I'm not a ninja, but sharing my favorite #xaringan tricks we talked about in the Advanced R Markdown workshop at #rstudioconf. Slides are here: https://t.co/z4FZ1cgRuJ First up: name your slides! Makes it easier to link out and cross reference within deck https://t.co/zVswMzkivf https://t.co/HrOF4t5juG



Alison Hill (@apreshill; 9122): We just did a ⚡️ @Netlify deployment demo session at #rstudioconf for the Advanced R Markdown workshop. If you are curious how to deploy all the #rstats things on Netlify (#pkgdown, #xaringan, #bookdown, #blogdown)- take a look at this link list: > https://t.co/8WIyUN5WhT

Emily Robinson (@robinson_es; 448): Why start a blog? - Build a public portfolio - Practice writing & visualizatkon - Teach/give advice in scalable way > Check out more reasons in @drob’s post https://t.co/xC3RFWm2Td and if you’re in #rstats use blogdown to get started! #rstudioconf

Emily Robinson (@robinson_es; 322): .@xieyihui after @drob shared Yihui’s books on blogdown and bookdown in his keynote: “I have a very important question - did I pay you to promote my two books?” Drob: “Was that an option?” 😂 #Rstudioconf

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 304): Inspired by @drob’s keynote at #rstudioconf but don’t know where/how to start with #blogdown? I’ll be at this BoF- happy to help 🤝#rladies https://t.co/QAqlWXsFfM

Bruna Wundervald (@bwundervald; 267): we just had an amazing talk at #rstudioconf by @drob about the importance of sharing knowledge (https://t.co/JR2pcp24I2) > about this specific slide, I recommend the radix theme for blogdown, which creates a citation format for each blogpost: https://t.co/mugqlhsuqc #rstats 💜 https://t.co/e1oGkmqfmo

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 191): And back in time- @drob’s first piece of advice was to blog! > I’m totally biased but I 💕 using #blogdown > https://t.co/bR0MVtNrlw > #rstudioconf

Jennifer Thompson (@jent103; 163): Materials from the workshop (also covering blogdown, bookdown, flexdashboards, RMarkdown extensions, and knitr details) are on this very excellent web site: https://t.co/x8Amcp20T1

Ben Ackerman (@backerman150; 112): @william_goedel I use Blogdown for mine! If you use #rstats regularly for work, I highly recommend it. Super easy to update/maintain, and lots of online support (i.e. book by @xieyihui: https://t.co/KZcMcOaTCv, tutorial by @apreshill: https://t.co/uIxwrg3j2Z)

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 100): Success! #rstudioconf #blogdown https://t.co/kjOpC9VpKA

Birunda Chelliah (@cbirunda; 91): How to start a blog? – use blogdown! > Incentive❗: @drob is still offering to tweet your first blog post. > #rstudioconf https://t.co/HqUoKLgtzg

Charles T. Gray (@cantabile; 60): @sharlagelfand @ma_salmon I was so excited when you were in the slack coffee chat! @dataandme and @kierisi, @sharlagelfand should totally be in our plane chat.

You have to meet @ma_salmon. Saw her speak about blogging, and now I’m onto my second iteration of my blogdown:: blog - radix::-style, now!

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 50): @jent103 @andrewheiss @apreshill I feel this pain, too. I have tried my best in 2017 to disable knitting by default, but due to a limitation of the RStudio IDE, I don’t really have control in blogdown to decide how a single post is knitted.

R-Ladies Canberra (@RLadiesCanberra; 42): If you are looking for an excuse to start blogging, here’s a good reason to start one! #rladies #rstats > Here’s some resources for you to get started in #blogdown: 📕 @apreshill’s post https://t.co/8XibAa6YCJ 📗 @xieyihui @ProQuesAsker @apreshill book https://t.co/T72lkAPc1G https://t.co/8tiHSIwYER

Laura Ellis (@LittleMissData; 32): https://t.co/98eFquvuoB . Blogdown to round it out @marskar !

Rick Scavetta (@Rick_Scavetta; 22): Hello #BlogDown! > Feeling inspired by #RStudioConf & @drob to finally get some thoughts out of my head, scripts off of my hard drive > Like the sound of DUB — Data Understanding Blog — sth I can talk about a lot! > #teaching #DataComm #DataScience #Rstats #DataViz #itsabouttime https://t.co/uxZ0CiJMUx

atusy (@Atsushi776; 21): Hugo の documentを彷徨っていたけれど,blogdown 本をまっさきにあたるべきでした. https://t.co/BCP6vIbBwD

William Hoyos (@whoyos21; 21): Creating Websites with R Markdown. #rstats https://t.co/bIXfPT5olU

Phil (@filetczar; 21): Watching the former St. Louis Rams today? Don’t count on an onside kick to win. > #NFL #NFLPlayoffs #rstats #JeffFisher #blogdown https://t.co/4wNThCUoUw

Stas Kolenikov (@StatStas; 21): #RStudioConf @xieyihui I am responsible for markdown, blogdown, bookdown, a lot of things down, except for the shutdown

Emi Tanaka 🌾 (@statsgen; 20): @john_t_ormerod @WeichangY He built his first blogdown website today :)

Martin John Hadley (@martinjhnhadley; 20): @xieyihui @jent103 @andrewheiss @apreshill It’s not very friendly but could we add a new YAML option to blogdown warn_on_knit = true as default for all new posts created through the add-in and throw an error to the user before knitting even starts?

Jamie Lendrum (@jamie_lendrum; 20): @StrictlyStat @bcaffo P.S. Totally off-topic, but your YouTube video on blogdown single handedly got my blog up and running.

Jamie Lendrum (@jamie_lendrum; 20): @TomorrowsIcons @rstatstweet @apreshill @Rbloggers I’ve never used rvest before, but I don’t think it would as blogdown uses Hugo which is a static website generator.

fonzie (@OilGains; 11): Wouldn’t be amazing to have an Evernote-like note taker made in #rstats using the ideas and paradigm of #blogdown, #bookdown written only in lovely #markdown? @xieyihui

atusy (@Atsushi776; 10): blogdown を netlify でホスティングするようにして,独自ドメイン割り当てました! https://t.co/XPIMSCcYc1

Nathaniel Bechhofer 🌐 (@bechhof; 10): @LukeBouck blogdown from @xieyihui

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 10): @EngelhardtCR @xieyihui and it is already fixed 🚀 https://t.co/C8M9jqzbD4

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 10): @EngelhardtCR @xieyihui https://t.co/WGqT2fwlD5

Alexander Antonison (@adantonison; 10): In going down the rabbit hole of switching my personal website to blogdown, I have discovered @Netlify (https://t.co/0ly4NJvsBw) and it is a great utility I had no idea existed but is now my favorite. The ability preview my GitHub pages website from a PR is legit.

Alexander Antonison (@adantonison; 10): What better way to combat my inability to sleep than to redo my website with #blogdown (https://t.co/It988P1Yyy) and work on getting my first post out the door.

Martin Skarzynski (@marskar; 10): @LittleMissData Awesome, I haven’t migrated my site https://t.co/9MI29nMOdR to blogdown yet, but I have a working draft: https://t.co/knw1hMPt3M that has almost the same content as my jekyll site: https://t.co/nwmbsf1duo

David Robinson (@drob; 10): @Rick_Scavetta @Medium I didn’t mention Medium bc I love to push blogdown, but Medium is another great option, and especially useful if you’re not going to be adding much code

Christina Tripp Saunders (@TrippSaunders; 10): @xieyihui creator of R Markdown, bookdown, blogdown… “I’m responsible for a lot of things “down”…. but not the government shutdown” 😂🤣 #rstudioconf

A_maninaworld (@TomorrowsIcons; 0/2): I scraped a table from a site using #rvest and added the table to my #blogdown website. Would this automatically update every time? I just want to clarification. If not, what’s the best option to have this automated? #taskscheduleR Any suggestions? #Rstats @apreshill @Rbloggers

Yan Lyesin (@yanlesin; 0/0): @stroughtonsmith Hugo or other plus blogdown package using RStudio might be an option too

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 0/0): @EngelhardtCR new academic requires updated Hugo version 0.53 (https://t.co/SD7kUw84pU), which version are you running? blogdown::hugo_version()

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 0/0): @data_mike_j @jent103 @robinson_es https://t.co/PJLnCYlzKE

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 0/0): @EngelhardtCR just upgraded from 0.52 and seeing it too. I’ll file on blogdown with @xieyihui b/c it looks like the exampleSite structure has changed, and so many things are different….

Chris Engelhardt (@EngelhardtCR; 0/0): @apreshill Have you recently tried to make a fresh blogdown site with the hugo academic theme? Basic install seems to throw an error out of the box (but works for, say, future imperfect): Error: Unable to find theme Directory: C:\Users...\blog\themes\themes\hugo-academic

chris diaz (@chrisdaaz; 0/0): rstudio + the blogdown R package might be the easiest, most user friendly way to create a static website https://t.co/zO338L7fg1

Jozef Hajnala (@jozefhajnala; 0/0): @xieyihui @jent103 @andrewheiss @apreshill Why is this such an issue? There are very simple ways to just undo the changes done by knit(), either with git or blogdown itself.

Jason Winget (@iplusfour; 0/0): Trying to revive my old blog, this time using #blogdown and hugo. Spending a lot of time messing around with themes and deployment right now and not happy with either. Any thoughts?

Stas Kolenikov (@StatStas; 0/0): #RStudioConf @xieyihui preview in HTML in your browser or in Infinite Moon Reader addin in the Ctrl-Shift-3 window. (You are familiar with the latter if you worked with blogdown and bookdown.)

Jason Gantenberg (@EvilMammoth; 0/0): @william_goedel I use it to enrich my hosting company by paying for shit I don’t use! Alas. > I’ve worked with Wordpress (through my own hosting account). For academic purposes, I agree w/ those counseling something like blogdown. Check out Radix websites (RMarkdown), too. Host it all on Github.

niszet (@niszet0; 0/0): @Atsushi776 なるほど…。それはblogdown?の中っぽいですね。 私、pagedownの話かと思ってました。ちがった。ひょっとしたら同じ問題かも。

Nick Zeng (@zenggyu; 0/0): 🥳🥳🥳New #blogdown post: Introducing the Key Advancements of Mask R-CNN!!! You are welcome to point out any misunderstandings and ask related questions! #DataScience #DeepLearning #MachineLearning #computervision > https://t.co/ktEBlgYg4F https://t.co/ONXspD7Rrf


mixOmics (@mixOmics_team; 4114): https://t.co/Q8oiC5jivD The multi-omics DIABLO method is finally out! Highly proud of this Australian (French) - Canadian collaboration and well done @amritsingh @DrFlo_R! Try our bookdown vignette at https://t.co/nRgI1rGYEA #multiOmics

Albert Y. Kim (@rudeboybert; 3910): Are you an @rstudio #bookdown author wanting to crowdsource fixing typos? Are you a reader wanting to propose edits ✍️ w/ minimal effort? Then 👀 this @useloom screencast on using the @github.com GUI directly! No learning/installing git needed! https://t.co/L3xoAK9TsG https://t.co/Hh5Mv3QdPE

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 353): Final piece of advice from @drob: write a book! > Yes you need a good idea, a desire to write, and time to do it. > But tools help! #bookdown #rstudioconf > https://t.co/WPdMPOFPxW

The R-Podcast (Eric) (@theRcast; 277): 👏 Day 1 of the adv #rstats #rmarkdown at #rstudioconf 💼 with insights & resources!
- @apreshill 🏋️‍♀️on #blogdown #bookdown #xaringan #flexdashboard - @JoannaMellon 🔍 #learnr with real-time demo - me: 🚔#officer to create #powerpoint slides > 👀https://t.co/1rcevxSa0N

DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻 (@ThePracticalDev; 252): Introducing BookDown, a small command line tool for generating HTML from Markdown with the intent of hosting the output on GitHub Pages to be read as a book… + the release of the 1st book in the Bellefonte Trilogy! 🎉 > { author: @forstmeier } https://t.co/WYulg1UZoU

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 133): Following this advice right now, waiting on my third new Travis CI built #rstats #bookdown project post-#rstudioconf ⏳🔁⌛️🔁💆🏾‍♀️ > (see my earliest attempts summed up here: https://t.co/9MBuxETsRW) https://t.co/LNkae1TzUH

We are R-Ladies (@WeAreRLadies; 114): The bookdown guide “bookdown: Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown” by @xieyihui > https://t.co/RLg4QrmOnU > Another one to add to the moment too @marskar !! https://t.co/qxa5bTjl4Y

Rajan G (@najarvg; 112): @drob encourages writing books and the continuum of expression from short to long form. Hat-tip to @xieyihui for his awesome “bookdown” package that makes this easy #rstats #rstudioconf #careerdevelopment https://t.co/QKpRO9Vm1t

Stephen Vaisey (@vaiseys; 90): @torkildl @rlmcelreath I hear you. I think the package makes sense for pedagogical purposes. I’m going to give my students the option to use @paulbuerkner’s #brms package if they want too. All the code for that is here: https://t.co/dK4gvecPsZ

Malcolm Barrett 🦁🐻 (@malco_barrett; 85): Ooo Shiny in Production bookdown by @kellrstats: https://t.co/06RpwJtdnO #rstudioconf

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 61): Next #xaringan tip: use your keyboard shortcuts! > https://t.co/5V0cWV73eV https://t.co/pddrOhq3y2

Paul van der Laken (@paulvanderlaken; 54): Major update to the #rstats guide: >> a section on IDEs & GUIs. >> a section on #tidyeval >> @djnavarro bookdown of learning statistics >> @Emil_Hvitfeldt’s paletteer package >> seven university courses in R programming >> three new ggplot extensions > https://t.co/talXQpIUCX

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 52): Important #rstats life hack if you want to prevent accidental knitting of blogdown and bookdown pages! https://t.co/ZjNZiZO9l5

Martin Montane (@martinmontane; 31): @iamuncleken Si te sirve de inspiración… https://t.co/RYQs1OrkiI

Warren Currie (@DrPlanktonguy; 22): @curly_scientist @KirkwoodLab In R there are a number of ways to do RM (which is why it is so confusing). This site shows how to use the lmer function in lme4. Also great link to Bodo Winter’s tutorial on mixed effects! #RStats https://t.co/XeulvEEIWJ

Dr. Koen Hufkens (@koen_hufkens; 21): @ehneilson @Riikka_Rinnan @GlobalChangeBio @ERC_Research And if you use github and #rstats bookdown (https://t.co/EDgxC6I5NA) the result can even be better than some journal formatting (especially for screen reading). e.g. https://t.co/9XO2k3oKWa

Thomas Mock 👨🏼‍💻 (@thomas_mock; 21): .@xieyihui going over Shiny Rmarkdown as part of last section of Advanced R Markdown at #RStudioConf > Link to chapter: https://t.co/NTttJJR2Ad https://t.co/xRP5cCpjnC

clark rushing (@clarkrushing; 20): @reinaamariee @gamebirddoc @KevinRingelman The Xaringan package in R makes nice slides, with some good built in templates. Still a bit of a learning curve but not as steep as latex, especially if you know some markdown. Slides can be viewed as html on the web or saved as pdf https://t.co/4Rlv061rtN

Solomon Kurz (@SolomonKurz; 20): @vaiseys @torkildl @rlmcelreath Great to hear! With any luck, a more polished version of the bookdown version should be up before the end of the semester.

Felipe Mattioni, MSc (@felipe_mattioni; 20): @rikimatsumoto @R4DScommunity @gabster0191 @rstudiotips I prefer using the bookdown pkg for that. So much easier @xieyihui

Laura Ellis (@LittleMissData; 12): At #RStudioConf @drob talks about how to make your way from twitter to blogging to writing a book. And how to do that? #rstats bookdown! https://t.co/ixDuNu6fcl

David John Baker (@DavidJohnBaker; 11): How much longer until there is an #rstats package that is like bookdown but for online open access peer reviewed journals? (aka I bet it happens eventually in a few years and that someone is already way on top of it)

Yohan J. Rodríguez (@hasdid; 11): #R #AutoTweet | An R course for marketing students https://t.co/otkwYC3mpH

Philip Tellis (@bluesmoon; 10): @apreshill @juliasilge @drob Thanks for the link to bookdown

McMaster Soc Sci (@McMasterSocSci; 10): New book, “Reproducible Econometrics Using R.” from Jeffrey Racine, @McMasterEcon Professor and Senator William McMaster Chair in Econometrics. | #rmarkdown #bookdown https://t.co/1ra2aekJAR

Henrik Danielsson (@henda52; 10): @ProfAndyField We had a workshop on papaja by @FrederikAust and I vaguely remember that you could change the table headers by referencing in with a bookdown function. Don’t remember how, but @FrederikAust can probably tell you how to do it in 30s’

Mick O Donnell (@mickle_od; 10): @WeAreRLadies @hadleywickham @StatGarrett @jrnld Don’t forget https://t.co/ioABJjak9v by @xieyihui and https://t.co/8B629MAF7A by @topepos

Detlef Burkhardt 🚀 (@DetlefBurkhardt; 10): @_ArtemisCat @DataCamp @CornelissenJo Yes. The R-Ecosystem with Datacamp, RStudio, R- / Blog- / Bookdown are really, really inspiring. I should like to add you to: https://t.co/4jFjMFGbnP? So we can exchange our R-Learning Experience better.

Thomas Mock 👨🏼‍💻 (@thomas_mock; 10): @myadav2009 https://t.co/rrP8EIk1GK > Lots of details here!

Will May (@williamcmay; 10): @gabster0191 The bookdown package adds that to rmarkdown. The rticles package can be pretty nice too

Udayan Roy (@UdayanRoy62; 10): Can anyone show me how to insert interactive multiple-choice questions – as in the “Try It” boxes at https://t.co/tugPOFchsU – in a #bookdown book? Please help.

Typemill (@typemill; 0/0): Bookdown: A command line tool for turning Markdown books into publishable HTML https://t.co/0GhHcjhrHo

Huitzilin Ortiz (@TheAdaptiveLab; 0/0): Thrilled to be starting a course in social network analysis with #SNAEd. There’s still time to join: https://t.co/wPXjx0onFO

Matthew Ross (@MagicalSystems; 0/0): @xieyihui Incredibly grateful for all your beautiful work. Particularly bookdown today. Makes building a class so much easier. Will share website once I have more to show. Just wanted to say thank you.

Web Trends Bot (@WebTrendsBot1; 0/0): Introducing: BookDown and the Bellefonte trilogy @forstmeier @ThePracticalDev #go #golang #dormosheio https://t.co/hRcUtohsf2

Ankur Patel (@AnkurPatel; 0/0): https://t.co/4aIezgqp7g

M157q News RSS (@M157q_News_RSS; 0/0): Introducing: BookDown and the Bellefonte trilogy https://t.co/sFzwrNU5kT This is sort of a dual show-and-tell of two little side projects I’ve put together. First off, I have a very active imagination and I’m a huge fan of fiction, especially science fict https://t.co/585wmWbGYq

Nguyen Minh (@minhchimie; 0/0): R Programming for Data Science https://t.co/ecZ64JCJA6

Franβe (@franse15; 0/0): https://t.co/QfPcC0ZvgL R for Marketing Students

atusy (@Atsushi776; 0/0): なまじ bookdown でD論を書き進めてしまって pagedown にうつりにくい感はある.

muiywesther (@muiywesther; 0/0): New statistics for the design researcher https://t.co/fly3HUQixA

Samy-Ajo (@sammieajo; 0/0): Wow https://t.co/BQP64cRyW2

Steven Tammen (@StevenTammen; 0/0): I’ve been using Org mode for a while, in the spirit of reproducible research. I also get a lot out of Emacs-fu for interacting w/ the doc-tree. > A friend just shared a link to a Markdown-based project that looks like a truly worthy alternative: > https://t.co/VSt4A6YTvi > #Workflow

gronke (@gronke; 0/0): @jaylee_tx @MITelectionlab Hey ask those #rstudioconf folks about gitbook / bookdown and why tables don’t appear. Its hard to figure out how to juggle pdf and html output formats.

Gail (((Clement))) (@Repositorian; 0/0): @xieyihui introducing himself at #rstudioconf: “I’m responsible for many of the downs, including MarkDown and BookDown, but with the exception of the government ShutDown”

gradschool whisperer (@TJ__Murphy; 0/0): @nayafia Bookdown on github

Udayan Roy (@UdayanRoy62; 0/0): @xieyihui Is it possible to insert interactive multiple-choice questions – as in the “Try It” boxes at https://t.co/tugPOFchsU – in Bookdown? Please help.

Udayan Roy (@UdayanRoy62; 0/0): @StatGarrett Is it possible to insert interactive multiple-choice questions – as in the “Try It” boxes at https://t.co/tugPOFchsU – in Bookdown? Please help.

Mike Rustell (@mikerustell; 0/0): Work in progress https://t.co/hTqXeOYdsb


Alison Hill (@apreshill; 9117): I did know you could knitr::spin to go from .R -> .Rmd > I did not know you could specify your future code chunk options with #+ > https://t.co/ya08xFpNwe > #rstats #rstudioconf https://t.co/quXU6pXf5f

Thomas Mock 👨🏼‍💻 (@thomas_mock; 373): .@xieyihui 🤯 with the knitr::spin() function at the #RStudioConf Advanced #RMarkdown workshop! > Knit .R scripts like .Rmd! > #tidyverse https://t.co/29Ht39fADb

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 306): If you want to show your code AND plots with #xaringan 🤝, some tips: > credit: @grrrck: https://t.co/5MtzxvgKcE @xieyihui: https://t.co/iiWe4QcoJG https://t.co/WvnnQQ2keF

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 264): If you want better plot resolution in your #xaringan slides (who doesn’t want their #ggplot2 figures to 💎?), up your knitr chunk options: fig.retina = 3 (at least) > the last example is super advanced via @topepos - don’t try this at home 🥵 https://t.co/U8v3LYaqWb https://t.co/u3nlcmqsfx

Rob Chavez (@robchavez; 176): Does anyone use R/knitr or Python to generate formatted multiple choice exams for classes they teach? If so, can I peek at your code? > I’m mostly just trying to simplify how I randomize question/answer orders between different version of the same test.

Luuuda (@ludmila_janda; 120): from #rstudioconf in austin to baby shower in athens with some handknit gifts (aka from knitr to knitter), still thinking about @Felienne’s excellent talk https://t.co/SVwCMi0m9V

Laura Ellis (@LittleMissData; 81): Dynamic documents with R and knitr!
> https://t.co/0NOpZvd8h8 > @marskar https://t.co/EsIbpUu3FJ

Leonardo Hansa (@l_hansa; 72): Mejores prácticas para informes rmarkdown. Me ha encantado knitr::spin() https://t.co/4ng9er9HeT vía @Rbloggers #rstats #rmarkdown

Katherine S. (@kitkatbar429; 70): Finally got a knitr sticker at #rstudioconf!!!! Now in search of an #rmarkdown hex… https://t.co/KUboiyztym

Thomas Mock 👨🏼‍💻 (@thomas_mock; 70): .@xieyihui discusses pulling in different child documents/templates with knitr::knit_expand() for Advanced #rmarkdown at #Rstudioconf > 👩🏽‍💻➡️👶➡️📑 https://t.co/RUGNHymPvV

Alex Albright (@AllbriteAllday; 43): New #rstats discovery: “write_bib” (in knitr 📦) will generate a .bib file for citing R 📦s! I’m hype to finally cite the packages I use for empirics in my papers. It’s about time to give credit where credit is due. [More: https://t.co/3GBjskkVaF]

Stas Kolenikov (@StatStas; 40): #RStudioConf @tareefk these days, we can come to the meetings with business stakeholders, and show them Shiny apps that you can manipulate in real time, spit stuff out to PDF immediately with knitr, email the report out, etc. – powered by @RStudio Connect.

Naas van Heerden (@naasvanheerden; 31): Not sure why I didn’t start using it earlier, but loving the R notebook in @rstudio #rstats #knitr

Cristina (@biologeek; 21): @rstudio cloud team and config wizaRds! Can I haz functional #miniconda in my https://t.co/kmOimv4hbv account or am I dreaming much? The download seems to be successful using the bash engine from {knitr} in rmarkdown but I can’t actually use it as planned, which is https://t.co/IHSFoxjDLH

Yihui Xie (@xieyihui; 21): @allimoberger @StatStas In my case, I used identical(knitr:::pandoc_to(), ‘html’). I cannot do knitr:::pandoc_to() == ‘html’ because knitr:::pandoc_to() could return NULL, and you’ll be in trouble: if (NULL == ‘html’).

Birunda Chelliah (@cbirunda; 20): 2. Use knitr::kable function and broom::tidy functions to produce a quick and dirty report about the model. The tables look so neat.🤯

Stats for bios (@statsforbios; 20): That was supposed to say “rmarkdown/knitr”

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 10): @cwarshaw @VincentAB Works with any model that broom works with + plays nicely with knitr and tidy paradigm

Shravan Vasishth (@shravanvasishth; 10): @tjmahr @bruno_nicenboim @tmalsburg @lainestranahan @RomanFeiman @LissonPaula @VerbingNouns @meanwhileina @MacuchSilvaVini @GrimTriggerDJs @phalanges @mbraginsky @drussellmrichie cool. this will really help with legacy documents that i created over the last 15 years. i have several hundred pages of Sweave-to-knitr converted docs which date back to pre-tidyverse era, and do not have this nice formatting of code.

gz (not a doctor) thompson (@gztstatistics; 10): @AmeliaMN @StatsInTheWild yeah I mean I was using knitr and plyr and ggplot but… it was still all so different. sic transit gloria.

Jennifer Thompson (@jent103; 10): Support magical software development in part by supporting amateur software developers - they’re the ones closest to the problems they’re trying to solve. > (eg, knitr, ggplot, tsibble all originally developed by students!) > #rstudioconf

Nick Riches (@NickRiches1; 0/1): @SarahKnutie Why use Word? If you write in markdown, you can completely integrate analysis and reporting using KnitR. You can also export to LaTeX (NB this doesn’t mean you have to learn LaTeX as the hard work can be done by pandoc).

しばた (@ooSHIBATAoo; 0/0): macのTexpadで日本語knitrファイルをbuildする方法をようやく発見。「LANG」をJPにすればいいだけだった。localのビルドスクリプトはこんな感じ。 > #!/bin/bash export LANG=“ja_JP.UTF-8” Rscript -e “library(knitr); knit(‘$TEXPAD_ROOTFILE_NO_EXT.Rnw’)” lualatex $TEXPAD_ROOTFILE_NO_EXT.tex

Gabriel A. Devenyi (@gadevenyi; 0/0): Anyone who uses R/rmarkdown/knitr two questions 1) how do I make the figures bigger in an html rendering? 2) how do I make the html page width wider? > Both these things seem to be very hard to find answers to…

Gabriel A. Devenyi (@gadevenyi; 0/0): Seriously rmarkdown/knitr I just want to make your html page width not so damned narrow! Why is that so hard!

Russell S. Pierce (@RussellSPierce; 0/0): @hadleywickham @SomeStatsGuy It seems like you could use knitr’s cache to cache the date if you really wanted. But hard coding does seem less complex.

Andrew Heiss, PhD (@andrewheiss; 0/0): @apreshill @d_olivaw @jent103 It doesn’t completely get clean, though—like, I’ve found that it’ll leave figure folders that knitr generates

lisa hoffman (@lisahoffmannyc; 0/0): Not my usual style, but this would be so fun to knit. Reposted from @rowanyarns - We’ve been selecting our favourites from Magazine 65 this week - Laura chose Toorie by @storeymartin. She loves the cute and retro style cardigan . . . #rowanyarns #knitr… https://t.co/DKfqtBcslT https://t.co/I98X2Uwc92

Felix Mannhardt (@fmannhardt; 0/0): @felhberg @RBupar Thanks. Yes, it is implemented as an htmlwidget, so calling: p <- animate_process(example_log) htmlwidgets::saveWidget(p, file = “test.html”) should work. You can also embed it into an Rmarkdown report with knitR with some caveats regarding auto-sizing.

Stats for bios (@statsforbios; 0/0): Yes please to dark remarks own/knitr themes. https://t.co/ZM43Zl0L6S


Emily Robinson (@robinson_es; 11027): Wow - with @xieyihui and @RLesur’s pagedown, you can make posters, write letters, create a resume … check it out! Still experimental but looks super promising https://t.co/HoyRc5MeX2 #rstudioconf https://t.co/FEccPlu3UO

Karl Broman (@kwbroman; 8518): No one anticipates my needs like @xieyihui. And boy do I need pagedown. #rstudioconf CVs/resumes, posters, and business letters in #RMarkdown. https://t.co/DXePRLWMQY

Sharon Machlis (@sharon000; 51): #rstats pagedown package is at https://t.co/wnWXl1nKcZ Slides for @xieyihui #rstudioconf presentation are at https://t.co/pbWrO6TTjA

Stephen Turner (@strnr; 50): #rstudioconf Document production wizard @xieyihui talking on the live stream https://t.co/I1Xj8MQnuQ about pagedown https://t.co/bS45H4fo9K …looks beautiful.

Sharon Machlis (@sharon000; 41): pagedown #rstats package is still new, @xieyihui cautions #rstudioconf. Formats include resume, “posters,” letters, books, and business cards, as well as paged PDFs. Some HTML samples: https://t.co/ZE4ppjRsM8 https://t.co/p7dtj6wLaE https://t.co/WnooZ7xugQ https://t.co/QcEJAtaHsN

Kurtis Pivert (@kpivert; 22): Slides from @xieyihui’s excellent presentation on the impressive page down package available at https://t.co/d04UfWa13H #rstudiconf #rstats

Amanda Plunkett (@AmandaRPlunkett; 21): In addition to pdfs, you can use pagedown to make business cards, resumes, posters, letters, and books! See @xieyihui’s #rstudioconf slides: https://t.co/JUNaSKTumK

Mareviv (@maureviv; 20): another beautiful way of rendering documents, by @xieyihui! #pagedown https://t.co/oOWbKXiQrg https://t.co/oJ72UYH5JU

Jason Becker (@jsonbecker; 0/0): https://t.co/VkjS7k4muk https://t.co/8OB20NgL76


Amelia McNamara (@AmeliaMN; 91): @MilesMcBain for tinytex, you can see the magic because of all the pain of LaTeX, which @xieyihui has outlined for us in a Hall of Pain. https://t.co/PQYuXRo3FA #rstudioconf

Jennifer Thompson (@jent103; 42): “The magic of tool is that it grants you power while saving you from pain.” @MilesMcBain notes that that pain is individual. Special mentions for dplyr and tinytex (amen) > This concept can also be a design tool - what do you need saving from? > #rstudioconf https://t.co/QWeRC0wjmZ

Jessica Streeter (@phillynerd; 22): 3rd rmarkdown report delivered! Biggest frustration: proxy settings at work. City firewalls stop tinytex from working well at office, but not on my off-site laptop. And of course no IT folks at work use R. So rmd files with kableExtra can only get written at home :l #RStats

Michael Sumner is chuntering along and really (@mdsumner; 10): @OlivierdenOuden @rocio_joo @SamCPatrick YML https://t.co/bXwzUnqnOt


Alison Hill (@apreshill; 22959): I’m not a ninja, but sharing my favorite #xaringan tricks we talked about in the Advanced R Markdown workshop at #rstudioconf. Slides are here: https://t.co/z4FZ1cgRuJ > First up: name your slides! Makes it easier to link out and cross reference within deck https://t.co/zVswMzkivf https://t.co/HrOF4t5juG

Jennifer Thompson (@jent103; 5815): Thread 👇with some A+ #xaringan knowledge from this week’s advanced RMarkdown workshop at #rstudioconf! Naming slides = 🤯 https://t.co/84hMZfNBiW

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 338): You never get a second chance to make a first impression- 💅🏾 your #xaringan title slide (featuring title slides by @old_man_chester @jent103 @juliasilge) > https://t.co/amXyVWMv21 https://t.co/yZWOcwirDQ

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 304): Turn on code highlighting if you want to show us your code in your #xaringan slides! > As @dataandme says: “Just do it. Life is better when things are colourful.” https://t.co/ZSlB5Rlbim > You can also highlight individual lines in your code input and output 🖍️ https://t.co/xdn2odJqyQ

Emi Tanaka 🌾 (@statsgen; 288): Check out my colleague @garthtarr’s #xaringan theme! Well thought-out explanations and in particular I’m loving the scroll output 😍 #rstats > 🔗 https://t.co/M5TkmsfaKQ > Of course, watch out for printing of the slides because the bottom part of scroll won’t print out!

Charles T. Gray (@cantabile; 221): Hands down one of my favourite R tricks this year - xaringan:: –> blog. It’s so easy to do @visnut could explain the steps to me as we briefly stopped to say hi. Cheers! > Now I have a talks tab on my blog, no more usbs at conferences for me https://t.co/jlR8wDRKkc https://t.co/Xcv5FHqK1U

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 183): Sometimes you just need a logo ™️ in your #xaringan slides, use layouts to do this: https://t.co/bhYcwOG5Ti https://t.co/OxEsG6K0MF

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 152): Finally, add static images. Background images can be full bleed easily without using CSS (directly) in #xaringan 📸 > https://t.co/ifdvaek00c https://t.co/W1b1Og3qd0

Malcolm Barrett 🦁🐻 (@malco_barrett; 131): Didn’t get to say hi to @xieyihui but did finally get my xaringan sticker thanks to @zhiiiyang #rstudioconf https://t.co/jKZiSRuQuO

Olivier Klein (@olivier_klein; 124): Just discovered something great in #RMarkdown. If you want to preview a doc before knitting it, execute this command (with the Markdown code open in @rstudio): install.packages(xaringan) library(xaringan) infinite_moon_reader()

Martin Skarzynski (@marskar; 113): Cool #xaringan tricks By: @apreshill Slides: https://t.co/jTLCMvcwGH🎞️ From: Advanced #Rstats®️Markdown workshop https://t.co/4kfx0XUZ9h At: #rstudioconf 2019 https://t.co/7l9SlRbjJC Also: #FOMORPkgs https://t.co/1IIcggXpdj by @WeAreRLadies @LittleMissData https://t.co/lDQ0fyqHbp

Nan-Hung Hsieh (@nanhung_hsieh; 103): R tip today: xaringan:::inf_mr() is really the killer function in documentation🤟 #rstats #xaringan #wysiwyg https://t.co/i4Xs9xZZk9

Daniel Vaulot (@daniel_vaulot; 102): You may never go back to Powerpoint after trying Xaringan… https://t.co/RZXkLGMw4q

Martin Skarzynski (@marskar; 82): #Rstats moments: - #FOMORpkgs & Free Resources by @LittleMissData, @WeAreRLadies & @mjhendrickson: https://t.co/1IIcggXpdj https://t.co/3tNLJkmQXd - @apreshill ’s favorite #xaringan tricks https://t.co/lDQ0fyqHbp - Where in the world is #rstudioconf 2020? https://t.co/kj6LpWdGug

Emil Hvitfeldt (@Emil_Hvitfeldt; 70): Learning that I can embed xaringan slides within a xaringan slide with a iframe tag might just be too much of the good

Stas Kolenikov (@StatStas; 51): #xaringan presentation tips by @apreshill - a style complement to the technical material presented at #RStudioConf https://t.co/Lh7uMd7wlz

Martin Skarzynski (@marskar; 40): @mjhendrickson @WeAreRLadies @LittleMissData @dataandme @SuzanBaert Another day, another moment. I made a moment of the xaringan tricks @apreshill shared: https://t.co/lDQ0fyqHbp and included it and your #FOMORPkgs moment in this tweet: https://t.co/Q7Hlwvp4rq

Alison Hill (@apreshill; 40): @chrismainey Try the decktape function: https://t.co/CHgBDqEZdK

William Chase (@W_R_Chase; 31): @coolbutuseless I’ll pay so much money for a xaringan shuriken > I’m also very interested to see a spork hex sticker prototype https://t.co/LPBLYlLn0N

David Keyes (@dgkeyes; 31): Messing around with creating a custom xaringan theme for @rfortherest. I love the flexibility @xieyihui has given us to develop custom themes. #rstats https://t.co/2RwjVINPMi

Martin Skarzynski (@marskar; 30): @eatdictionaries @mjhendrickson @apreshill @WeAreRLadies @LittleMissData Yes! Based on the sharingan dōjutsu from Naruto: https://t.co/cOm4qmyFCP

Stas Kolenikov (@StatStas; 30): @lindsayevanslee library(xaringan) or tons of others. No powerpoint ever again, haha.

Chester Ismay (@old_man_chester; 30): @apreshill @jent103 @juliasilge I learned all my HTML from integrating it with #xaringan…

Zhi Yang (@zhiiiyang; 20): @malco_barrett @xieyihui Thank you for introducing me to the xaringan package!

Gina Reynolds (@EvaMaeRey; 20): @apreshill, I’m excited to look at your Xaringan materials from #rstudioconf Do you have recommendations for how to share .html Xaringan slide output. (not on github) My one-off solution, save to pdf.

Chris Mainey (@chrismainey; 20): @apreshill Great stuff, thanks! Any suggestions for printing handouts with multiple slides? I’ve been fighting my CSS for the last few hours, trying to scale fonts and print to PDF via Chrome! Must be a better way. Can’t find any #xaringan specific examples.

Hans IJzerman (@hansijzerman; 10): @olivier_klein @rstudio I love xaringan - great for preparing presentations!

Bruna Wundervald (@bwundervald; 10): @jvcasill I’ll talk to my supervisor (Andrew) by Slack about the xaringan theme issue, I think he is not getting the notifications properly in GitHub 😬

ellisvalentiner (@ellisvalentiner; 10): @lindsayevanslee Surprising amount of Keynote, especially given that xaringan is so cool

Nick Solomon (@NickSolomon10; 10): These xaringan tips 🤯🤯🤯 https://t.co/sPlURVMN52

Gail (((Clement))) (@Repositorian; 0/1): Do you author in RMarkdown for reproducible & dynamic reporting? (Mark) Up your game with our Deep Dive series… 1st workshop Feb 15 covers the powerful, elegant #Xaringan package to develop elegant, dynamic slide presentations. More info and register at https://t.co/IfqPKp8Frf

Dale Maschette 🐟🧗‍♂️ (@Dale_Masch; 0/0): @Emil_Hvitfeldt Can you insert a xaringan slide into the inserted xaringan slide?

Marie Delacre (@mdelacre1; 0/0): @olivier_klein @rstudio even when I write install_github(“yihui/xaringan”) (I forgot the “” at first) :) but still doesn’t work. Too bad!

Marie Delacre (@mdelacre1; 0/0): @olivier_klein @rstudio Unfortunately I cannot install the xaringan package. It fails at each attempt. Same when I try from github :/ https://t.co/lxqR4BwFwW

Stas Kolenikov (@StatStas; 0/0): Learned today - useful #xaringan tips (thread with branching) 👇 https://t.co/fvlRAz5qJ2

Andres Gutiérrez (@Agutier7; 0/0): Real-World examples/exercises #DataScience slides (Fraud Detection, Customer Churn & Predictive Maintenance) by @xaringan https://t.co/eWfq1Y62L1


Alison Hill (@apreshill; 206): 🤓 more about #rmarkdown parameterized reports in @yihui’s slides from Day 2 #rstudioconf Advanced R Markdown workshop: https://t.co/lF9y0wudfN https://t.co/dH16QaVaIE

Kyligence (@kyligence; 11): If you’ve ever wanted a great look at the pros/cons of notebooks in #DataScience, this post from @xieyihui is for you: https://t.co/Enxpzwb2OM

Amelia McNamara (@AmeliaMN; 10): I love that @xieyihui is asking @drob a question on a topic that he (Yihui) wrote a blog post on, something that David was recommending people do in his talk. So circular! https://t.co/Myq8j1XBgy #rstudioconf

atusy (@Atsushi776; 0/0): Netlify > GitHub pages らしいので blog を Netlify お試し中. > > 書籍は中立的であるべきだから Netlify をほめちぎるわけにはいかないけど,個人のブログならいいよね.(超訳) https://t.co/5ZZM0Dl9Sb

Burak Tunca (@tuncaburak; 0/0): Recent tweets about formatting papers for journals reminded me of a blog post by @xieyihui on why he didn’t want to work in academia. https://t.co/LSod5t9Siv https://t.co/PP9YH4QFMH

zenrud (@ZenrudMB; 0/0): TinyTeX: A lightweight and easy-to-maintain LaTeX distribution https://t.co/d6kVgERV7M #Tinytex #Latex