Excited to travel to Canberra, Australia as a keynote speaker for the @2019Young- thanks to @statsgen for wrangling the invitation! 💌 #ysc2019 https://t.co/Hx8kGm9RHs ➕ #xaringan title slide code below 👇🏾 (fave trick: use #rmarkdown::metadata$<KEY> to pull values from YAML) https://t.co/pBYq3S8db4



Kevin Kent (@kevin_m_kent; 173): Redid my personal website using #blogdown with the Hugo academic theme and I’m loving the image previews for my #TidyTuesday posts. The hugo themes all look super clean - amazing that it’s 100% free. > https://t.co/NLOPI78mFv

Deemah 🇺🇦 🇳🇴 (@dmi3k; 157): Join me at Building websites in R: step-by-step introduction to {blogdown} with ⁦⁦@Andreasheenn⁩ ⁦@RLadiesOslo⁩ next week. https://t.co/N23KZ5gNto

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 151): @jd_wilko 1) Make a single Rmd, knit to HTML > 2) Add/change output options for html_document format, knit again > 3) Switch output formats, repeat 2 > 4) Try new format (flexdashboard, xaringan), repeat 2 > 5) Knit an Rmd collection (Rmd website, bookdown, blogdown, distill) > Celebrate? 🎉 https://t.co/O9wdnId5IB

PJ Ryan (@PJRyan89; 103): Hey! I made a website using #blogdown and #hugo, I’m going to use it to post some #rstats tutorials that I’ve been creating in order to teach some friends about the #tidyverse > It’s still a work in progress but lmk what you think: https://t.co/eIEAWsDfwr

Joseph Stachelek (@__jsta; 90): Just finished up a little tool to create a #blogdown #hugo dashboard/portfolio of Github and CRAN projects. Interesting to seriously work with CSS for the first time https://t.co/9CfCDlNkDY https://t.co/tSUNQzvRkh

Dr Diana Tan (@dianawtan22; 60): Finally completed a weekend project I started months ago - my own website created using R Blogdown: https://t.co/Tvkec4XEww

Patrick Dinneen (@patrick_dinneen; 40): @beeonaposy For reports we use https://t.co/5fyU9WOkdD to serve up Rmd. This works fairly well but required a bit of elbow grease to add authentication etc > For dashboards we use https://t.co/0ixaICoNXZ which is both free and open source. Decent user management and connects to many sources

Martin John Hadley (@martinjhnhadley; 30): @umairdurrani87 @jd_wilko @lynda Really pleased you enjoyed it! RMarkdown has so many wonderful features and is extended by blogdown, bookdown, xaringan and flexdashboard… I’m planning on course for 2020 covering at least some of these 😎

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 30): @lksmth Yes! https://t.co/YyOs471lLs > I used it in this blogdown post: https://t.co/RItzOkZQbc

Athanasia Mowinckel (@DrMowinckels; 21): Blogdown talk in Oslo next week by an @RLadiesOslo @Andreasheenn⁩ !! So so cool! Unsure if I can make it, but if you have time, you should go! :D https://t.co/A0P11OfziX

Sasha Mushegian (@sash_mu; 20): Sometime soon I’m going to redo my personal/professional website in blogdown, as part of my eventual plan to do everything in my life using R. For now though I’m trying out having placeholder site in itty bitty (https://t.co/bfxq30zkmw). LOOK: https://t.co/Di9PrjnTIF

Samuel Crane (@samuelcrane; 20): Thanks to @xieyihui, @ProQuesAsker, and @apreshill for writing the #blogdown book, which was a huge help. https://t.co/9G4YTmJwJQ

Yohan J. Rodríguez (@hasdid; 11): #R #Automated | A Blogdown New Post Workflow with Github and Netlify https://t.co/MQJICAMOb9

Matt.0 (@MattOldach; 11): Hey #rstats folks I’m going crazy!!! How do you include an image preview for posts on blogdown (hugo-academic theme) when using Addin new_post_addin()? I can get it working for links to external pages but not within #blogdown 😭 https://t.co/FWSSxz0AYP

Drew T. Doering ✂︎🧬👨🏻‍🔬🔬 (@dtdoering; 10): At long last, I’ve FINALLY bitten the bullet and made myself a website using #blogdown! I plan to add more content, but it’s in a nice state now that I’m pursuing opportunities for after I graduate. Check it out and let me know if you have any thoughts! > https://t.co/OFXtIVG44x

Peter Sobolewski (@psobolewskiPhD; 10): @dsquintana @ResearchGate @rstudio Alright! I’ll have to give it another whirl, hopefully with better luck this time. Trying to update #hugoacademic has, so far, been the hardest part of starting&running a #blogdown #hugo site!

Peter Sobolewski (@psobolewskiPhD; 10): @dsquintana @ResearchGate Thanks! I will have take another look; last time I tried to update Hugo academic I had lots of issues with my site because the config was split/nested in a sub folder—or so I think—maybe due to some #blogdown @rstudio interaction.

Peter Sobolewski (@psobolewskiPhD; 10): @dsquintana Never considered this—I do get people contacting me on @ResearchGate Does the contact form open you up to more spam? Is it implemented in #blogdown/#hugoacademic? Just need to update? (any advice?)

bagel 🥯 (@BagelSmalls; 10): @_nomnomm im trying 2 use blogdown (via R) to create a new blog. i jus need 2 get to using my brain first lol

Guillaume Devailly (@G_Devailly; 10): @Natir_chan @nibuasamoht @nlavielle +1 pour Hugo, directemnent ou via blogdown 🥰

Alex Albright (@AllbriteAllday; 0/1): Any #rstats #blogdown people know if there’s a way to remove the estimated read time from pages/posts when using the Hugo hyde-hyde theme? (https://t.co/4754xS7fFk)

La ilusión de Nina (@lailusiondeNina; 0/0): NewPost! > 📷To convince the observing world. Camera and action. And they manage to stop time, live the moment. https://t.co/T2m8mh1SqV > #ukblogger #ukbloggers #blogposts #blogabet #Blogs #blogdown #bloghour #BlogLCU #BlogLikeABoss #BlogchatterA2Z #BlogMean #BlogsET #BlogsteleSUR https://t.co/zt9GbBAYOO

atusy (@Atsushi776; 0/0): blogdown::html_page は bookdown::html_document2 を利用しているので, bookdown なシンタックスを利用できるんだよね.非常にありがたい.

Frederic (@_fshen; 0/0): Migrate blogs from jekyll to #blogdown https://t.co/bCbyLz59Sw


Ph.Demetri (@PhDemetri; 528): @jd_wilko https://t.co/mnx2ZsFAxk

David Schoch (@schochastics; 313): Two years ago I convinced my sister to learn #rstats for her PhD thesis (instead of using excel). Today, she is ready to submit the thesis completely written with #bookdown. So proud! https://t.co/4WiVOCITkj

FC rSTATS (@FC_rstats; 100): half-way mark on a new viz for a project #bookdown https://t.co/UdT0a38vNx

ellisvalentiner (@ellisvalentiner; 72): @Rami_Krispin Yes. https://t.co/T7Ocj8Y90B

Statisticians and Data Scientists (@statsanddatasci; 66): 📚Data Visualization: A Practical Introduction - Kieran Healy #BOOKDOWN: https://t.co/d9VLRTpFqc #RStats #RStudio #Statistical #DataAnalysis #DataScience #Estadística https://t.co/CsgGe3O6pA

Zack Barnett-Howell (@zackt_bh; 60): @JT_EpiVet @kareem_carr @EpiEllie There really is only one book on Rmarkdown: https://t.co/4Uw3oFheBS > Written by the inimitable @xieyihui

Kohei Kawaguchi (@mixingale; 60): Rでbookdownでドキュメント書くとbookdown::serve_book https://t.co/vgh0zDDCEh でリアルタイムでhtml更新してくれて楽なんだけど、bookdownじゃない、普通のrmarkdownでこれ実装するのどうすればいいんだろう。きっとやり方はあると思うんだわ。

Damien C-C (@dccc_phd; 53): @lixingguang @rafalab @kwbroman Chapter 12 in “R Markdown: The Definitive Guide”: https://t.co/47Wb9MMvEz

Statisticians and Data Scientists (@statsanddatasci; 43): 📚R para Ciencia de Datos - Garrett Grolemund, Hadley Wickham #BOOKDOWN: https://t.co/IADc561pRz #RStats #RStudio #Statistical #DataAnalysis #DataScience #Estadística #RStatsEs https://t.co/AtTCOP6mGZ

Robert M Flight (@rmflight; 33): #rstats twitter: didn’t I see some docs recently in bookdown or somewhere else about an easy way to create posters and other things from rmarkdown?? https://t.co/iHUot3rR0n

Ilya Kashnitsky (@ikashnitsky; 32): The output .bib file should be placed in the directory 📁 from which we knit the .rmd file. The name of the .bib is specified in YAML header of the .rmd. Here is an example from my running project with @jm_aburto (https://t.co/DidgMCIOPc) #rstats 📦 #bookdown is used 2⃣2⃣ https://t.co/Wf6Ns8HMXT

Deemah 🇺🇦 🇳🇴 (@dmi3k; 30): R, Databases, and Docker (link: https://t.co/YLKsbJKCuB) https://t.co/9idxt6xVxf > Free bookdown book by @smithjd, Sophie Yang, M. Edward (Ed) Borasky, Jim Tyhurst, Scott Came, Mary Anne Thygesen, Ian Frantz, and Dipti Muni https://t.co/H0AwjWAXy3

Grant McDermott (@grant_mcdermott; 30): @causalinf You know Stata best and already have the code written down in the current version. OTOH, R would allow for bookdown integration and (IMO) would make it more accessible to a general audience. So I guess it depends on what your goals and constraints for the book are.

Tony ElHabr (@TonyElHabr; 20): @dgkeyes @rOpenSci has a great bookdown: https://t.co/5Xda1RQyve that seems relevant.

Cameron Wimpy (@camwimpy; 20): @dgkeyes @MITelectionlab I think that’s a great approach. I want to do the same thing for consistent onboarding and training. Definitely writing in bookdown/vignette format for ease of sharing and reproduction.

Lisa DeBruine 🏳️‍🌈 (@LisaDeBruine; 20): I’ve been struggling with putting verbatim backticks into bookdown, but this seems to work: > backtick <- function(code) { paste0(”<code>&#096;“, code, “&#096;</code>”) } > Include verbatim inline r like this: r backtick("r 3+4") to produce output like this: r 3+4 https://t.co/xP50epLGTX

じむあな (@ish3173; 20): jamoviで学ぶ心理統計 https://t.co/InQx0zHrf2

Federico Marini (@FedeBioinfo; 20): @stephaniehicks Since it just works also for Bioc vignettes, would be super cool to have also in bookdown (thinking of https://t.co/yvqPkh4POD)

Jose M. Fernandez (@UofLEcon; 20): @grant_mcdermott @causalinf Bookdown is a good option. I have to imagine you could integrate STATA in it. I know there are some R packages that allow you to call STATA, but I have not had experience with them directly.

Jose M. Fernandez (@UofLEcon; 20): @grant_mcdermott @causalinf It would be really easy to put most of the book in bookdown by translating the tex file. The advantage of bookdown is that you can have a web-based book or a pdf or an ebook.

Cecina Babich Morrow (@babichmorrowc; 20): @a_juliepadilla @mdsumner @WeAreRLadies @swmpkim @fawda123 @crary016 For beginners (and people who like pirate puns), I enjoyed YaRrr! (https://t.co/J0V2P5ObLy)

Statisticians and Data Scientists (@statsanddatasci; 15): 📚AnalizaR Datos Políticos - Francisco Urdinez y Andrés Cruz Labrín (editores)👇 #BOOKDOWN: https://t.co/LF0EsejYS9 > #Rstats #RStudio #Statistical #Books #eBooks #DataAnalysis #DataScience #UsingR #DatosPolíticos #Rstatses > 🚫⚠Recomendación: Leer en linea. https://t.co/Z5bKffZKFE

Sep Dadsetan (@phdjsep; 11): Hi @AllenDowney I’m enjoying your Think Stats book. Thanks for making that available! Hope it’s ok, but I’ve begun to convert it with R’s bookdown to make it a bit easier to consume (ie, formatting and equations) https://t.co/M9vwnvuUmp

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): Rmd のチャンクラベルはつけておこう.するとチャンクの順序変えても過去の cache が生きる.自動ラベルリングでは,順序変更=名前変更で,キャッシュ参照できなくなる. > この記述では気付くまい……. > > Chunk labels are mainly used in filenames of plots and cache. https://t.co/XoGfcUZFaN

W. Kyle Hamilton (@kylehamilton; 10): @jfelt87 @Graham_Engeland Yeah I can think of a few. If you want just a quick overview of how to do things in R check this out the authors give a nice wide survey of methods and how to do them in R. https://t.co/C1Mt1Xc7yV 1/n

Robert M Flight (@rmflight; 10): @cantabile I’m pretty sure there was a new extension to bookdown that made alternative format types easier.

Lisa DeBruine 🏳️‍🌈 (@LisaDeBruine; 10): @froukehe @JennyBryan It’s bookdown with a few custom tweaks that are explained here: > https://t.co/MKDK8u3GZx

Alfredo Rago (@RagoVago; 10): @Eva_Caamano Apparently you can push content from a markdown document directly into a latex template using #bookdown. I learned it via these super-helpful slides. https://t.co/r1r31H4poV > So, if the journal provides a latex template the process is actually pretty straightforward.

Robert Amezquita (@robamezquita; 10): @stephaniehicks @FedeBioinfo I’ll have to check if bookdown has this! Maybe @xieyihui knows? 😁

Kim Cressman (@swmpkim; 10): @SwampThingPaul You can also create a master “make” file that runs all the scripts in order. I haven’t done it but other people have mentioned useful ideas (Drake, bookdown).

C_J_Tinant 🌊🎲🥋 (@charlesjtinant; 10): @SwampThingPaul Are you using Bookdown? Yihui has some good ideas. https://t.co/Y503IiWw6s

atusy (@Atsushi776; 0/0): bookdown の fig.cap=“(ref:foo) 形式を利用した時のマニアック過ぎる知見をいくつか得てしまった…….またその内ブログにしよう.

charlie foy (@charliefoy; 0/0): ………..plus I like the way code looks in markdown/bookdown…….. this is my main motivation

charlie foy (@charliefoy; 0/0): only when you’ve spent half an hour trying to get a header to come before a table in bookdown will you truly understand why I am like I am

alex hayes (@alexpghayes; 0/0): @elizabethmatsui @rdpeng is https://t.co/4kSk5Q6tmv still under development? do you have other similar material that i can explore?

Jessica Burnett (@TrashBirdEcol; 0/0): what is the order of operations for bookdown M-K knit? Is my guess wrong? eval R, make .rmd, save cache to file, create .tex, build .tex?

estheredoho (@edohoesther; 0/0): Don’t have a huge budget to get to Dubai,S.A,UK for Easter?then be glad and rejoy cos you can still have a great time in West Africa coast bookdown your space for “casa del papa”Resorts… https://t.co/HuK04rVGcF

David Keyes (@dgkeyes; 0/0): @camwimpy @MITelectionlab Great, I’ll look forward to seeing it! I train absolute newbies to R and I want to leave teams with a document (ideally done in bookdown) that they can share with any new team members to get them up to speed on how they use R.

Kohei Kawaguchi (@mixingale; 0/0): bookdown::serve_bookはserverに基づいてるみたいだからこれを使えば良いのか? https://t.co/eL46dOSRZQ

Eder José (@ederpad; 0/0): R para principiantes https://t.co/XNc7Zx6ufv @LicEderpad

Eder José (@ederpad; 0/0): Introducción a estadística con R https://t.co/7jA8uh4s5U @LicEderpad

Eder José (@ederpad; 0/0): Manual de R https://t.co/MCvCeIWp7m @LicEderpad

matti heino (@Heinonmatti; 0/0): @matherion Right, so estimates of means with different anchors… combined with the naughtiness of taking averages from Likert scales (had this by @healthstatsdude open in another tab: https://t.co/rYON3nKmW5, what’s your thinking on that?)… too tough for my brain I’m afraid!


Arthur Fisch (@atrfisch; 292): Pensando nos pacotes de R que não consigo viver sem, fiz essa lista: > - cepespR (lógico) - dplyr - lubridate - ggplot2 - jsonlite - scales - plotly - deflateBR (obrigado @meirelesff) - haven - rmarkdown - knitr - stargazer > https://t.co/mmRA0j5hqk

Tom Kelly ケリー・トム (@tomkXY; 53): @jd_wilko — title: Add yaml header author: Your Name date: “r https://t.co/i0dDHhRfKh()

output: html_document

Using Rmarkdown

Learn markdown or use a cheatsheet

# use R

Run knitr in @RStudio

Matt Parkes 🐱‍👓 (@mattyjparkes; 31): @jd_wilko Wrote my thesis in Markdown (not my best move). Looks great, cost me some grey hairs. Big issue is when updates to pandoc/RMarkdown/rticles packages break knitr’s compiling. Spent hours searching for fixes, only to find none. Don’t let the put you off though! It’s the future.

Laurent Franckx (@LaurentFranckx; 22): For what it’s worth, my #rstats tip of the day. When your write an #rmarkdown document, and you need the same folder for all your code chuncks, add this in your setup chunck: knitr::opts_knit$set(root.dir = ‘C:/myfolder’) @rstudiotips

Umair Durrani (@umairdurrani87; 22): Dear @xieyihui, what is the best resource to learn knitr? I feel that producing advanced #rmarkdown docs (e.g. customized business reports) requires an in-depth knowledge of knitr. #rstats

Tom Kelly ケリー・トム (@tomkXY; 10): @jd_wilko @rstudio In my experience, markdown is less complicated than LaTeX. You should be able to get the hang of it by copying a template, trying out a document, and troubleshooting issues online as you go. Combining with knitr is a bit trickier but plenty of good resources for doing this.

Ben (@stanbag1; 10): @fplscrapR Your package is excellent. My knowledge of RMD and Vignettes was a bit sketchy, but it was kind of handy to pick them up as I went. For someone less familiar with R I wonder whether some equivalent R scripts, or instructions how to get knitr going might be handy.

Alfredo Rago (@RagoVago; 10): I’ve been playing around with #rmarkdown and #knitr: they’re very fun and I can see the potential, but writing papers that conform to journal requests seems tricky. Does anyone have experience with that?

Boris Shilov (@muscovitebob; 10): @joelmcglothlin @j0sephwb that is, using knitr to compile to pdf

Jeff Hollister (@jhollist; 10): @j0sephwb @joelmcglothlin Beat me to it! > t(dat) %>% knitr::kable() or something like that to get some formatted output.

Dr. Timothée Poisot (@tpoi; 10): @joelmcglothlin Probably with knitr, or something to that effect.

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): @niszet0 ::: kable-table >



すると消えますね! ミラクル!!

Katie Lee (@ResourcefulSqrl; 10): @elliewix In case you need it in the future, skimr was lovely for this purpose. And I love that I can shove it into knitr to make a table in a pdf/html/MS word setting.

Rob Stilson (@therobstilson; 10): @JeffreyDahlke I’m interested! What do you think about knitr::spin to combine R script and R Markdown into one area?

Matthias Stahl 🇪🇺 (@Bioschema; 0/0): Then I used R notebooks or knitr. But I found it a bit limiting to only a small part of my work, which also included discussions with team members, using other programming languages and so on.

Edward A. Meinert (@edwardmeinert; 0/0): Wrapper of knitr::include_graphics to Handle URLs & PDF Outputs https://t.co/yRUNpoEhef #datascience

Rooholamin (@Rooholaminr; 0/0): flood and heavy rain is damaging all over my country and we’re in the middle of our #Nowruz holidays but it doesn’t mean to leave learning. > #ReproducibleResearch #DataScience #KnitR #Rmarkdown https://t.co/kbyX49NxLV

AUR updates bot (@AUR_updates; 0/0): AUR Package Update: “r-knitr” (A General-Purpose Package for Dynamic Report Generation in R) https://t.co/dmbXIzuanW

Kate Langwig (@ecoevo_kel; 0/0): @joelmcglothlin You can use knitr to compile to pdf or the officers or reporters package to do a word doc. I have an officers example here in case this is helpful https://t.co/g41l7FTlxD

Earo Wang (@earowang; 0/0): @robjhyndman @thomasp85 there’s a knitr chunk option called “aniopts” to be passed to \animategraphics

niszet📚技術書典6か21 (@niszet0; 0/0): writerの問題なのかなー。knitr的には仕様の挙動っぽいんだよね。

niszet📚技術書典6か21 (@niszet0; 0/0): kable, df_printに指定すると対象が<div class=“kable-table”> … </div> で囲われ、docxの時はかまわず表になるのだがpptxの場合は対応していない?ので表示できない。対象をknitr::kable()で囲うと大丈夫…ってこれどこに問題があるのかわからん…html書式のdiv、解釈されないのか?


Edouard Legoupil (@edouard_lgp; 80): Rmd to HTML to PDF – without complex PDF template - only CSS - A great improvement for Statistical Report generation workflow https://t.co/8cLayIq9oE Thanks to @RLesur https://t.co/VoLtZNzkVC

Robert M Flight (@rmflight; 51): @cantabile It was pagedown! https://t.co/YOc8kYVSPP > posterdown is based on it https://t.co/IAJAE8OuYp > Thanks @BenMoretti


Michael Steeves (@steevmi1; 10): @0x0ddc0ffee May or may not work for you, but check out TinyTeX. > https://t.co/BWjyt0wZNn


Alison Hill (@apreshill; 677): Excited to travel to Canberra, Australia as a keynote speaker for the @2019Young- thanks to @statsgen for wrangling the invitation! 💌 #ysc2019 > https://t.co/Hx8kGm9RHs > ➕ #xaringan title slide code below 👇🏾 (fave trick: use #rmarkdown::metadata$<KEY> to pull values from YAML) https://t.co/pBYq3S8db4

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 42): @RikaGorn @WeAreRLadies Oh I could talk about this for days. > I created an entire #xaringan template, for one, to match our corporate @MSPowerPoint template slide for slide. > But, to your point, it doesn’t solve many of the collaboration issues. What if a non #rstats user wants to edit my content?

David Keyes (@dgkeyes; 41): Has anyone in #rstats worlld experienced incredibly slow load times for xaringan slides? It’s taking at least 30 seconds to load for a simple set of slides and is driving me crazy. https://t.co/aXFSKebTKu

Jessica Streeter (@phillynerd; 40): @WeAreRLadies I’m the only r user at my organization, but luckily I haven’t come across collaboration issues (yet). I’ve already gotten our teams used to PDFs for final report delivery, and I too made a xaringan template that mirrors my company’s PowerPoint template.

Rika Gorn (@RikaGorn; 30): @BenjaminWolfe @WeAreRLadies @MSPowerPoint Exactly! There are so many great tools that I’d love to use (xaringan is in my future) but its difficult as I often need to have an R version for me and a non R version for my colleagues. I export all .r work back into .xlsx, and .rmd back into word or ppt.

Andres Karjus (@AndresKarjus; 30): @jd_wilko @thomas_mock Learn by doing: make next conference/class/presentation slides using Rmarkdown (xaringan is a pretty good option). Or a website.

Nicolas Roelandt (@RoelandtN42; 20): @cantabile @adamhsparks Ah I have a couple of chunk I use like that at work but I’m still commuting. > I stole the idea from @grrrck xaringan trick to display code and plot side by side if it can help

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 10): @dgkeyes I don’t know, I have never tried that with xaringan, I’d suggest using the DT package: https://t.co/ZU7YXTkMeh

David Diaz (@ddiaz292; 10): @BenjaminWolfe Any chance you can share your template? I’ve been dying to make xaringan presentations at work, but don’t know how to get started on matching our corp PPT slides

Hiki (@SpicyHiki; 10): @Ashiras_ Podría haber dicho xaringan también

Joel Gombin (@joelgombin; 0/1): Excellent! Does this work with, say, xaringan? #rstats https://t.co/hem6Ix3Ww6

Will Chase (@W_R_Chase; 0/0): @dgkeyes This has happened to me if you have giant files embedded in your slides. Big images in particular seem to slow down Xaringan more than a normal browser for some reason

Gabriel Floresᶜʳᶠ (@Floorees18; 0/0): @imperadorvelasc Caralho nego chegou no xaringan da banda das Arábia sadomasoquista


Kim Cressman (@swmpkim; 295): @jhollist @xieyihui has an excellent blog post on this: https://t.co/K2AIeL6FkX

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 30): @felipe_mattioni @apreshill @jamie_lendrum @rstats4ds @dataandme @drob More background on this: https://t.co/SlPEaA9MpU

Ingo Rohlfing (@ingorohlfing; 21): @urganmax @rstudio @krlmlr Thanks. This will be another shortcut I will use more often. There are a couple of style packages such as formatR, which comes with a nice shiny app https://t.co/xHuFnXV3si Inbuilt shortcuts should do it most of the time for me

Martin John Hadley (@martinjhnhadley; 10): @jd_wilko @vitaincerta @rstudio This is a good specific question! If you only care about PDF outputs that will be printed, yeah you can include some LaTeX. > But as @xieyihui says, never ask too much from Markdown formats https://t.co/1ZrAk7J8jv https://t.co/qFU6aD1tmW