you help with a issue? I cant change the language, do you have a reproducible code, for this question? https://t.co/2y4nww0ueg

Meme Overflow (@overflow_meme; 0/0): Sankey Network (within R blogdown) won’t render properly on Firefox https://t.co/Qg46q5AQzg https://t.co/mYdih2ZQIv

Joyce Robbins (@jtrnyc; 0/0): @apreshill Thanks for posting… I’m starting to play around with blogdown + Hugo + Netlify (github_document is nice but has its limitations). I don’t have advice, but have lots of ?s, like can I just pick a theme & change it later or is that approach going to get me in trouble?

Nussaibah Raja (@mauritiantales; 0/0): I finally got around the switching to blogdown. The website is kinda live with still lots of work needed but quite happy with what I have right now! https://t.co/A3MJorO0KQ

Brian G Barkley (@BarkleyBG; 0/0): Blog post: Are you interested in booting up #blogdown to share your #rstats work? I share my experiences with how fast & easy the setup was! > https://t.co/geHynsg7IJ > Thanks to @RokkinCat for hosting the Hack N Tell in @Ward4MKE!


tipsder (@tipsder; 5238): ¡5 libros, en español, recomendados para el aprendizaje de #R! https://t.co/Ol1IyyplnT https://t.co/fHt6p6BpsO https://t.co/NSlaCRQr71 https://t.co/20aN2Pk5br https://t.co/eao81jNgaz #rstats #DataScience #dataviz #data https://t.co/QvD3f66DN5

ModernDive (@ModernDive; 214): Don’t fret open-source fans! The online version will remain on https://t.co/X5zI0Le6hB & the #bookdown source code will remain at https://t.co/pX0Dof1EXl. We’ll publish our first complete version online by early Summer 2019, print version to follow in Fall 2019. Stay tuned!

Conor Anderson 🌧️ (@climoconor; 170): @nnstats I literally wrote a Python book in R Markdown because it is the best tool for the job. bookdown is so convenient.

phalanx (@phalanx27019356; 120): https://t.co/MBnOotl30r

Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 103): Worked out this toy project for students (and for myself!). “From raw data to paper and presentation” is a reference for workflow. 🤓🤠😎 Links to html products in README #rstats #xaringan #markdown #bookdown #posterdown https://t.co/PJ6qrsDiP2 https://t.co/AivNATF2h6

Hiroaki Yutani (@yutannihilation; 71): この発表聞きたかった…。ちなみにCの関数をRのパッケージで使いたいときはこんな感じらしいです(あんまりちゃんと理解してない)。 https://t.co/78cC3PDFeu #SappoRoR

Katie Lee (@ResourcefulSqrl; 70): The hill I will die on: manually labelling figures and tables in text is not worth the effort until you are approaching a final draft. > Related: I spent far too much of today learning how to use #bookdown

Max Kuhn (@topepos; 62): Want to vote on the figure used for cover art figure for https://t.co/bNeNSVDj3G ? > #rstats

Ryan Travis (@fledglingStat; 60): @JohnSakaluk @statwonk https://t.co/rwpIlLgQwr

Deemah 🇺🇦 🇳🇴 (@dmi3k; 51): @inferencelab Statistical rethinking … reimagined with {brms} by @SolomonKurz https://t.co/lwkG6ZeStB

Michael Sumner (@mdsumner; 50): @kareem_carr That’s done, it’s called bookdown

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 42): @cantabile No sadly but amazing things can be done with css for the gitbook format like https://t.co/6g1oaeSpJ5

Denis Schluppeck (@schluppeck; 41): @psychopy just re-working my #matlab materials - to include a “why should I care” bit at the start of each block. actually, doing the documentation in #bookdown / #rmarkdown is a total treat … maybe we should add a beginners #rstats course to the repertoire @notts_psych @UoNScience https://t.co/I4S5yHWwrG

Tiffany Timbers (@TiffanyTimbers; 30): @rudeboybert @ReedCollege will you keep the bookdown version available??

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 30): @cantabile I really need to make my bookdown xaringan slides into something like… a bookdown book 😂

Florian Oswald (@FlorianOswald; 30): @nnstats Bookdown also works with #julialang. Even though it has its own version of knitr called Weave.jl . I haven’t tried bookdown with Julia yet though.

Robin Linacre (@RobinLinacre; 23): @stats_o @mattdray @nacnudus My most popular stackoverflow! https://t.co/6EfgAWP20l Although doesn’t cover bookdown properly and it probably should. I still don’t feel like I fully understand it all though.

Matthew Lincoln (@matthewdlincoln; 21): @Zoe_LeBlanc One thing I find pandoc falls down on is numbered figure/table references (or at least it did when I was compiling my diss) Even today I’ll sometimes use bookdown even when I don’t have R code because it handles numbering.

Charles T. Gray (@cantabile; 21): @apreshill Is it strange that I just shuddered with pleasure at the prospect of mining these bookdown themes? Yup, typesetting is for sure the gateway drug.

Michael👨🏼‍💻MacAskill (@Sakkaden; 20): @HeatherUrry @FrederikAust Wasn’t aware of papaja until your thread: within 30 s of reading its documentation, think I’ve solved the issue I’ve had with getting table/figure cross references to work with bookdown - my last stumbling block in this approach. Thanks.

Matthew Lincoln (@matthewdlincoln; 11): @Zoe_LeBlanc The big caveat - you will spend a lot of time debugging what is causing what (in order of abstraction, from high to low level): 1) bookdown 2) rmarkdown 3) knitr 4) pandoc 5) latex

Zoe LeBlanc (@Zoe_LeBlanc; 11): @matthewdlincoln Good to know abt pandoc. Trying to number figures& make captions in google docs almost ended me. Do you have any examples of using bookdown that I could peep? tbh I feel like R does just about everything at this point, it seems super magical ✨.

mattwilmott (@mattwilmott; 10): R Markdown: The Definitive Guide https://t.co/bVOHYJtq0q

Matthew Lincoln (@matthewdlincoln; 10): @Zoe_LeBlanc Yeah, in your case since you’re generating them all in python, at least you don’t have to worry about your r code choking - just use include_graphics and point it at the file https://t.co/SKfBhMHlMQ

Matthew Lincoln (@matthewdlincoln; 10): @Zoe_LeBlanc https://t.co/DQQHyPgX7t > (Also a huge amnt of stuff is in the bookdown docs and yihui is v responsive)

Matthew Lincoln (@matthewdlincoln; 10): @Zoe_LeBlanc The makefile shows the particular bookdown commands that need to be run to get that repository to spit out html/doc/pdf. The actual text is in the .Rmd file. _output.yml has some relevant config stuff

Hamza Mousa (@hamzamu; 10): R #Markdown: The Definitive Guide https://t.co/Uk90tPeBYn #DataScience #DataScientists #BigData #bigdataanalytics

ペグ335 (@distatim; 10): 昨日JS推定量の話が#TokyoRであって興味深いと思ったら、R+tidyverseでシミュレーションしている資料があった。 https://t.co/1aamnWVOJQ

Charles T. Gray (@cantabile; 10): @apreshill Do these work for bookdown? > Am obsessed with bookdown right now.

Michael Sumner (@mdsumner; 10): @jepusto @kareem_carr No, bookdown

Charlie (@CharlieCuddy; 10): Looking for a list of #rstat resources? #codecuddy > https://t.co/QZD2kr7nzA

Henry Francisco (@HFSORIAD; 10): Introducción a estadística con R: https://t.co/3Vz36XYnO6 Autor: Matias Andina

Henry Francisco (@HFSORIAD; 10): R para principiantes: https://t.co/aWn4bvqIMB Autor: Juan Bosco Mendoza Vega

Henry Francisco (@HFSORIAD; 10): Escritura de libros con bookdown: https://t.co/vAmsWd3Adk Autores: Fernández-Casal, R. y Cotos-Yáñez, T.R.

Robin Linacre (@RobinLinacre; 10): @nacnudus @stats_o @mattdray I got stuck with something pretty similar! https://t.co/9C8dPx6ECr

Pachá 帕夏 (@pachamaltese; 0/0): The documentation of @opentradestats is growing a lot!! I integrated everything into a single bookdown site. The data downloading, cleaning, ingesting to DB, API function and website were made with R packages. https://t.co/bLmtOP1SgU #rstats https://t.co/Rv6vfbENg2

David L Gibbs (@gibbsdavidl; 0/0): A re-expression of ‘rethinking statistics’ (McElreath) using brms (stan) and tidyverse. Nice resource! > https://t.co/YmSXBvjBII

R StackOverflow (@r_stackoverflow; 0/0): Bookdown definition/description list? [Votes: 2] #r #bookdown https://t.co/6BLCIzy6xO

Healthcare meets open source (@goomedic; 0/0): R #Markdown: The Definitive Guide https://t.co/ASJwydubJa #DataScience #DataScientists #BigData #bigdataanalytics

Charles T. Gray (@cantabile; 0/0): devtools::install_github(“hebrewseniorlife/bookdownThemeEditor”) > Need to install some tidyverse packages. Waiting with bated breath to see if this addin works out of the box with bookdown.

Charlie (@CharlieCuddy; 0/0): YaRrr! The Pirate’s Guide to R #codecuddy #rstats https://t.co/RweXmDH6yU

Francisco Díaz (@Fra91fdiaz; 0/0): ¡5 libros, en español, recomendados para el aprendizaje de #R! https://t.co/0Hutp6vz0U https://t.co/yioHGWSZWP https://t.co/LV6V10dO0N https://t.co/BGHCVAAdRM https://t.co/K1yHvxyJln #rstats #DataScience #dataviz #data https://t.co/FUs2SHTr7X

Antonio Rodriguez Andres (@Antonio23132075; 0/0): https://t.co/hcuhHesFne

Eloi (@eloimm; 0/0): @gianlubaio afraid of what?.. maybe in a somewhere less personal like bookdown…


Garrick Aden-Buie (@grrrck; 16551): 👉 #rstats and knitr tip! You can apply custom CSS to source and output code using the class.source and class.output chunk opts. > 🎉 And with knitr 1.22 (on GitHub now), you can apply custom styles to messages, warnings and errors! 🙏 @xieyihui! https://t.co/p1EzVBOCOE

Dan Ovando (@DanOvand0; 172): New #RStats magic discovered, use knitr::purl(“foo.Rmd”) to generate an R script containing just the code chunks from your .Rmd! Even copies the chunk names as section headers. Can also use knitr::spin to go from .R to .Rmd, which blew my mind https://t.co/7D88dTyouG @ecodatasci

David States (@statesdj; 103): Is this really the first? If so, embarassing that the bioinformatics community did not get here years ago @ProfLHunter @Rbaltman @Alfons_Valencia @ewanbirney Long tradition of tools like knitr and Rmarkdown https://t.co/8xS0wws5jE

Jose Barrera (@overdispersion; 65): In #projecteAtenció (@ISGLOBALorg, @CrecimUab), we create customized high quality reports for 35 schools, varying the number of experiments, tables, figures and even text. We do it by executing just 1-line R script that compiles a single generic LaTeX Rnw template via #knitr 😉

Jan Katins (@jankatins; 50): @amuellerml @rasbt @ricardoaraujo @jofr @ProjectJupyter @sarah_guido There are several tries (I did ‘knitpy’) but somehow this never went far. It might be easier to make jupyter a proper engine in knitr/rmarkdown so you can use all the already done infrastructure from rmarkdown.

Nate TeBlunthuis (@groceryheist; 30): @AlexCEngler @juanDenver_ @nnstats Of these, RMarkdown (and even better, knitr for latex) is the only one of these I strongly agree with. I think preferences about what dataframe abstraction people like are usually driven by what they learned first (i.e. I like Pandas and R data.table but not dplyr).

Darren L Dahly (@statsepi; 30): @TunnelOfFire @uri_sohn I’m not sure how far along you are, but we have found having the ability to include a style sheet to control the formatting of the knit docx very helpful + knitr::kable for tables that print well in the docx (or htmltable(), with results = asis in the chunk options).

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 21): Behold! A great solution via @rmflight! You can’t use YAML for this, but you can use knitr chunk options #rstats https://t.co/4rxUoTnHqH

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 21): Tricky #rstats / R Markdown / knitr Q I’ve had for years& finally got around to asking at StackOverflow: Is there a way to use Cairo PNG output in R Markdown documents? ggsave(…, type = “cairo”) works for standalone images, but I can’t get that in knitr https://t.co/Zj2BKIZxui

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 20): It turns out that getting biber and xelatex working in knitr / R markdown is nigh impossible

Emily Riederer (@EmilyRiederer; 20): Great post and thanks @ijlyttle for an exciting addition to knitr! https://t.co/AsB3yrne7n

黒木玄 Gen Kuroki (@genkuroki; 20): #Julia言語 > https://t.co/oACD7Gdrsu Weave is a scientific report generator/literate programming tool for Julia. It resembles Pweave, Knitr, rmarkdown and Sweave. > * Convert to and from IJulia notebooks ←これに期待しているのだがまだ試していない。 > https://t.co/XevkbuFUjI

Helgi Eiríkur (@svelgur; 10): @hlynur @pallih Þú varst ekkert að grínast með a nota knitr í alla r-vinnslu!

David Keyes (@dgkeyes; 10): @carlmcqueen @superboreen Child documents are discussed here: https://t.co/zkY7gbhhpg I’m using a child document in some slides I’m making here: https://t.co/8mEhg1b7R2

michela (@MichelaRiba; 10): @daweonline Better than knitr in R l guess ? Or similar in pyton?

Ben Anderson (@dataknut; 10): .Rmd, a .bib file, #rstats #knitr #bookdown & a multi-user @github repo is probably the only sensible way to collaboratively write scientific documents (articles, funding bids etc) when the output needs to be an editable word doc.

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 0/1): @conjugateprior The way I do it outside of R Markdown is to use pandoc to go from md > tex, then latexmk for tex > pdf (see https://t.co/cNKkTvTMVQ), but it seems I can’t do that with Rmd+knitr only?

Mareviv (@maureviv; 0/0): Cool! Some #knitr css classes to mess with… 😏 https://t.co/lcgjiGKgi6

R StackOverflow (@r_stackoverflow; 0/0): RMarkdown: Collapse error message into a single block when the error message is modified to print in red [Votes: 2] #r #rmarkdown #knitr https://t.co/NKRwQZT0ng

半生 (@2VgNKnBQXTfGmim; 0/0): @Kujiranosekai こちらにbarplotしてるコードがあったので参考にしてみてはどうでしょうか? https://t.co/uGgfvXRVtn

Daniel Possenriede (@dpprdan; 0/0): @siphre @rstats4ds You have two code chunks called ‘setup’. Either rename one of them or there is a knitr option to allow duplicate labels. Are you calling an Rmd from another Rmd?

Dwan (@EnvironmentalND; 0/0): My discovery of #rstats tableone combined with knitr::kable() has seriously changed my life. Need to update descriptive table? Done in 3 minutes.

Boris Veytsman (@BorisVeytsman; 0/0): @HeatherUrry Good work. Thanks. > I think using latex and knitr instead of markdown would be even better.


R for the Rest of Us (@rfortherest; 63): Need to produce PDFs but frustrated with the default outputs in RMarkdown? Check out pagedown by @xieyihui. https://t.co/vEuYnjLRGO https://t.co/FULpka9AGi


Danton Noriega (@dantonnoriega; 10): @andrewheiss Whoops. Tinytex.

Michael Sumner (@mdsumner; 0/0): @millerdl That’s not annoying, “DUDE, just use tinytex!”


Matt.0 (@MattOldach; 265): Made my slide-deck available online for getting started with Drake in #rstats (@wmlandau, @krlmlr etc.), making better figures (faster) with @BioRender, and accessing the Fitbit API with R #dataviz #datascience https://t.co/UwMUAEB0HQ https://t.co/1bGi3ielPt

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 170): and here’s the repo if you want to play along (or see what suspicious things I did to mess with @Open_TO’s data 👀👀👀)! this was my first xaringan presentation and it was an absolute breeze ✨ https://t.co/1ZYxl8z9XI

Jakub Nowosad (@jakub_nowosad; 165): A nice set of tips from @xieyihui on how to build incremental slides - https://t.co/MFOTJ2Orq7. One of many useful features of the xaringan 📦#rstats https://t.co/C4nfXImPBu

tmrkn (@tam07pb915; 165): 昨日いろいろつぶやいていたxaringanのInfinite Moon Readerの話です。 / Rmarkdownでスライド作るときのリアルタイムプレビュー https://t.co/Utaq2YJ2tR https://t.co/XkDgIW49kq

Samantha Toet (@Samantha_Toet; 30): @jsonbaik I prefer using Github pages - then you have everything in one place: https://t.co/LjrY0F1ZNN

Sean Hardison (@SeanHardison; 20): I’m new to #xaringan but “yolo: true” is already my favorite feature https://t.co/J7BnaCgP28

Ken Bodnar (@ArtofWarm; 20): The Ultimate Infinite Moon Reader for xaringan Slides - Instant preview without fully rebuilding HTML, and the… https://t.co/YKzha74NNq

kazutan (@kazutan; 20): @R_beginner いえ、どちらかというとservrパッケージで仮想webサーバーのサービスを起動させて、それを利用してgitpitchのエンジンで描写するって感じです。 xaringanはこれでremark.jsのリアルタイムレンダリングを可能にしてるんですよー

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 20): @i_steves @visnut @xieyihui For now 😇 As a happy ninja user, I have the same all recorded in (what else) a xaringan slide deck currently: https://t.co/rq4Nr7UqWQ > If you have tidbits to add to this, you could for now use our workshop repo: https://t.co/MqY6ZeL1lU

Ulrik Lyngs (@ulyngs; 11): #xaringan tip: Position content easily by including the #bootstrap CSS grid in your YAML header #rstats @xieyihui https://t.co/gi1YDgsqRv

Yohan J. Rodríguez (@hasdid; 11): #DataScience #Automated | “Presentation Ninja” https://t.co/JBugOyTNw3

Yohan J. Rodríguez (@hasdid; 11): #DataScience #Automated | The Ultimate Infinite Moon Reader for xaringan Slides https://t.co/0viQGt0mP3

Pimpolha #ATIVIDADE (@Pimpolha2002; 10): @kakashihatax Uchiha, eu ia ter um xaringan (n me julguem,comecei naruto semana retrasada e não sei escrever) pra copiar os golpes de geral

Matt.0 (@MattOldach; 10): @tangming2005 thought I was so smart making a xaringan slide-deck oh I won’t need a usb stick I can just put it on the internet… get’s to room and no internet connection 🤣

Grant McDermott (@grant_mcdermott; 10): @JonAskonas @andrewheiss TikZ should work automatically if you’re knitting to PDF. In addition, I was recently made aware of this drop-in replacement for HTML formats (e.g. Xaringan slides): https://t.co/uUBCxSYhgn

tmrkn (@tam07pb915; 10): さっきからいじってるxaringanてやつ、ヘッダーの設定にyoloってのがあって、これtrueにするとランダムでおっさんの画像が挿入されるwww 腹痛いwww https://t.co/EG5GgR9Btk

Soares (@ramoscapit; 10): @RayssaGo1 Tenho olho xaringan, filha! Vejo tudo e todos

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 10): @patilindrajeets @grrrck Does it work if you click that arrow button and view in a browser? Would you file an issue with your xfun::session_info(‘xaringan’) to the Github repo https://t.co/ynrU2oKTzx? I just tested it on Windows with both RStudio 1.2.1280 and 1.2.1303, and both versions worked fine.

Irene Steves (@i_steves; 10): @visnut @xieyihui @xieyihui is the xaringan wiki page a good place for tidbits like this? I also come across a lot of similar revelations that I feel like would more useful recorded outside of my gh repos

kazutan (@kazutan; 0/1): xaringanのmetropolisデザイン、私も好きです #SappoRoR

CRAN Package Updates (@CRANberriesFeed; 0/0): CRAN updates: geostatsp RandomFields TextForecast xaringan https://t.co/y5W2NTKSXT #rstats

Marcel Dorta (@marceldorta; 0/0): Xaringan

kazutan (@kazutan; 0/0): @R_beginner なるほどー。gitpitch用のパッケージ作ろうか思うのですが、md_documentベースになるんでpreviewできない問題が発生しちゃうんですよね。 xaringanでやってる処理に近いのをやればできるんですが…

kazutan (@kazutan; 0/0): @tam07pb915 (xaringanは仕組みがだいぶ違うものでして……)

tmrkn (@tam07pb915; 0/0): 日本語にするとフォントが微妙になる感はあるのでそれは自分でいじらないといけないかも。それから,xaringan::moon_reader以外のoutputではリアルタイムプレビューできなくて,saveすると勝手にknitしてビュアーをrefreshしてプレビューって感じになる

Andrew Leach 🇨🇦 (@andrew_leach; 0/0): Things I should have read more carefully before working through an #rstats xaringan slide presentation. :( Self-contained is an option, but it’s hard to implement (read: impossible) correctly (read: for me). https://t.co/Zw52zGgIBr

Jason Baik (@jsonbaik; 0/0): #rstats Question: What are some easy ways to publish xaringan slides online?


Alison Hill (@apreshill; 174): @kierisi @EngelhardtCR And it cues you about the last empty line trick- hallelujah! > https://t.co/Dt4eZG37A8

tmrkn (@tam07pb915; 71): ちょっと前にツイッターで見かけたRstudio上でRmarkdownのリアルタイムHTMLプレビューができるってやつ。むちゃくちゃ便利。日本語もいける。/ https://t.co/tLXhLZOCSS

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 30): @andremrsantos @dataandme You may see @RLesur’s comment and my reply at https://t.co/Nv9LVU60Yo The current answer is no, but there is some hope.