The update to "Statistical Rethinking with brms, ggplot2, and the tidyverse" is live! Some of the major changes include: Refitting all models with #brms 2.8.0 Adopting the seed argument in all brm() models Updated workflow for the WAIC and LOO 1/n



Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 8718): I wrote a Hugo theme for #blogdown. It’s not finished, but it makes me happy! #rstats

R-bloggers (@Rbloggers; 223): My first experience with blogdown #rstats #DataScience

Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 222): The idea is to have a Hugo theme that was written with blogdown in mind, and to have an accompanying R package that makes it easy for posts written in R markdown to have access to (say) a user-generated colour palette used to style a post

Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 130): Huh. It turns out that trying to write your own Hugo theme for blogdown from scratch is actually quite hard when you’re not very good at CSS. #IAmVerySmart

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 112): @andrewheiss @hyesop As I said at the 2018 rstudio::conf, two blogdown options were worth $580 of the $600 registration fee: More info in the blogdown book:

Hlynur Hallgrímsson (@hlynur; 102): In lieu of something dumb, like a toy-robot, as the icon for machine learning on my #rstats #blogdown website, I decided to go with something cool.

Dorris A. Scott (@Dorris_Scott; 40): #blogdown tip that I tend to forget until I get a ton of error messages when trying to serve the site: Make sure you check the version of Hugo you have and the version that is required for your theme. It might keep you from going 😱😱😱. I will reiterate this later on this week!

Gordon Shotwell (@gshotwell; 20): @coolbutuseless @oscar_b123 There’s a few advantages like branch deployment which I don’t really care about. Honestly most of it is that the blogdown defaults match the netifly defaults.

Hlynur Hallgrímsson (@hlynur; 20): @datigrezzi @rstatstweet Yes. It’s but it’s very much a WIP. I’m still working through @apreshill’s guide (, so it’s currently just the ‘Academic’ theme demo with some very minor changes.

Elaine McVey (@eamcvey; 12): I finally fixed my #blogdown website! I was mystified about what was wrong, but two things solved the problem: 1) Netlify deployments were failing, fixed with this: 2) I had mixed security content, fixed by finding all http and changing to https

Elise Gould (@EliseGould; 11): @lingtax Check out mine I’m using blogdown, thinking about switching to radix. Haven’t updated for a while!

Gordon Shotwell (@gshotwell; 10): @oscar_b123 Yeah, just follow the recommended workflow on the blogdown website, super easy

Ryan Christensen (@Randhyllcho; 10): @djnavarro This is really cool. I just started playing with blogdown and Hugo today.

James Goldie (@rensa_co; 10): @djnavarro Oh, I love the idea of having a common colour palette between post and plots! I’d never really clicked on the need for blogdown, but that makes so much sense 😁

JoshDoesaThing (@JoshDoesa; 10): And the derivatives thereof such as pkgdown, bookdown, shiny, blogdown, etc.

Danielle Navarro (@djnavarro; 10): @JohnSakaluk I know the feeling. I think blogdown does a pretty good job of hiding the messiness of Hugo, and in an ideal world the slumdown theme would tighten the integration with R…. but yeah the git/github part always feels like a hurdle.

John Sakaluk (@JohnSakaluk; 10): @djnavarro This looks super cool! I keep meaning to learn how to use blogdown/Hugo for a personal site, but interfacing with git hub feels really overwhelming at times (for a self-taught programmer).

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): ちがう,そうじゃない,それじゃ blogdown する意味なんてないねん!!!! あああああ. > > You could embed a gist… > Lines numbers for code in blogdown

Jacob Malcom (@jwmalcom; 10): @RICarpenter

JonTheGeek (@JonTheGeek; 0/1): My #blogdown #rstats blog has auto-generated reading times on posts, in a span with class=“article-duration”. How is that calculated? Is it on the #hugo side?

Professional Griefer (@Ctrl_Shft_Del; 0/1): Someone here kindly help me overwrite my website’s default RSS feed, need it on RBloggers and I’m missing something I can’t figure 🤔. Hugo and blogdown experts? #RStats #blogdown #Hugo

Gordon Shotwell (@gshotwell; 0/0): @santiagobasulto @bendhalpern @ThePracticalDev I have my blog set up on Hugo/blogdown and cross-post there. That works fairly well

atusy (@Atsushi776; 0/0): Gitbook 由来の highlight 使いたいからちゃう? って返事が返ってきた (でも指定したハイライト使えてもいいだろうし,issue建てたら,と言われたので,建てました ( 受け入れられれば blogdown や pagedown のユーザーも幸せになれるはず.

Meme Overflow (@overflow_meme; 0/0): R blogdown: figures generated in .Rmd file don’t show when blog is displayed on R-bloggers

Meme Overflow (@overflow_meme; 0/0): R blogdown: Wrong blog title generated by RSS feed

Oscar Baruffa 📊🇳🇱 (@oscar_b123; 0/0): @gshotwell Good to know, thanks. I’m looking to switch from WordPress to a blogdown site, so will probably also use netlify

Richard Ian Carpenter (@RICarpenter; 0/0): How do I remove the timestamp from my #blogdown posts? #R


Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 701174): The update to “Statistical Rethinking with brms, ggplot2, and the tidyverse” is live! > Some of the major changes include: > Refitting all models with #brms 2.8.0 Adopting the seed argument in all brm() models Updated workflow for the WAIC and LOO > 1/n

Mathew ‘Night Science’ Ling (@lingtax; 224): Programming? Well there’s R Programming for data science: And, of course, Advanced R Great for everyone wanting to level up their #rstats programming.

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 161): At the moment, the project still only exists in its online #bookdown format. However, a PDF version is in the works. > 4/n

Sharon Machlis (@sharon000; 136): Happy to see that Geocomputation with R has a chapter on one of my favorite #rstats #gis packages, tmap! You can read it free online at > Book by @robinlovelace and @jakub_nowosad

Jeff Hollister (@jhollist; 121): Free #rstats package idea… cookdown, the bookdown based cookbook maker!

Abhijit Dasgupta (@webbedfeet; 75): For a course I’m teaching, I’m developing a #rstats package coursedown to create a fairly complete templated course website including xaringan slides and course notes in bookdown. No interactive teaching, but others are working on that

David John Baker (@DavidJohnBaker; 60): @danielshanahan Just when I thought bookdown couldn’t get any better looking

Matthew Rae (@matthew_t_rae; 51): The employer health benefit survey is sent to print and to html from R Markdown: Now you can read all about it in @xieyihui’s latest “R Markdown: The Definitive Guide”

Lisa DeBruine 🏳️‍🌈 (@LisaDeBruine; 50): @lakens @matherion @DrVeronikaCH @LorneJCampbell @improvingpsych I absolutely agree that YAML’s dependence on exact indentation and spacing rules it out for me. I’ve spent way too much time debugging bookdown YAML just to find an irrelevant space was the problem.

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 50): @RikaGorn @BenjaminWolfe @kierisi FYI full documentation re: offline xaringan here:

Jose Manuel Vera (@verajosemanuel; 42): Bookdown: statistical rethinking with brms and ggplot2 #rstats

Gabriel Matos (@gcmatos; 41): @m_wegmann Thanks for sharing. There’s a book down version available

Kazuki Yoshida (@kaz_yos; 31): Statistical Rethinking with brms, ggplot2, and the tidyverse

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 21): A few hours into preparing the PDF version, I’m finding all kinds of difficulties with aligned LaTeX formulas. If any of y’all have experience mixing aligned LaTeX formulas and PDF outputs with #bookdown, DM a brother. > 5/n

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 10): @SineAndie for tidyverse intro! for rmarkdown! for dataviz guidance! (all of the ggplot2 code is in the github repo, just not online!)

Frederik Aust (@FrederikAust; 10): @tomstafford For figure references you’ll need bookdown::html_document2. Citations should, in principle, work either way. If you have any trouble feel free to open a GitHub issue or use the papaja-tag on StackOverflow.

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): @niszet0 ニーズは確実にあるので習作には良いお題だと思います.pagedown に行番号付ける簡単な方法は今のところ存在しませんし…….私の bookdown への PR が反映されても pagedown では行番号をつけられない…….

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): html_document2 がダメな理由は bookdown:::clean_pandoc2_highlight_tags が悪さしてるからだと分かったのだけれど,何故 <a> タグを排除する実装になっているのかわからない. >

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): @niszet0 なんと……。難しすぎる……。bookdownにはPRしといたんで、html_document2はいいんですけど、なぜかhtml_pagedなんかではやっぱり行番号出ないんですよね……。 highlightjs使わずjsで番号付するのが正解なのかな……。

AI News Feed (@AINewsFeed; 10): Chapter 15 Machine learning | Data Science with R: A Resource Compendium #ai #ml #dl

ModernDive (@ModernDive; 0/0): @ReisingJustin @WeAreRLadies Thanks! The #bookdown source code is all on @github!

atusy (@Atsushi776; 0/0): @niszet0 いいと思います.今,bookdown::pdf_document2 は問題ないことを確認しました.

atusy (@Atsushi776; 0/0): お、なんかpagedownでもlua filter活躍してるらしい。 こいつもbookdown依存やから、コードの行番号機能はniszetさん待ちやな。 >

christopherlortie (@cjlortie; 0/0):

Romain Blanc-Mathieu (@romain_bm; 0/0):

G. Elliott Morris (@gelliottmorris; 0/0): @DRNield @thosjleeper Bookdown with knitr can live update in Rstudio IIRC

OTXP (@OTxp; 0/0): The author of #bookdown package >

Julio Spairani (@jspairani; 0/0): @d_olivaw @renbaires Tenes que tener instalado el package xaringan, luego hice el de ejemplo posta ver sintaxis , cono funcionaba y finalmente adaptar.

Adrienne Michelson 📊 (@80Data; 0/0): Hmm, my best guess is to fill the area using the RColorBrewer package to fade between two colors, one that matches the background.


atusy (@Atsushi776; 71): @hankagosa よく分かります.表については 「knitr::kableとkableExtraを使ってイカしたLaTeXの表を作る」が参考になりますね. Getting Started で読み込んでおくといい LaTeX パッケージも一覧してくれています.

\mathfrak{Michael Betancourt} (@betanalpha; 32): Anyone know how to control tables in knitr? The first table spans the page but all following tables span a minimal width, and wrapping the markdown tables in divs to control the CSS has no effect. Ideally I’d get all tables to span the full width.

Hien Nguyen (@TresBienHien; 31): @benmarwick @cantabile @uwescience @rOpenSci @JOSS_TheOJ To be honest, I can’t speak with too much authority and can only say what I like to see. E.g. informative variable names and comments; easily copiable codes that can be ran without the user having to reformat; random seeds, for reproducibility; sweave or knitr syntax highlight…

R A C H E L (@irachelreyes; 30): napaikot ikot ko na naman yung class ng object para mai-output ko ng maayos using knitr whew my mind

Sylvain Chabé-Ferret (@SylvainCF; 20): @jmorenocruz To make it more upper crust, we should debate RMarkdown vs Knitr. > Oh and actually some people tried to revive the Beamer vs Power Point debate. > I say get read of these Beamer symbols, you never use them 🔥🔥

Casey Bates (@_casey_bates; 11): Hey #rstats. Anybody here use knitr::spin or another method to create R Markdown reports directly from R scripts? > Saw at an R meetup a knitr::spin process of only working in R scripts for all R Markdown reporting. Know of any good resources? Found this:

Gjalt-Jorn Peters (@matherion; 11): @rubenarslan @lakens @LisaDeBruine @ValidScience @DrVeronikaCH @LorneJCampbell @improvingpsych Well, YAML is YAML. In RMarkdown (not @rstudio mind you - this is mostly the rmarkdown package and maybe the knitr package) I agree the frontmatter errors aren’t always clear. @xieyihui, if the YAML frontmatter frustrates many people, maybe add some friendly error messages?

Denver Tech Events (@DEN_TechEvents; 11): Come check out the #Denver R User Group meetup to learn about knitr::spin – A more dynamic approach to dynamic documents - Peter DeWitt:

TimSalabim (@TimSalabim3; 10): @brentthorne18 @RLesur @xieyihui I knitr::spin from .R to .md (using output: github_document). This serves as easily digestible documentation of our code that everyone can see online. Sometimes, though, I need to produce .pdfs and I don’t want to change the yaml header but rather convert the .mds I already have

Thomas J. Leeper (@thosjleeper; 10): @muscovitebob @SylvainCF The only way R is going to give you a pdf is through LaTeX. You can write knitr LaTeX or an rmarkdown doc but they’re going to be pdflatex’d at some point in the workflow.

niszet🍛 (@niszet0; 10): 未だにknitrとrmarkdownの中身解読していない…。パンドックもReader/Writerは書けない…。全然わからない…

Dr Chris von Csefalvay (@chrisvcsefalvay; 0/1): Just finished a cracking 105 slides’ worth of #Rstats training material. Turns out I actually love creating presentations if I don’t have to use Powerpoint. Thank heavens for @xieyihui’s #knitr!

atusy (@Atsushi776; 0/0): @niszet0 knitr::render_markdownを改造するとできます。そしてこれをSetupチャンクで実行しておきます。

SønderborgPortal (@SoenderborgNyt; 0/0): Janus vil bringe sort guld til hele Sønderjylland Aabenraa: Det er bare noget ganske særligt at komme hjem med en helt ny plade. Janus Midtgaard sammenligner det med at sætte sig ned foran pejsen og fortabe sig i flammerne. - Det hele gløder og knitr…

Akhil Rao (@ThatAkhilRao; 0/0): Would have been better in Rmarkdown+knitr

Elio Campitelli (@d_olivaw; 0/0): @jspairani @renbaires ¿Eso compila así nomás con knitr?

Meme Overflow (@overflow_meme; 0/0): Unable to get lastest version of Stringr, knitr, Rmarkdown

David Schlangen (@davidschlangen; 0/0): Might try pyweave or similar in future. But it looks like the R community has a lead here, with knitr etc. Or does anyone know a good way of writing an interactive, notebook-type thing using LaTeX for text, and an actual editor for editing? 33


Jay Hesselberth (@jayhesselberth; 40): @brent_p I think you want pagedown

ThinkR (@thinkR_fr; 33): Find the dev page of #pagedown here:

Corey Pembleton (@coreypembleton; 20): @TimSalabim3 Not sure if it works with github_document but this might help for PDF conversion:


Frederick Solt (@fredericksolt; 90): @Andrew___Baker @wouterkool @RaBhui @CFCamerer

Christopher Prener (@chrisprener; 83): Super excited to be leading an @RLadiesSTL tutorial on working with #StLouis data in #rstats tomorrow, and even more excited to be rocking @apreshill’s killer xaringan theme on my intro slides!

Peter Higgins (@ibddoctor; 50): @juliasilge Is there a way to do this with R/Rstudio, ppt/xaringan, and learnr?

◦ 𝐍𝐢𝐜𝐤 ⸯⸯ (@uzmknick; 20): @konohadadepre bo fuma pa ganha o xaringan

Thomas Lin Pedersen (@thomasp85; 20): @EvaMaeRey my guess is that xaringan can’t find the correct print method unless the package is loaded

Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 10): Some interesting behavior with #gganimate + #xaringan. The animation didn’t embed in slides with just the gganimate::transition call. Only with when library(gganimate) is called first. 🧩ing to me… Insights?

(((Lukas Kawerau))) (@LukasKawerau; 0/0): @CFCamerer @RaBhui Haven‘t had a chance to use it myself yet, but have a look at Xaringan from @xieyihui, that looks super nifty 👌

乳鉢 (@nyubachi; 0/0): The Ultimate Infinite Moon Reader for xaringan Slides - Instant preview without fully rebuilding HTML, and the linked navigation - Yihui Xie | 谢益辉

niszet🍛 (@niszet0; 0/0):