We are proud to officially announce RStudio v1.2 The IDE includes dozens of new productivity enhancements and capabilities Read the update at https://t.co/VwaUBFl5ap #rstats #DataScience https://t.co/8wEyafNMsf



RStudio (@rstudio; 1485582): We are proud to officially announce RStudio v1.2 The IDE includes dozens of new productivity enhancements and capabilities Read the update at https://t.co/VwaUBFl5ap #rstats #DataScience https://t.co/8wEyafNMsf

Alice Walsh PhD (@alicenotalice; 1009106): Ok #rstats twitter, which one of you was spotted on 95 near philly yesterday? https://t.co/VM7jcIrJ4p

Guy Prochilo 🏳️‍🌈 (@GuyProchilo; 869270): #Rstats: datapasta is SO COOL! Easily copy data from excel (or even html tables from the web) & paste in R as fully-formatted dataframes! > 1. install.packages(“datapasta”) 2. Set a useful keyboard paste shortcut > https://t.co/hq9mHtRj5B > With thanks to @FaustoBustos :) > #phdchat https://t.co/OqzHHZGsd0

Hadley Wickham (@hadleywickham; 752203): dbplyr 1.4.0 out now: https://t.co/fv5yzGeufG. Lots of improvements to SQL generation, including better support for stringr and lubridate functions #rstats

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 33972): Today is #rmarkdown day. My #knitr trick is read_chunk. I separate my #rstats scripts from the md document for a large proj. Bc I usually write R code first and then document the analysis. read_chunk reads the external R chunks into the md. It forces you to name the chunk. https://t.co/JuvNW9Lxe6

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 27369): #rstats #dataviz Except for facet_grid() & facet_wrap(), these additions provide more contextual layout to #ggplot2 : > 🗺️ @hafenstats facet_geo() for geo grid data https://t.co/phtdRFnU4R 📈 my facet_calendar() for people’s daily activity https://t.co/0HCdcmeEL6 https://t.co/BpW6K5felN

Mara Averick (@dataandme; 21265): ⌨️ Quick tip to make your clicks go further… “RStudio’s multiple cursors rule!” 👨‍💻 @randembrace https://t.co/VGYOFR11Sv #rstats #rstudio https://t.co/UkNSA1HT5D

Kirk Borne (@KirkDBorne; 18891): 🌟🏆🎉📙80+ Best #DataScience Books for #DataScientists 👉 https://t.co/28HVXCzGPE ——— ——— #abdsc #BigData #MachineLearning #AI #Statistics #Algorithms #Python #Rstats #DataViz #DataStorytelling #ABtesting #NeuralNetworks #DataMining #DeepLearning #NLProc #RecSys #LinearAlgebra https://t.co/9ULPzJZHQY

Noam Ross (@noamross; 16672): Following the announcement that @DataCamp’s CEO is stepping down indefinitely, I have some questions for the board: https://t.co/YxpdkRieBT #rstats #pydata #metoo #MeTooSTEM

RStudio (@rstudio; 15463): What’s New in RStudio v1.2? You’ll now find RStudio a more comfortable workbench for working in SQL; https://t.co/5dIGbE5Crj, #Stan; https://t.co/4k5QlylCGx, #Python; https://t.co/kuYvYuecuk #rstats #DataScience https://t.co/iXvei4reea


We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 755): I highly recommend learning #RMarkdown because there’s so many things you can do with it! I have used #blogdown to make several websites and found it very easy to get a site up and running!

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 295): Web deployment with travis ci for an #rstats project is just as easy as 3 steps if you’re using the tic 📦 by @krlmlr : > 1️⃣usethis::use_travis() 2️⃣tic::use_tic() 3️⃣a third step? 🤔 > It works like a charm for building a pkgdown/bookdown/blogdown site. ➡️https://t.co/itqm80DqVN

Dr Chris Marshall (@Dr_C_Marshall; 209): In between working on projects, I’ve built a website in R today (https://t.co/JnaX4AnTBM) using @dsquintana’s really helpful tutorial from a while ago on the blogdown package. Thanks, Dan! #Rstats

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 60): @Chucheria @kierisi Done now via https://t.co/HhR0gdtBPb

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 51): Pretty much all you have to do is find a #hugo theme that suits your fancy, run a function call to build the site in your console (blogdown::new_site(theme = “”) and you’re ready to customize your site!

Jessica Streeter (@phillynerd; 50): And thanks to @JonTheGeek for his guide, and everyone who suggested the wonderful guide by @apreshill as well as the blogdown book. It still took a billion tries, hours and hours of trying and googling errors, and a few more grey hairs, but I made it! 22 https://t.co/n0g8n0ZJ24

Sébastien Rochette (@StatnMap; 41): This is a good theme for #rstats #blogdown users. https://t.co/sw700oa9Ml

Craig Hamilton (@craigfots; 31): I recently taught myself how to create websites in #blogdown and now have a fancy new website for all of my personal and professional projects and work - https://t.co/o9obBVl8cb. #rstats

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 30): @kearneymw @thomas_mock @JosephineLukito Just in time! I was just about to start the #blogdown site I’ve been meaning to get to for a quarter. 🤣 https://t.co/mKdAElGvml

Mike Kearney📊 (@kearneymw; 30): @BenjaminWolfe @thomas_mock @JosephineLukito I started with “hugo-nuo” https://t.co/E5NBzPgTem (which you can totally use with blogdown::new_site(theme = "laozhu/hugo-nuo")) and I’ve modified various odds and ends from there https://t.co/ZUTpE4btUs

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 20): @kearneymw @thomas_mock @JosephineLukito No seriously though is it a Hugo / #blogdown template? Or based on one?

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 20): @randomjohn @oscar_b123 I guess you meant this: https://t.co/a762ut1xTs :)

Morgs Brew (@morgsbrew; 11): Is it possible to link a @github repository owned by User A, into a #Blogdown @xieyihui site with its own repository also owned by User A? Like its own project that is highlighted on the Blogdown site hosted by Netlify. #rstats

Ming Tang (@tangming2005; 10): How to embed a tweet in blogdown showing the profile pic and the thread? https://t.co/0fZZO4V1Uq this did not work for me.

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 10): If you have previously installed the #blogdown package, you can also build a new site when you create a new project in #rstudio.

John Grewar (@jdata_rsa; 10): Saved by #blogdown (https://t.co/mxcydWt6nB) thanks @xieyihui for a great product, was struggling with getting the blog component of my site working and this sorted me out! still busy converting old posts into #rmarkdown format but on my way https://t.co/l2Be7N15mk

MH Manuel Haqiqatkhah (@_psyguy; 10): @MeganTStevenson Write it with #blogdown and host it for free on @github Pages: https://t.co/cNbZjmfOsg

Kevin Kent (@kevin_m_kent; 10): @VanderbeekAM Great suggestion, thank you. I switched over to blogdown a few weeks ago and am loving it. Will add to the wiki later!

Alyssa M. Vanderbeek (@VanderbeekAM; 10): @kevin_m_kent You might want to add resources for blogging with the “blowdown” package: https://t.co/IgWimQ8iDq

John Cassil (@johncassil; 0/1): #rstats #blogdown question! When I post a link to this blogdown post on my website ( https://t.co/pzQSTuA8oJ ) I’d like it to show a preview of the post, not some css. How do I do this? What are the #meta description search terms I should be looking for? Thanks! @xieyihui ? https://t.co/vKWjxBwpWb

Jordan Klein (@J_D_Klein; 0/1): I built it using blogdown #rstats


Greg Wilson (@gvwilson; 283135): Now in bookdown: “The Tidynomicon: An Introduction to R for Python Programmers” https://t.co/cSLmHRDWmt suggestions, corrections, and additions gratefully received.

Max Kuhn (@topepos; 13312): We’ve sent the final book files off for copyediting (https://t.co/bNeNSVDj3G). After a lot of hard work, this sums up how we feel 👇 > #rstats https://t.co/hXC9BJhko5

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 7426): This is a fantastic intro to both #rmarkdown and #bookdown, with a lot of extra goodies 🥚 like tips on project organization, workflows, the @Rstudio IDE, and clearly hard-fought lessons on things that are hard in #bookdown (collaborating + tables ☹️) https://t.co/KxAOgBY48q

Thea Knowles (@theaknowles; 6716): Materials up for today’s workshop in dissertating with #Rmarkdown and #bookdown! Note these resources are preliminary. Will further update after today’s workshop. > Tutorial: https://t.co/yJ1NuPUBFH Materials: https://t.co/T8cAajrv66

R-Ladies LdnOnt (@RLadiesLdnOnt; 5510): Today’s #RLadies workshop is on using #RMarkdown and #bookdown for dissertating! Materials now posted! > 👩‍🏫Tutorial: https://t.co/N0xXajGlh9 📓Materials: https://t.co/D5yICkADEk

Jacquie Tran (@jacquietran; 2711): Stumbled upon ‘Data Science with R: A Resource Compendium’, compiled by @monkmanmh. A treasure trove of informative and insightful resources! Ping @EngelhardtCR @Dorris_Scott @kierisi #rstats > https://t.co/0EW4XTu5aD

Ken Urano (@uranoken; 256): これはすばらしい。ありがたい。 > jamoviで学ぶ心理統計 https://t.co/JUKrqICboL

Stephanie Kirmer (@data_stephanie; 120): “If you can type words, you can use bookdown” -@CivicAngela https://t.co/10S4VZnI75

Riccardo Fusaroli (@fusaroli; 91): @rlmcelreath Btw, @SolomonKurz provides an excellent compendium covering all examples from a tidy +brms approach (https://t.co/TjarKQ0x6X). Highly recommended. @SolomonKurz you rock!

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 90): Looks like I finally have a robust solution to the #bookdown + PDF output + complicated LaTeX formula conundrum. The PDF version should be out in a week. In the meantime, let be known @SMasschelein is a boss.

Dan S. Reznik 🔎 (@dreznik; 62): a brazilian portuguese translation of #r4ds #rstats has showed up in hardcopy format on the internet and on some university bookstores in brazil. questions: (1) is this legit in terms of copyright, and (2) where is the free web-accessible bookdown version of it??? @hadleywickham https://t.co/3JzErDmeX1

Frans van Dunné (@fransvandunne; 50): 🥳Aqui esta: El libro sobre ingenieria de variables por Max Kuhn y Kjell Johson! 🎉 > Feature Engineering and Selection: A Practical Approach for Predictive Models > Genial que este también esta disponible en linea: https://t.co/fwRASfSUKl https://t.co/B0HCQerTsO

Irene (@irenecrisologo; 31): Attempting to fill the post-submission void by playing around with @rstudio’s RMarkdown+Bookdown

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 30): @swmpkim @alexpghayes right?! if you want to apply a lot of styling, you can put it in a separate file (e.g. preamble.tex) and then put > output: bookdown::pdf_document2: includes: in_header: preamble.tex > in your yaml instead > (replace pdf_document2 with whatever pdf output you’re using)

Sean Kross (@seankross; 30): @farbandish Do you know about yolo = true? https://t.co/PBeTz4ESc3

Oleksiy Anokhin (@OleksiyAnokhin; 22): #rstats folks, is it possible to implement shiny elements (not an app) into a bookdown document? In the same way as just a RMarkdown doc. I want to have interactive elements in my book, if possible, similar to “runtime: shiny”

Antonello Pareto 🇪🇺 (@AntoViral; 21): Repetita iuvant > https://t.co/mwkYIUPLgf > #rstats #dataviz

Jeff Rouder (@JeffRouder; 20): bookdown solves some of the issues

Grumpy Old Health Stats Dude (@healthstatsdude; 20): @stevensenior @chrismainey @rlmcelreath @SolomonKurz has a #tidyverse site for it at: https://t.co/2v191pV8py

Alex Douglas (@Scedacity; 13): 3.2 Notebook | R Markdown: The Definitive Guide https://t.co/au79nTPgeC

Jenine K Harris (@jenineharris; 13): Any @RLadiesGlobal or #rstats or @rstudio peeps out there who know how to change one word of text in a paragraph to a different font in #rmarkdown? (output is html gitbook w bookdown) ….<span style=“font-family: monospace;”>word</span> just makes a gray background behind word🙃

Statisticians and Data Scientists (@statsanddatasci; 12): 📚R Graphics Cookbook, 2nd edition - Winston Chang👇 #BOOKDOWN: https://t.co/w8qZ5oTXsv > #RStats #RStudio #Statisttics #Books #eBooks #DataAnalysis #DataScience #UsingR #DataViz https://t.co/MLdmR7bbRH

Ben Anderson (@dataknut; 11): srsly, #rstats packages #bookdown & @rOpenSci’s #drake have significantly (p < 0.01) improved my quality of work life. Disbenefit: #drake almost eradicates data-wait tea-breaks & cake-stops.

Christopher Peters (@statwonk; 10): @haziq_azizi I just took a look and it sure does! https://t.co/VGHgevI8LL > If we use a Bayesian method, we can summarize the posterior distribution rather than rely on tests for params. The book “Statistical Rethinking” does this well. https://t.co/Vw21TgMxf6 > cc @AllenDowney @SolomonKurz

Chris Holdgraf (@choldgraf; 10): @gvwilson Two quick thoughts: I wonder if @SylvainCorlay and the @QuantStack team have thought about diagrams with widgets. Also, couldn’t you effectively split a notebook into multiple pieces with bookdown? (or jupyter-book for that matter)

Joel Gombin (@joelgombin; 10): @JohanRicher @MartinT45227111 @ArmelleGilliard https://t.co/1oCv3HJJEH (reprend le css de gitbook mais avec un moteur différent under the hood)

Christophe Dervieux (@chrisderv; 10): @gvwilson Thanks ! You should consider reference this book in https://t.co/SIgqKnuBAm list !

Stefano Biffani (@stefanobiffani; 10): https://t.co/WtDo9uv9b6

AI Learners (@AI_Learners; 10): El proceso de hacer feature engineering es crucial. El siguiente libro es un excelente recurso para entrar en el tema con mayor profundidad. https://t.co/z0z8ceEMRX

Alistair Bailey (@alistair604; 10): @jessenleon I favour jabref, and use it with bookdown in R. https://t.co/95M8EMNFMq


We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 8419): Another #knitr trick is purl(): extracting all the #rstats chunks from a markdown document to a separate R file, simply do purl("example.Rmd"). It is useful when you want to share R code instead of the Rmd. It does the opposite to read_chunk().

Jason Mercer (@ecojydrology; 92): I’m goofing around with making a website for a paper I’m working on, as a way to open up my science to the public. Rmarkdown, knitr, and GitHub are just amazing resources for this kind of thing. Pretty stoked on the #rstats community. Thanks @xieyihui, @rstudio, and @github!

Tormod Bøe (@tormodboe; 72): The combo: dev. update of texreg (@PhilipLeifeld), knitr::kable (@xieyihui), and kableExtra (@haozhu233 ) closes the case for making any tables and exporting them to any format you wish from rmarkdown - even regressions on imputed data! Thanks to all developers! #Rstats

Ben Rubin (@Ben_D_Rubin; 54): A whole bunch of cool tricks here that I didn’t know including here, ggforce, and read_chunk! > Selfishly retweeting so I can easily find this again when I need it ;) > #rstats #rmarkdown #knitr https://t.co/fxT5OLNGka

JD Long (@CMastication; 20): @michael_chirico @mdsumner The warnings=F is just what rmarkdown (or knitr?) use.

Louise Ryan (@LouiseMarieRyan; 20): @statsgen Well said Emi! Proud to say I am a massive knitr fan …. does that count for #2?

Henrik Bengtsson (@henrikbengtsson; 13): Is it possible (hack?) to use #rstats knitr/rmarkdown to use a single persistent session for the bash engine such that ‘ABC’ is set also in the 2nd chunk: >

export ABC=42
echo "ABC=$ABC"

(sorry if this is in a FAQ somewhere)

David Diviny (@daviddiviny; 10): Great trick! I think this is the most underrated feature of #rmarkdown and #knitr. https://t.co/rUXUaZDaXB

ぱるユキ@Adelheid (@p_2vl; 10): knitrって読めねぇ

boB 🇷udis (@hrbrmstr; 10): @henrikbengtsson https://t.co/gkkqwJfR0W is how {reticulate} does that for Python. > My suggestion is more of a “project” than a “hack” tho.

boB 🇷udis (@hrbrmstr; 10): @henrikbengtsson I haven’t needed to do it but if you register your own knitr engine for a given interpreter you can do something like spawn a REPL and then feed the lines to the active REPL. https://t.co/lonvrf6NEG does not do that but it has boilerplate for making a knitr engine.

Frank Harrell (@f2harrell; 10): @aqsalose 2nd edition has >100 new references, new case studies, new chapter on ordinal regression for continuous Y, and all the code runs in R. A good deal of code has changed, and the entire book is reproducible (written using R+knitr+LaTeX).

Phil Neff (@cascadiasolid; 10): The goal of this, as @vm_wylbur says, is to avoid having to copy-paste data analysis outputs into a written report (also, accuracy and reproducibility). #pweave worked pretty well, though it’s not quite as slick as #sweave and #knitr in R.

F Rodriguez-Sanchez (@frod_san; 10): @TimSalabim3 mmm works for me (using this example https://t.co/gphaoSTLva with knitr 1.22 and rmarkdown 1.12). But I get pure markdown image links ![]() always, not <img …>

Ken Butler (@KenButler12; 0/1): today I learned: with a large Rmd document to turn into a Beamer presentation, use lualatex, specified in yaml header as shown, to avoid running into out-of-memory errors. #rstats #knitr https://t.co/4wKdomS5xU

John Pickering (@kiwiskiNZ; 0/1): decrypt_file() from the encrypt package opens a dialogue box to enter a private key to decrypt a file. However, I can’t get this to run in a code chunk in #rstudio using #knitr. Any ideas #rstats peoples?

志乃田たぐる (@shinoda_taguru; 0/1): iPad用のmarkdownスライドアプリ無さげだから、対応策を検討中。https://t.co/rtdUIgrIJ1に{revealjs}をインストールして、rmdファイルをuploadして、knitr したらふつーにスライドになった。https://t.co/rtdUIgrIJ1は日本語入力できないのね。今度は、良さげなエディタアプリを探さないとね。 https://t.co/w31U2ublFR

Joseph Crispell (@JosephCrispell; 0/1): Adding figure captions and links into the your #rstats markdown documents: https://t.co/nx2aCWNaOp


We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 417): Animating #rstats slides adds lots of fun to the presentation (and keeps the audience awake). > It is actually super easy (and fun) to animate #xaringan slides with animate.css https://t.co/r5HDpIdtkK 💃 Stepping into #xaringan opens up the whole CSS/JS world. https://t.co/uUXjaSzM51

Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 354): A charming data cleaning pipeline to brighten the day! #rstats #tidyverse #tibble #xaringan https://t.co/exQS28MVKU

Julia Silge (@juliasilge; 335): @seanjtaylor I’ve been doing slides with gifs and lots of code using remark.js via the xaringan r package. Here is an example (includes sharing the slides on the web via gh-pages): https://t.co/fkhjsvomiB

R-bloggers (@Rbloggers; 206): Tips to Reduce the Complexity of Slide Making with Xaringan https://t.co/Otp7RXN5gb #rstats #DataScience

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 123): #xaringan default theme looking boring? > Check out the full list of available themes contributed by other useR https://t.co/DBb5cytdAY > Follow #xaringan kunoichi (and masters) @apreshill & @statsgen for some #xaringan flair. https://t.co/thWQG0Lf0E

Joshua Goldberg (@GoldbergData; 52): @juliasilge @just_add_data @seanjtaylor Xaringan is amazing. Truly hats off to @xieyihui and any other contributing devs. Also to the JavaScript community. Here’s my recent creation with Xaringan: https://t.co/DboL43WxYp

Patrick Schratz (@pjs_228; 40): @grrrck @travisci @krlmlr @mbraginsky @_inundata @opencpu @rOpenSci It’s these kind of posts why we all love open-source! On the other hand I adopted your ggplot xaringan idea 💡 :) so all comes back.

Alex Bresler (@abresler; 30): If you ever have to make a presentation @xieyihui xarigan is the greatest thing ever. > This is the best tutorial on the fun you can make with it. > https://t.co/oXJlw32PT5

John Hill (@JohnHill; 21): @BrendanTHalpin @pjakma @simongrund89 markdown + pandoc (via beamer) or Rmarkdowm + xaringan are also quite efficient.

Chris Umphlett (@chrisumphlett; 20): I learned a lot of new stuff. S/o to the following who inspired, enabled or taught: @xieyihui and the #xaringan package, @EvaMaeRey’s #ggplot2 flipbook, @Spotify, @lastfm, @CMastication (easy way to hide API key), J. Kim’s #lastfmr package #womenshistorymonth

Sylvain Lapoix (@SylvainLapoix; 20): @joelgombin L’ami @_ColinFay m’avait déjà fait découvrir les packages liés aux GIF. Avec cet outil, il contribue généreusement au projet de pop’isation de Xaringan. > Qu’il en soit remercié ! https://t.co/SkMpzGIDYv

Sebastian H. (@seathebass92; 11): slowly but surely getting better at git. Also, found out to cite in xaringan, you have to take a different approach vs Pandoc https://t.co/bDkLz3LLkY

Thomas Hütter (@DerFredo; 0/1): Posted by Yongfu, Liao, now on R-bloggers: Tips to Reduce the Complexity of Slide Making with Xaringan #rstats https://t.co/3Eyqj3zT8Z


Garrett Grolemund (@StatGarrett; 83): @GuillermoBurr @rstudio I prefer R Markdown - easy to diff, I don’t have to use it like a notebook, and it comes as part of a seamless toolchain for data science (RSPackage Manager > IDE > RMD > RSConnect). But, I’m biased! Lots of insights here: https://t.co/IujYyodsGW

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 71): Also, AMAZING #rstats PSA: the Rd2roxygen package will convert old-style .Rd files into inline Roxygen commented documentation ~automatically~. It also has built-in formatR support and will reformat old code for you as you convert https://t.co/7SlbgBTdfo

Dan S. Reznik 🔎 (@dreznik; 12): For Python users, in the beginning there were classes and methods. For R users, in the beginning there was the DATA. #rstats ; both exploded because they were scripted and offered an effective way to share packages. > https://t.co/9eXIgsODuB