my #ggplot2 flipbook project is online! 😎🤓🤓 Incrementally walks through plotting code (#MakeoverMonday, soon #TidyTuesday plots). Using #xaringan with reveal function; thanks, @statsgen @grrrck. #rstats.



Max Held (@maxheld; 9321): .@github actions for #rstats is here 🎆: introducing the ghactions package 📦. For now: render and deploy #rmarkdown #bookdown #blogdown 📑 projects right on GitHub. No more PATs. More to come. GitHub actions is amazeballs 🥰.

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 8833): You can also automatically generate a bibiolography of all #rstats packages used in an #rmarkdown file (including #bookdown and #blogdown) with the knitr::write_bib() function

R-bloggers (@Rbloggers; 5314): Setting up your blog with RStudio and blogdown III: modify your theme #rstats #DataScience

Dave Clark (@microbeEcology; 104): Just finished moving my blog from wordpress over to a super slick new github format. Thanks to @xieyihui for the gift that is #blogdown in #rstats. You can view my new site over at:

Eugene Joh (@eugejoh; 84): first real #rstats blog post for 2019 using #blogdown! - looking at watermain breaks data from the City of Toronto @Open_TO mainly using #ggplot2, #leaflet and #gganimate. hopefully this will get the ball rolling for more future posts

BrodieG (@BrodieGaslam; 72): After playing JENGA for a week with a 3000 line CSS file in a #hugo theme that caught my eye for my #rstats #blogdown site, some hard-learnings: > 1. Adopt complex theme with minimal mods 2. Or, add features you like to a simple theme 3. Customize the complex theme at your peril

Blake Shaffer 📊 (@bcshaffer; 61): @trevortombe @kirst_nicole I got mine going 100% from this excellent thread by @dsquintana. It takes you from start to finish. Then some googling some blogdown documentation from @xieyihui to tweak things to taste. > Dan’s thread is excellent:

Trevor Tombe (@trevortombe; 60): @kirst_nicole Neat idea! I think the Academic Hugo package in R (blogdown) is fabulous. I use that – shamelessly copying Blake. Plus a neat way to learn more about R. Blake’s site is excellent example of the Posts feature: @bcshaffer

Alex Crenshaw (@crenshaw_ao; 60): I made a website! Shout out to @dsquintana for the guide on using the blogdown package in R, and to the academic hugo framework ( for the amazing template/whatever it’s called that allows an incompetent person to make a website

Esteban Moro (@estebanmoro; 53): Here is Part III of my series of posts about how to setup your blog with #blogdown & RStudio #rstats. This one is about how to modify your theme, including Altmetrics for your papers, get Google Analytics to work properly and much more

atusy (@Atsushi776; 42): おや,これ blogdown いけるのでは……?

Antonia Hmaidi (@ToniHDS; 33): How can I include interactive graphics (generated by plotly) in blogdown/hugo websites? #rstats #blogdown

Brian G Barkley (@BarkleyBG; 33): Hey friends from #rstats, #causalinference, #datascience! I’m trying to get more active again out here. > Step 1: Started my #blogdown at > I keep seeing awesome work coming out on my TL - I look forward to chatting with y’all more!

Joris Meys (@JorisMeys; 31): Nice example of what’s possible with #blogdown . And in any case a great blog by someone who does cool stuff with #rstats.

BrodieG (@BrodieGaslam; 20): @romunov @JorisMeys You should try again with bLogdown. You might be more successful 🥁🥁🥁. Joke aside, Hugo does the heavy lifting, but since most of my posts have R code in them it is very useful to have blogdown integrate the Rmd->md conversin.

Sharla Gelfand (@sharlagelfand; 20): yes i finally figured out how to get CARDS for my blog instead of just the little link here is where i copypasta’d from

Luke Tierney (@LukeTierney4; 20): @tslumley Nice! And you really did learn how to use footnotes in blogdown 🙂

Esteban Moro (@estebanmoro; 20): And here is it, the third part about how to modify your theme, including Altmetrics, hiding posts in the main page, how to do Google Analytics properly and much more

Dirk Eddelbuettel (@eddelbuettel; 11): Seconded :)
> Despite calling for help at the repo (#187) I still have an open CSS issue I could not fix, so I moved on. But is still lovely, and works perfectly well with #rstats whether or not you use blogdown.
> Help with still welcome.

Hussain Alsalman (@Arabian_Analyst; 10): @FBekioua Blogdown يعتمد بشكل كبير على GOHUGO لصناعة المحتوى. لذلك كخطوة مبدئية, يتوجب عليك اختيار الثيم المناسب لك ثم تقوم بتعريبه. Blogdown سيعمل بشكل مستقل لصناعة المحتوى ( على الاقل هذا ما اطمح له 😅)

Nick Martin (@nck_mrtn; 10): @kirst_nicole I’m working my way through this tutorial.. seems to be working. >

Nick Martin (@nck_mrtn; 10): @kirst_nicole Blogdown package for R

Boyan Angelov (@thinking_code; 10): @RyoMasahiro Yes it is wonderful! You can use it to make websites, books and presentations too:,

gkroeg (@gkroeg; 10): I turned the visuals from from my last two tweets into a blog post! Slowly but surely getting my site together. Check out my progress so far.#upandrunningwithblogdown #blogdown @R4DS #Rladies

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 10): @jamie_lendrum @nspyrison @rstatstweet See

Azul - Economia, Estatística e Programação (@azulblog2; 0/0): > O blog é integralmente mantido via Github + Programação em R com plataformas como RMarkdown e blogdown. Aqui está o repositório com todos os códigos.

Lindsey Dietz (@LindseyDietz13; 0/0): @stat_frizz @fellgernon @jfiksel1 Are you using R blogdown to build your site? If so, I’d love to know how you incorporated the shiny. Hope you are well!

乳鉢 (@nyubachi; 0/0): yihuiさんのシンタックスハイライトに対する考え方。

Fateh BEKIOUA (@FBekioua; 0/0): @Arabian_Analyst بالتوفيق، خلينا نعرف إذا كان Blogdown يدعم جيدا اللغة العربية أم لا.

Jamie Lendrum (@jamie_lendrum; 0/0): @ToniHDS @rstats4ds I believe the JavaScript can interfere with that of blogdown, so you may need to put it in an iframe with the widgetframe package.

takashi,YAMANE @飯炊き兵 (@T_Yamane; 0/0): ”RWordPress”パッケージでRMarkdownで書いた記事をWordPressに投稿できるというので試してみたのだが,色々詰まったり書式や引用が反映されなかったりするので,blogdownに移行しようという決意が固まった。

MH Manuel Haqiqatkhah (@_psyguy; 0/0): blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown Yihui Xie, Amber Thomas, Alison Presmanes Hill

Minerva’s Data Lab (@Minerva_DataLab; 0/0): Setting up your #blog with RStudio and blogdown III: modify your theme | R-bloggers

𝙸𝚕𝚓𝚊 (@fubits; 0/0): @symbolixAU @JasonAizkalns Great! I was lacking a visual for updating my GIS post with a shout out to mapdeck. Crappy twitter grabbing (mp4 instead of GIF) didn’t work well with blogdown.


Jenny Bryan (@JennyBryan; 31274): Build a small #rstats 📦 with devtools and @rstudio > I’m joining @hadleywickham to update the R Packages book. Drafting this new chapter was step 1. Feedback welcome! > Thx again to @zorroxinxsindi for #bookdown-ification.

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 29885): 1/n Someone asked me recently what resources I’d recommend for furthering one’s introduction to Bayesian statistics after going through @rlmcelreath’s text ( and my accompanying project ( > Here are my thoughts:

emre toros (@emretoros; 4314): Sosyal Bilimler Arastirmalari icin R kitabının yeni versiyonuna adresinden ulaşabilirsiz. @Rbloggers @urbanhobbit @rstudio #rstats @Dagmedyanet @medyaveri #DataScience @verikaynagi @VeriDefteri

Agustin Calatroni (@acalatr; 3812): #bookdown Hands-on Machine Learning with #rstats by @bradleyboehmke in progress with code from @h2oai, range, ranger, xgboost, and others for fast and scalable machine learning; lime, pdp, DALEX, and others for machine learning interpretability.

kazutan (@kazutan; 116): stanマニュアルがgitbook化してた( )ので、どうやってbuildしてるのかと探ったら、pythonでRの bookdown::render_bookしてた……

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 93): 17.5/n For more guidance on how to do this, check out this blog on my experiences using GitHub and #bookdown to make my Statistical Rethinking project.

Lisa DeBruine 🏳️‍🌈 (@LisaDeBruine; 91): TIL that an r chunk cannot have an underscore in the name if you want to use automatic figure labels in #knitr/#bookdown/#rmarkdown. If you use a chunk name like {r my_img}, then it just shows “(#fig:my_img)” as the label. I dislike dashes in names, but they work fine here.

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 91): 17/n Also, make your own book project. Take one of your favorite stats books and start converting it to #brms, #rstanarm… Work within an R Notebook file, upload to GitHub, and stitch the results together with #bookdown. You will learn so much!

Antonello Pareto 🇪🇺 (@AntoViral; 62): Doing Meta Analysis in R A Hands-on Guide Mathias Harrer & David Ebert > Great! > #rstats #dataviz

Daniel Possenriede (@dpprdan; 62): @TheSiame @DrMowinckels @rstatstweet Parameterized reports in #Rmarkdown, #rstats:,

Hiroaki Yutani (@yutannihilation; 53): R Packagesがそろそろ本気を出すということで、つなぎとして書き始めたこれももう必要なさそう。いいことだ。

Tomislav Hengl (@tom_hengl; 51): I’ve put some general instructions on how to prepare a R bookdown-generated PDF for publication via (embedded fonts, flattened transparencies, grayscale version) at #openaccess #rstats #soil

Matteo G.P. Flora (@lastknight; 42): @carlopiana Quando sei pronto a giocare come i bimbi grandi dai un occhio qui, è STUPENDO

Sebastián P Saaibi ☕️📊 (@spsaaibi; 41): @infrahumano genial se ve. De acuerdo con la sensación. Aunque está más teso, creo yo.

Brock Tibert (@BrockTibert; 32): For the #rstats folks, what are some of your favorite #bookdown repos on github? I am looking to build a list of completed books that you can read online, unless one already exists?

Sebastian Sauer (@sauer_sebastian; 31): nice wrapup by @ed_berry on how to write your thesis/book/report in #bookdown via #markdown #rstats 👍

Jose Luis Cañadas (@joscani; 30): @GuidoBCor Usa latex o mejor bookdown

Frederik Aust (@FrederikAust; 30): @TobiasHeycke @JuliaHaaf @aggieerin @ProfAndyField @mariuswbarth I’m currently at it but I’m using a customized bookdown approach to easily include separately written papers and use previously calculate and stored cache. I haven’t documented this approach, yet. I’ll let you know once I get around to it.

Andrea Pilar Drager (@andreapdrager; 30): This is an amazing resource–thank you! > Statistical Rethinking with brms, ggplot2, and the tidyverse

Dr. Erin Buchanan (@aggieerin; 20): @ProfAndyField @henda52 @FrederikAust This is what I’ve done - $p$ or $\chi$ and escape = F. I’d be interested if anyone else has a set of PhD templates for our students - the papaja bookdown is excellent but I usually end up with small weird questions and hate bothering @FrederikAust.

Nicole Gull (@nicoleversetwo; 20): Incredibly thorough #bookdown documentation of #ComplexHeatmap ! >

Cristián Rizzi I. (@rizzicristian; 11): Recién lo empecé pero ya me atrapó: “#CienciaDeDatos para gente sociable” de @vazquezbrust publicación #abierta con #BookDown ¡Gran iniciativa!

Tomas Westlake (@tomwestlake121; 11): Does anyone know of a way to download R Bookdown sites and read them on a phone? #rstats #bookdown #earlyFlight

giorgiotrono (@giorgiotrono; 10): @StrozziFilippo @LegalHackersMI @lastknight segnala questo Lo conoscevi?

Robert M Flight (@rmflight; 10): @BrockTibert I thought the bookdown site kept a record, or people could submit to a list somewhere

❀🎀 ملاك الروح ❀🎀 (@lion_cool; 10): تحميل كتاب أسماء الله الحسنى

Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 10): @ProfPaulTesta @Ref @aliceiannntn @stevenvmiller bookdown sounds like the right way to go. I’m feeling hopeful.

Paul Testa (@ProfPaulTesta; 10): @EvaMaeRey @Ref @aliceiannntn @stevenvmiller I think with output: bookdown::pdf_document2 you can use \@ref(fig:pres) in text (with () not {}) . Otherwise the solutions I’ve seen are hard coding the fig.cap option

MH Manuel Haqiqatkhah (@_psyguy; 10): bookdown: Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown Yihui Xie

MH Manuel Haqiqatkhah (@_psyguy; 10): R Markdown: The Definitive Guide Yihui Xie, J. J. Allaire, Garrett Grolemund

Peter Smits (@PeterDSmits; 10): my goal is to eventually collect this material as some kind of #bookdown webpage to be easily shared. big issue is scrubbing the effectively copy-paste bits from @rlmcelreath wonderful “statistical rethinking” (which is the best intro to “how to get good at bayesian stats”).

Maëlle Salmon 🐟 (@ma_salmon; 10): @patilindrajeets @rOpenSci It is bookdown so pdf export is in theory possible although we did not add the button. Can you please open an issue at > Note that with all the links I am not sure a PDF version would be a nice read if offline 🤔

Dan Olner (@DanOlner; 10): Mucho useful programming / data science links in this thread. I’d never seen @djnavarro’s free online book “learning statistics with R” for example. Good luck with the module Tom!

odne iepmihs (@iepmihs; 0/0):  マークダウンをいろいろしらべている

Mr. CCP (@akabuchiyk; 0/0): 自家製本は、何を使って書くのがいいのかな。コードも書くから、bookdown?

Mathieu Saby (@27point7; 0/0): @pochetb Voir du côté du package bookdown dans R Studio

Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 0/0): @ProfPaulTesta @Ref @aliceiannntn @stevenvmiller Things are looking pretty good using bookdown::pdf_document2 … Thank you Paul! I’m trying bookdown::html_document2 as well. Some weirdness there. I get cross-referencing, but the figure itself disappears!


R-bloggers (@Rbloggers; 3615): Bibliography with knitr : cite your references and packages #rstats #DataScience

Kazuki Yoshida (@kaz_yos; 153): Prerequisites > Install R, Rstudio, Zotero. > Install Better BibTex for Zotero. > To easily add citations in the rmarkdown text in RStudio, we can add the citr package.

Ben Marwick (@benmarwick; 80): @rmazor @TrevorABranch @hadleywickham @arfon @danielskatz @kyleniemeyer @force11rescomm @annemscheel @rOpenSci In practice there is a tension between trad. practices (cite items only relevant to research claims) vs distributing credit to software authors (cite knitr, ggplot2, etc.) I prefer conventional citation practice in the paper & machine-readable listing of all pkgs in my compendium

Kevin Thornton (@molpopgen; 70): R markdown + knitr + a Makefile makes me take back some of my disparaging comments about using beamer for presentations.

tj mahr 🍕🍍 (@tjmahr; 60): @apreshill it looks like knitr::write_bib() cites the packages. but the grateful will hit the preferred citations (journal articles)

Andrew Brown (@AndrewBrownPHD; 30): @DrWhoReads There is a quote, something like “comments in your code are the best gift you can give to your future self.” In R, use #; in R Studio, you can use multiple #### to make headings. Here are some tips: There are packages that format output, too (e.g., knitr)

F Rodriguez-Sanchez (@frod_san; 20): @tjmahr @apreshill Yes. write_bib builds citation from DESCRIPTION info ( thus overriding authors’ preferred citation in CITATION file. > Grateful gives whatever authors included in CITATION (book, paper…). Or package info if there’s no citation file

Laura DeCicco (@DeCiccoDonk; 10): @joshua_ulrich extrafont,cli,digest,R6,magrittr,rlang,pkgload,Rcpp,glue,roxygen2, dataRetrieval,truncnorm,fields,foreach,xtable,knitr,rmarkdown,rkt, doParallel,testthat….I think the packages are all either imported, suggested, or further downstream dependencies of the package working on

Umair Durrani (@umairdurrani87; 0/0): @rbjanis5 Make sure that your chunks depend on each other (if related) by using “{r chunk-name, dependson=knitr::all_labels()}“.

Philipp Bayer (@PhilippBayer; 0/0): @PsyFer would be cool to have the same analysis platform/style of analysis like Rstudio, but purely in bash! (you can have bash commands in knitr but it’s not so much fun)

Bogdan Oancea (@bogdan__oancea; 0/0):


Mara Averick (@dataandme; 17653): 📄⇩ Learn all about {pagedown} in Yihui’s excellent talk: “pagedown: Creating beautiful PDFs with R Markdown and CSS” 🗣 @xieyihui #rstats #rmarkdown 📦

MasoodR (@masood87r; 20): pagedown: Creating beautiful PDFs with R Markdown and CSS - Yihui Xie presentation:

niszet📚技術書典6 (@niszet0; 0/0): jss_pagedが追加されてて草

Marcelo G. Bastos (@marcelogbastos; 0/0): pagedown: Creating beautiful #PDFs with #R Markdown and CSS - @xieyihui


志乃田たぐる (@shinoda_taguru; 10): TinyTeXを使って10分で(R向けの)LaTeX環境を整える #Qiita

Serge-Étienne Parent (@EssiColo; 10): @zettlr Just figured that tlmgr installed the latex packages in a .TinyTex hidden file. I removed texlive (don’t need it for other purposes) and included /home/me/.TinyTeX/bin/x86_64-linux/xelatex in the xelatex field, and voilà! I became a little less latex-incompetent today. Yay!

atusy (@Atsushi776; 0/0): rocker/verse だとパスの都合で tinytex::tlmgr_install が permission denied になっちゃうな…….結局 tinytex::install_tinytex(force=TRUE)しないといけない.みんなどうしてるんやろ?

atusy (@Atsushi776; 0/0): tinytexユーザーは起動後に tinytex::install_tinytex() する必要があるっぽい.

Serge-Étienne Parent (@EssiColo; 0/0): @zettlr Well, I had TinyTex installed from R, but latex was not recognized. So I first installed texlive-base - latex was recognized but the error apeared. Then texlive, then texlive-latex-extra, which did nothing.


Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 608169): my #ggplot2 flipbook project is online! 😎🤓🤓 Incrementally walks through plotting code (#MakeoverMonday, soon #TidyTuesday plots). Using #xaringan with reveal function; thanks, @statsgen @grrrck. #rstats.

Mireia Ramos (@mireia_bioinfo; 154): Working on tomorrow’s @RLadiesBCN relaunch talk using #xaringan with the #rladies theme by @apreshill. Slides are looking awesome so far!

Daniel Nüst (@nordholmen; 142): TIL that with @gitlab CI there is no need to commit HTML or PDF of articles or #xaringan presentations to a repo, because rendering with #rmarkdown & #pandoc & #webshot in a #rocker container works like a charm! Thanks @cboettig @eddelbuettel @xieyihui @winston_chang

Athanasia Mowinckel (@DrMowinckels; 134): My co-worker @SorensenOystein did a presentation yesterday at the Oslo UseR group about Rcpp in #Rstats. I couldn’t go, but there are slides!! > (He also used my #xaringan template for our center!! :) ) >

Los Angeles East R Users (@laeRusers; 132): Uh oh! Our projector lamp went out. But Zhi made her slides with @xieyihui’s xaringan package and they are already on netlify!

Cécile Sauder (@cecilesauder; 23): 📝New little blog post to share my slides for @RLadiesMontpel meetups. #rstats #Rladies #xaringan

Chris Mainey (@chrismainey; 11): Teaching linear models, GLM, GAM (and maybe Lasso) today for HED team at UHB. Using #rstats and #xaringan all the way! So much easier to learn when you can see it with your own data. @NHSrCommunity

Benjamin Wolfe (@BenjaminWolfe; 10): @EvaMaeRey Omg how?? I’ve been looking for a way to do exactly this—a side-by-side, line-by-line #ggplot2 flipbook using #xaringan. > I was looking at your repo but I think I’m missing something in terms of how you did the slow reveal.

Mark Scheuerell* (@mark_scheuerell; 10): @Hao_and_Y @NOAAFisheries This is the last time I’ll use ioslides, which we did for the @UW_SAFS course. I migrated my other stuff to Xaringan and will be working with that moving fwd

Omar Wasow (@owasow; 10): @causalinf That said, I’m currently migrating slides from Latex / Beamer to R Markdown / Xaringan and digging 1/ speed 2/ ease of braiding together code/output/highlights for teaching 3/ ease of integrating web media (youtube, polls). See or

Jason Winget (@iplusfour; 10): @jamie_lendrum @chrismainey @rstatstweet Hm I can imagine automatically generating the xaringan template but I can’t imagine being able to automatically extract a PowerPoint template with all the graphics, positioning, etc… Something to think about a bit…

Jon Huang (@jon_y_huang; 0/0): @nickchk Yup, I just uploaded all the files and did a run through. I had an rpres html (xaringan) that I alt-tabbed from, until I gave up and just walked though the chunks … You probably have a smarter solution.

Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 0/0): @rdpeng @bcaffo Also helpful (for xaringan)

Jamie Lendrum (@jamie_lendrum; 0/0): @iplusfour @chrismainey @rstatstweet If you can get something working, you’ll bring xaringan to whole host of new users!

Xiaosong Zhang (@zorroxinxsindi; 20): @ibddoctor @WeAreRLadies @rudeboybert You might want to try homebrew? It’s not only for R, is a very convenient package management tool for Mac.